Chan Sneakers trending on google. Good job Chan playing Vice for free advertising.

How many people about too look up chan sneakers now I think you got those pair of shoes from chan sneakers Google does chan sneakers take visa asking for a friend Buy some fakes form Chan sneakers and compare them plz There are high and low end replicas. What you are mentioning are the low quality replicas being made however the really high end ones use the same material inside and out and made the same. As what Chan explained and other high end replica manufacturers, they acquire an original first then tore it apart to see everything from how's it made and the materials used.

Then the reason why they can sell it for less is that they are made in batches or mass produced. If you know the manufacturing business, it is cheaper to make/produce products in plentiful. Another one would be they don't need that much money for the brand. This means no need that extra money for sales & marketing, operations, finance, IT, HR, R&D, payouts to shareholders, etc & etc...

An actual $100 Nike shoe would actually just cost around $25 - $30. Then it will be sold to wholesalers at around $45 - $55, to small retailers at a discounted price, and to direct customers at $100 .

Chan Sneakers trending on google. Good job Chan playing Vice for free advertising. Thanks Vice News. CHAN SNEAKERS is my new Vice. The person who loses is the unknowing buyer who buys a pair from someone who got them from Chan and says they are real. Chan's business isn't doing anything wrong because he's not trying to hide the fact that they are not the real thing. Its the person that buys from Chan just to try and lie to someone else to get more money. So why doesn't Chan just put a watermark or a logo somewhere on the insole just to make sure this doesn't happen? Because his customers are mostly the scammers and he would lose business.

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Just cop ovo Yeezy boost from Chan sneakers

Sneaker community is why Chan is hustling and making money! The sneaker community is why Jordans have become so hyped and over priced. Sneaker community is the one who sits on the computer all day to win a raffle. So they can buy up all the limited supplies and sell them at a stupid price! Sneaker community is solely to be blamed for this! In the 90's anyone was allowed to purchase Jordan's. Now it's a complete mass!

I make na order from that guy. Quality it??s amazing, highly recommend! Chan sneakers

Chan has a mind of his own in Sneaker biz. Whatever said n done, counterfeits won't last for more than 6 months. I have sneakers from adidas nike puma sneakers bought since 2012, clean them n they are as good as new.<br />Hate fakes Doug

Clearly didn?t go to Chan sneakers lol Buys a fake Rolex and real Rolex is a big difference from buying replica sneakers.

Fake a Rollie?s will have fake diamonds gold and silver

Good replica sneakers are the same materials as the authentic pair

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the fake trainers its not about quality its abt quantity
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Chan sneakers is the best in replicas

So let me see if I have this right...the real pairs sold for $190 retail. They drop on a sneakers app that you have to download, set up an account and buy them when they drop. But, you may not get them because people are ?cheating? by using BOTS to up there chances and beating out the average Joe. Or are sold in actual stores but not in all stores, just certain sneaker stores but not all the time. And they are very hard to get for the average Joe who lives no where near Chicago, San Francisco or New York. And on top of that there are only a limited number of shoes released in some cases which make the price skyrocket in the after market arena because they are considered ?limited?.

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The Chinese are kings and queens of the counterfeit world.
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So if you like them a lot and want to purchase them then you need to fork over tons of legal tender for the after market price that some college drop out has set. But then, if you wear them you are considered to be ?flexing? (which evidently is bad) so you can?t wear them or someone will call you out for flexing or say your shoes are fake. Then if you can?t afford the after market there is the ?fake? or replicas or unauthorized makers of the shoes that you could get for the original retail price or lower.


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Tevabest sneaker man on the YT for the amazing content
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But you risk having your bank account jeopardized because you are buying from someone in China or Indonesia or some other obscure place. Now lets say you have secured your pair of ?fakes? from China.

the replica shoe from Chan with a flaw

  • So as your walking in the mall headed to the food court to get a corn dog in your off-White Air Jordan 1?s just remember you?re a horrible person for wearing fakes but you helped some family in China put food on the table for the family.
  • If u got a pair of real authentic Jordans and they had a flaw, that would be a rare expensive shoe, almost like a variant or error shoe..get the replica shoe from Chan with a flaw and it's worthless, I don't get it.
  • Chan is actually trash tier in terms of rep sellers. He speaks the best English but often switches out shoes after the QC pic & gives you bad ones or sends the wrong size.

So Chan how did you get in the sneaker game,I see you??re wearing some off white converse, do you consider yourself as a big sneaker head?

When you have Adidas and Nike that continually put out high demand sneakers in such low quantities where only professional resellers who have great contacts and a lot of resources at their disposal to empty out inventories within minutes only to rub it in the faces of ordinary people by posting pics of their massive success of shoe boxes stacked upon shoe boxes with a 1000% mark up in the resell market you will continually have a counterfeit market which will only get more and more competitive. That 60$ shoe looked quite impressive but of course I can't smell it nor inspect it. But a trained eye can call it out immediately but these replicas are only going to get better. Forbes has the resell sneaker market worth close to a billion dollars and money like that inspires motivation there's people out there righr now honing their craft and taking pride in creating perfect replicas so perfect that Jordan and Kanye themselves couldn't tell the difference. Dont ever underestimate someone skills. Hell I would encourage such art. Buy some 700$ yeezys with factory imperfections or beautiful replicas at a 900% discount its something you might want to think about if you dont have the power nor money to buy the kicks you always loved. As long as they let you know they fake then its ok with me the same way its ok with nike for the resellers to buy up all the inventory. Every other month I read on reddit of people praising how some fakes look. I hope they get better too cause fuck some of these resellers I hope the replicas get so on point that it will leave most of these bastards sitting on most their inventory.

what's wrong in buying some replica? wanna waste money on overprice shoes...... BUY ON CHAN SNEAKER..... Replica sneakers....... save you a lot of money....

Let me Guess.. now everyone??s gonna Google CHAN SNEAKER and buy at least a pair from him right ?

The owner of Chan shoes has definitely studied in Scotland. Some words you can here the accent...

My stance on this matter is this: People want the style. But they don't have the pocket. It is human instinct to opt for something when initially you cannot get it. Some may want to quit or wait for that right time. Whilst others are confident in their idea to Style, but also not be broke doing so. So that's where the idea of Fakes comes into play for a human being. It offers those who want the style, a cheap alternative. But everything in life has it's cost. Would you rather get caught with Fakes, or be broke? For some with this seemingly existentialist question for sneakers, they'll prefer to be caught with fakes if they do. However with how much better the quality is coming now with fakes, it's much less likely than before to be called out for fakes.

However, the issue comes with manipulation and lying. If you know they're fakes, but you're acting like a toy and claiming it's real, I do not condone it. However, if you say like "Yea man, I like the look, I just don't have the money for it." There's a difference because then, instead of coming off as a prick-and-a-half, you're honest and people will respect your honesty. So, it really comes down to personality. If you're confident, and honest, instead of the fear of people bullying you for it, I can anticipate that they'll instead sympathize with you and actually hang out with you.

Look ? at the Gucci tee. Chan is selling the fake stuff, and buying the real stuff.


I'm Joe La Puma and today we're at Chan Shoes in Putian

Any specifics as to names for obvious reasons. But have worked in almost every part of the footwear value chain: the sneakers design side, the manufacturing side, logistics side and retail operations side (I have not done any specific work on marketing though, which is a bit of a gap in my knowledge) - my speciality is operational excellence, so that applies across pretty much everything. And to be absolutely clear, I have not been involved directly with knowingly making fakes/reps etc: that's illegal and improper. But without question, the systems / processes / procedures I have put in place have helped to make it harder for fakes/replicas to be made and also made fakes/replicas much harder to spot/stop, depending on how the clients (and especially some client staff who moved on) used the knowledge. And when interacting with the people you are helping, you learn a lot by what they say, what they don't say and the overall gaps in knowledge and system weaknesses. It's also dangerous to say "This factory makes fakes". The reality is depending on how you define the term, just about every major legitimate component factory makes components for fake sneakers without knowing it. And often, factory owners are unaware that some line managers may be doing something untoward.

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