Sum­mer is the most desir­able sea­son for a wed­ding among brides. Almost every­one dreams of spend­ing this day with­out wor­ry­ing about the cold and bad weath­er, mak­ing joy­ful sun­ny shots and enjoy­ing the warmth. How­ev­er, there are a few snags in orga­niz­ing a sum­mer wed­ding. Chan­fash­ion will tell you what prob­lems you may encounter at a sum­mer wed­ding and how to solve them. Let your wed­ding and prepa­ra­tion for it be care­free 🙂


A sum­mer wed­ding is the dream of many brides, so every year there is a seri­ous hype 🙂 The best loca­tions and wed­ding spe­cial­ists sell like hot cakes. In order not to choose the best of the left­overs, you will have to pre­pare in advance or be pre­pared to com­pro­mise on dates — for exam­ple, on week­days and less pop­u­lar dates, there is a greater chance of book­ing a good loca­tion or spe­cial­ist and even get­ting a good dis­count.

Sober­ly assess the pop­u­lar­i­ty of the desired loca­tion and spe­cial­ists before start­ing prepa­ra­tion. The most pop­u­lar of them, the new­ly­weds book even a year before the desired date, so we rec­om­mend that you hur­ry up and start prepar­ing well in advance. When your dream team is assem­bled, and the loca­tion for the desired date is booked, it will be pos­si­ble to take a breather in orga­niz­ing the wed­ding and return to the ques­tion 3–4 months in advance.

If there is lit­tle time left before the wed­ding date, then use Ten­ders from Chan­fash­ion. Only 3 min­utes to fill out the appli­ca­tion: indi­cate the cat­e­go­ry of spe­cial­ist, your date, approx­i­mate bud­get and wish­es. After that, you will receive answers only from spe­cial­ists who are ready for your con­di­tions and agree with the bud­get — and this is a huge time saver 🙂


The biggest chal­lenge for a sum­mer wed­ding is the hot weath­er. In the unbear­able heat, you no longer want any enter­tain­ment or deli­cious food, and high-heeled shoes and heavy make­up become that tor­ture.

When choos­ing a restau­rant for a wed­ding, be sure to pay atten­tion to how well the air con­di­tion­ing sys­tem works there. In the heat of +40, this aspect will become much more impor­tant than con­ve­nient park­ing and the fresh­ness of repairs. It is also impor­tant that the hall is designed for your num­ber of guests — no mat­ter how good the air con­di­tion­er is, it will not help if you feel like her­rings in a bar­rel in the hall.

At a sum­mer wed­ding in nature, air con­di­tion­ing does not solve the issue of heat, so you will have to adapt to the weath­er in oth­er ways. Let’s talk about them below 🙂


To avoid the hot sun, you need to move the start of the wed­ding to a lat­er time. Start the out­door cer­e­mo­ny at 16:00–16:30, when the peak of solar activ­i­ty pass­es — then it will be more pleas­ant for you and your guests.

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We also rec­om­mend resched­ul­ing the pho­to shoot for a more con­ve­nient time. First­ly, it will be eas­i­er for you and your fiancé to con­cen­trate on pos­ing and on each oth­er if the weath­er does not both­er you. And sec­ond­ly, too bright mid­day light spoils the qual­i­ty of the pho­to and makes you squint. Def­i­nite­ly not the hap­pi­est face 🙂

Think about hav­ing a small pho­to shoot for lit­er­al­ly 30–40 min­utes on your wed­ding day, and resched­ul­ing the full shoot for anoth­er day. So you can relax and enjoy the process with­out wor­ry­ing about the sched­ule and a mil­lion orga­ni­za­tion­al details. In addi­tion, it will be pos­si­ble to go to sev­er­al loca­tions, includ­ing more remote ones.

rain at the wedding

Force majeure at a sum­mer wed­ding can be not only unbear­able heat, but also unfore­seen rain. Oh, how much nerves do brides spend check­ing the weath­er fore­cast on the eve of Day X 🙂 In order to be less wor­ried about pos­si­ble bad weath­er, it is worth con­sid­er­ing plan B in detail. Togeth­er with the dec­o­ra­tor and venue man­ag­er, con­sid­er whether you can quick­ly move the cer­e­mo­ny and ban­quet area, what are the alter­na­tives places at the loca­tion will be at your dis­pos­al. For a sum­mer out­door wed­ding, a mar­quee is a great back-up plan. He will be able to pro­tect you and your guests from bad weath­er, and on a sun­ny day will give the right shade.

Beau­ti­ful umbrel­las for you and guests can save you from the threat of light rain dur­ing the cer­e­mo­ny. The main thing is to wor­ry less about the weath­er and pre­pare for it in detail. Believe me, the rain can not only not spoil all the plans, but also become a mem­o­rable high­light of your impor­tant day 🙂


At a sum­mer wed­ding in nature, insects can be very annoy­ing, espe­cial­ly in the late after­noon. For­tu­nate­ly, there are sev­er­al solu­tions to this prob­lem at once — you just need to choose what is right for your par­tic­u­lar wed­ding:

Pro­cess­ing the loca­tion for the wed­ding. A rad­i­cal way is to turn to spe­cial ser­vices that, before the start of the cel­e­bra­tion, will treat your loca­tion with insect repel­lents. Before such a deci­sion, it is very impor­tant to con­sult with the site man­ag­er and a con­sul­tant from the cho­sen ser­vice: how safe it is for ani­mals (if they are planned for a wed­ding), aller­gy suf­fer­ers and chil­dren.

Per­son­al pro­tec­tive equip­ment. You can pre­pare mos­qui­to and midge repel­lents for guests: spe­cial creams, sprays, mos­qui­to bracelets. Stock up on sup­plies and let guests know they can use them.

Summer outfits for the bride and groom

Tight corsets, heavy fab­rics, puffy skirts, and tight heels can all be tor­ture at a sum­mer wed­ding in hot weath­er. In order not to suf­fer from over­heat­ing, choose a wed­ding dress made of light fly­ing fab­rics in a loos­er style. Due to the heat and heavy drink­ing, swelling can occur, so tight lac­ing and a tight dress can cause dis­com­fort dur­ing the hol­i­day.

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For the groom, you can choose a look made of nat­ur­al fab­rics in lighter shades and suit­able sum­mer shoes: for exam­ple, loafers or soft moc­casins will be more com­fort­able than hard closed oxfords.


What could be more rel­e­vant at a sum­mer wed­ding than com­fort­able open san­dals? San­dals will save you if you spend most of the day out­side in hot weath­er, and not in an air-con­di­tioned room. Also, in nature, one can­not do with­out a sta­ble heel: it will be uncom­fort­able to move on stilet­tos along uneven paths, and in a cou­ple of hours the legs will get com­plete­ly tired. What can we say about the fear of a sud­den fall right on the way to the altar? If your loca­tion is planned to have a flat hard floor­ing or you will cel­e­brate a sum­mer wed­ding in a restau­rant, then choos­ing a heel makes every­thing eas­i­er 🙂

If you are a lit­tle wor­ried about the super­sti­tion about the closed shoes of the bride, then you can choose bal­let flats or closed shoes with a sta­ble heel.

Bride makeup

A bride’s make­up for a sum­mer wed­ding should be light and strong enough to with­stand not only the com­ing tears, but also the heat. Please note that too dense tonal foun­da­tion and strong con­tour­ing can seri­ous­ly clog pores dur­ing the hot peri­od and spread out — not the most pleas­ant com­bi­na­tion on a day when you want to be the most beau­ti­ful. Work with your make­up artist to find a light­weight, mat­ti­fy­ing BB cream that will bright­en up your face and hide minor imper­fec­tions, rather than look­ing like a mask on your face.

Be sure to put mat­ting wipes in your purse: with their help you can remove excess shine from your face with­out dam­ag­ing your make­up.

pro­fes­sion­al wed­ding make­up artists you will find in the Cat­a­log Chan­fash­ion!


At a sum­mer wed­ding, refresh­ing drinks for guests are very impor­tant. A good solu­tion would be refresh­ing lemon­ades, juices, fruit drinks and plen­ty of pure min­er­al water.

But alco­hol should be han­dled with care. Strong alco­holic drinks and cham­pagne in the heat can play a cru­el joke. If an out­door wed­ding cer­e­mo­ny is planned on the street dur­ing the day­time, then we rec­om­mend serv­ing non-alco­holic drinks or cock­tails with a low alco­hol con­tent at the wel­come buf­fet. For exam­ple, instead of cham­pagne, you can offer guests Aper­ol or Belli­ni — this is a sparkling cock­tail with the addi­tion of peach juice. And the solem­ni­ty will remain, and the guests will feel good 🙂 For the ban­quet itself, if a sum­mer wed­ding is planned in nature, san­gria is well suit­ed — cold wine with cit­rus fruits and ice.

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Summer wedding menu

The menu for a sum­mer wed­ding will require you to have a sense of pro­por­tion and bal­ance. On the one hand, you don’t want to add heavy dish­es with an abun­dance of meat and may­on­naise sal­ads, but on the oth­er hand, you won’t be full of veg­eta­bles and fruits alone. The main thing in the pur­suit of a light and fresh menu is not to leave guests hun­gry 🙂

The main dish at a wed­ding ban­quet should be hearty: grilled meat or fish with a pota­to side dish is good, but it is bet­ter to aban­don sauces based on cream or eggs that are dan­ger­ous in the heat and look for an alter­na­tive. From hearty snacks, too, you should not refuse, mix­ing them with veg­eta­bles and cheeses. Sure­ly, guests will enjoy the clas­sic com­bi­na­tion of mel­on and jamon on skew­ers, Cap­rese canapes and, of course, a meat plate. But it is bet­ter to replace pates and carpac­cio from raw meat with sev­er­al types of hum­mus with pita and veg­eta­bles — healthy, sat­is­fy­ing and safe in the heat 🙂


The wed­ding cake will be secure­ly pro­tect­ed in the restau­rant refrig­er­a­tor, which can­not be said about the can­dy bar 🙂 If you plan to put a sep­a­rate area with sweets, then you need to be care­ful about the choice of desserts. Cream and choco­late fig­ures can melt in the sun and look unap­pe­tiz­ing in just half an hour, so choose more per­sis­tent treats with a pas­try chef.

It is also worth nego­ti­at­ing with a restau­rant or cater­ing so that the fruits are cut and report­ed to the table grad­u­al­ly — so they do not have time to wind up and get an unsight­ly appear­ance.


The flow­ers in your bridal bou­quet, in the dec­o­ra­tion of the wed­ding arch and in the com­po­si­tions on the tables also suf­fer from the heat. An expe­ri­enced florist will tell you how to keep flow­ers and green­ery look­ing fresh in hot weath­er. In addi­tion, you can think of exot­ic plants that are accus­tomed to an arid cli­mate, or “dry” floristry options: for exam­ple, pro­tea, anthuri­um, suc­cu­lents, dried flow­ers.

And in order not to for­get any­thing when prepar­ing for the wed­ding, use Bride’s to-do list by Chan­fash­ion! There you will find a step-by-step plan for orga­niz­ing a wed­ding on your own and a lot of use­ful tips — every­thing to make your prepa­ra­tion pro­duc­tive and stress-free.