On your wed­ding day, every sec­ond you will be sur­round­ed by atten­tion. So, you need to look irre­sistible! We have col­lect­ed for you 15 hot trends in wed­ding fash­ion, make­up and hair­styles — you just have to choose which ones will dec­o­rate you on such an impor­tant day.

Wedding Dresses

By the way, we wrote a long arti­cle with an analy­sis of the types of fig­ures and the styles of dress­es suit­able for them. If you haven’t read it yet, be sure to check it out!

Adding Volume

Lush dress­es again appeared on the cat­walks. If you have been dream­ing about the image of a princess since child­hood, this is your chance to get that very dress, because design­ers offer many options. We advise you to pay atten­tion to the details: for exam­ple, mesh sleeves with embroi­dery. Or act from the oppo­site: a min­i­mal­ist puffy dress will look chic, the main thing is to choose the right fab­ric.

The dress does not have to look heavy: fly­ing airy skirts are also in trend.

Splen­dor is wel­comed not only in skirts: volu­mi­nous trans­par­ent sleeves also keep in trend. By the way, let’s talk about them in a lit­tle more detail.


Puffy sleeves are still a hot trend, but in 2020, design­ers have added an alter­na­tive to it. One-shoul­der wed­ding dress­es are also in fash­ion now. It can be either a large strap, or a full-fledged, long and bright­ly dec­o­rat­ed sleeve.

If your body type is an “invert­ed tri­an­gle”, then be care­ful: open shoul­ders with volu­mi­nous sleeves (even if it is one) will break the har­mo­ny of the sil­hou­ette. It is bet­ter to choose dress­es with a full skirt or an A‑line sil­hou­ette to bal­ance the fig­ure. For “pears” this is a great option that will add vol­ume and weight to the top: with this help you can even put on a capri­cious dress of the “fish” style.

Long capes

Here they are, the sav­iors of brides who did not want to spoil their hair with a veil — capes. They are real­ly just capes, but you should know the offi­cial name to explain your desires in the bridal salon.

Pre­vi­ous­ly, capes were used only in win­ter to keep warm, but now sum­mer light­weight mod­els made of fly­ing fab­rics are rel­e­vant. Extreme­ly long, to the elbow, below the waist — you have a huge choice, so we will give a lit­tle advice so that you do not get con­fused in the vari­ety.

Of course, you need to build on the style of the dress. A long, tight cape to the floor (or even longer) will go well with a min­i­mal­ist dress with a straight cut. Such an image will look lux­u­ri­ous, but at the same time con­cise. Waist-length capes are per­fect for dress­es with a full skirt or an A‑line with a busti­er bodice — this way you will cov­er your arms and add vol­ume to the top, bal­anc­ing your fig­ure. To put it briefly: the more mag­nif­i­cent the dress, the short­er the cape. You can exper­i­ment with an asym­met­ri­cal cape.

wedding dress cloak
wedding dress cape

Pay atten­tion to denser capes too: they will help to cre­ate an ele­gant under­stat­ed look wor­thy of Buck­ing­ham Palace. With such a min­i­mal­ist design, large, “rich” jew­el­ry will look great.

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high neckline

Mod­esty has long ceased to be the main attribute of the bride, and design­ers con­firm this with frank mod­els. On a day like this, it’s bet­ter to be your­self, so if hid­ing behind deaf long skirts is not your habit, then you don’t need to force your­self. Deep neck­line, high neck­line, sequins and feath­ers — why not? Bal­ance a dar­ing dress with nat­ur­al and casu­al hair and make­up, and get ready to catch your fiancé’s admir­ing gaze.

Short dresses

If you do not want to miss all the dances in fear of knock­ing guests down with a crino­line, the “mini” length is in a hur­ry to help!

Do not be afraid that you will get lost among the guests in the pho­to due to the lack of the noto­ri­ous long white dress: indi­cate in the invi­ta­tions that the white col­or of the out­fits will be inap­pro­pri­ate. In addi­tion, if you are wear­ing a veil and with a bou­quet, you are unlike­ly to be rec­og­nized as a bride!

Overalls and trousers

Don’t want to sac­ri­fice com­fort for a dress? The styl­ists have your full sup­port! Mod­els of trouser suits and jump­suits for brides are increas­ing­ly appear­ing at bridal fash­ion shows. Just do not think that you will look too sim­ple or too busi­nesslike: you can choose from puffy trains imi­tat­ing a skirt and rich­ly dec­o­rat­ed sleeves. An excel­lent choice for bold and free from prej­u­dice brides.

Actual decor

Flo­ral embroi­dery. A touch­ing girl­ish trend that will add ten­der­ness to your look. By the way, this is a great decor option if you looked at translu­cent dress­es with a mesh, but were afraid to look too frank.

If you chose Boho, Vin­tage or Rus­tic style for your wed­ding, you def­i­nite­ly need to look at these dress­es. They seem to be cre­at­ed specif­i­cal­ly for these styles.

pearl beads

Charm­ing trend: last year, beads were used on the sleeves, and now they have tak­en over the entire dress and even the veil! If you chose a dress with such decor, it is bet­ter to refuse large pearl jew­el­ry, oth­er­wise there will be a bust. But small stud ear­rings with pearls will look quite appro­pri­ate.


Rhine­stones and shim­mer are no longer bad man­ners. Now you can safe­ly add them as small dec­o­ra­tive ele­ments, or choose a bril­liant total bow! Arm your­self with a high­lighter and shine brighter on your day.

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Makeup and hairstyles

Taking off the masks

A dense tone that cre­ates the effect of a “porce­lain doll” is no longer rel­e­vant. Design­ers and make­up artists are inspired by real skin with its flaws and fea­tures. Has the sun giv­en you freck­les? Great, don’t hide it behind a thick lay­er of pow­der, because it is an inte­gral part of you! Nat­ur­al blush, moles, wrin­kles in the cor­ners of the eyes — all these details make the bride real, and the pic­tures touch­ing.

Make­up artists advise using CC creams, which will only slight­ly even out skin tone and add radi­ance. And Chan­fash­ion adds: pay more atten­tion to skin care for 3–4 months before the wed­ding. Pro­ce­dures at the beau­ti­cian, a bal­anced diet and enough water will allow you to hide the tonal foun­da­tion in a dis­tant draw­er and shine nat­u­ral­ly on your big day.

wedding makeup
bride makeup

Let’s add pink

Del­i­cate (and some­times very bright!) make-up in pink tones is still at its peak. Such shad­ows are suit­able for any eye col­or, the main thing is to choose the right shade: pale pink shad­ows are suit­able for brown-eyed eyes, warm peach ones for green eyes, and cold shades of pink for blue-eyed ones.

Make­up with a “wet” effect in pink will look inter­est­ing.

bride makeup
make-up 2020 wedding

Simplicity and carelessness

Styl­ists do not rec­om­mend build­ing arks and three-sto­ry hous­es on the head (maybe they are just tired of spend­ing so much time on hair­styles?). Slop­py buns with a few loose strands are in fash­ion, which can be twist­ed a lit­tle with an iron. Note that “slop­py” does not mean “fall apart at the first dance.” Ask the mas­ter to firm­ly fix the hair­style with invis­i­bil­i­ty, but also not to over­do it with var­nish so that the curls do not look glued togeth­er.

hairstyle for wedding
trendy bridesmaid hairstyles 2020

Anoth­er styling option for a wed­ding is a brush, smooth or with a slight twist. Def­i­nite­ly con­sid­er this option if you want to use some kind of hair orna­ments: a tiara, flow­ers or mas­sive bar­rettes. With neat­ly styled hair, such acces­sories will not fight for atten­tion, but on the con­trary, they will per­fect­ly com­ple­ment each oth­er.

Bright details

Pre­ten­tious­ness from hair­styles turned into acces­sories for them. The most fash­ion­able trend of the sea­son is wide rich head­bands. Large pearls, bright stones imi­tat­ing pre­cious ones, and fab­rics will now replace tiaras, which no longer look so trendy.

bezel pearl
pearl headband

The trend for nat­u­ral­ness is sup­port­ed by flow­ers in the hair. It is not nec­es­sary to use a whole wreath: sev­er­al flow­ers look much more ele­gant or one large one woven into the hair.


And this is a real trend-chameleon that will suit any style of wed­ding. For a more clas­sic and for­mal wed­ding, volu­mi­nous French braids are chic. For loose and relaxed styles like boho and rus­tic, loose hair with a few small braids will do. By the way, you can dec­o­rate them with col­ored threads and rib­bons or feath­ers.

braided wedding hairstyle
bride braids
braided bridal hairstyle
weaving for a wedding

A braid-wreath is also very rel­e­vant. The main thing is to ask the mas­ter to make it volu­mi­nous and a lit­tle care­less.

the hair of the bride
bride with braids

In 2020, not only nat­u­ral­ness is pop­u­lar, but also its com­plete antipode. Let’s see what bright and unusu­al solu­tions styl­ists advise to try this sea­son.

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Attention to the lips

Clas­sic nude lip­sticks are no longer a sen­tence for brides. Do you love dark plum shades? Or are you a fan of bright coral lips? Styl­ists give the green light to any col­or exper­i­ments. And if you chose an unusu­al wed­ding style, such as pin-up or dra­mat­ic, then deny­ing your­self a bright make-up is just a crime!

But we must warn you: red and dark shades of lip­stick must be cho­sen care­ful­ly, because they can make your teeth look very old or make your teeth look yel­low­er than they real­ly are. Exper­i­ment with your make-up artist to find the per­fect shade for your make­up test.

bride makeup 2020
bright bride makeup

Do not for­get to put lip­stick in your purse so that you can touch it up peri­od­i­cal­ly dur­ing the hol­i­day. Smeared nude lip­stick does not attract as much atten­tion as bright. Bet­ter yet, use a tint. It will def­i­nite­ly remain on your lips until the end of the feast and will not be smeared due to drinks and food.

Shine bright like a diamond

Rihan­na does­n’t give bad advice, so lis­ten and obey. If a cou­ple of years ago styl­ists gri­maced at the men­tion of rhine­stones, now they are used just every­where, and we are not only talk­ing about dress­es. You can stick a few rhine­stones on your whiskey or ask the mas­ter to paint freck­les with sparkles. In the style of Boho, such an exper­i­ment will look very organ­ic.

unusual makeup for the bride
original makeup for the bride

If you are not a sup­port­er of such out­ra­geous wed­ding look, we advise you a soft­er and more tra­di­tion­al option — a high­lighter. Giv­en the trends of 2020, it will be dif­fi­cult to over­do it! So feel free to use it to enhance the radi­ance of your skin.

Add colors

The era of per­fect smokey eyes from Insta­gram has passed, now sim­ple casu­al eye make­up using shad­ows of the same col­or is rel­e­vant. Prefer­ably as bright as pos­si­ble! Blue, hot pink, yel­low and even red are increas­ing­ly appear­ing in make-up on the cat­walks, and bridal fash­ion does not stand aside. Col­ored arrows did not go over­board, but only became larg­er and thick­er. For bright sum­mer wed­dings — just a must have.

bright bridal makeup