While research­ing the wed­ding expens­es of most brides in search of items that can be pain­less­ly saved, we made a dis­cov­ery! A clas­sic, mul­ti-tiered wed­ding cake, immersed in a cloud of cream and delight­ing guests with com­plex decor, is nev­er eat­en to the end! These sweet pounds, which you will pay a lot of mon­ey for, look great at the hol­i­day, but often end up being thrown away after it. But there are alter­na­tive options for desserts! Donut tow­ers, cup­cake pyra­mids, choco­late can­dy and dessert cakes account they are in no way infe­ri­or to a wed­ding cake in taste, they look appe­tiz­ing and beau­ti­ful. And most impor­tant­ly, cal­cu­lat­ing the amount of sweet you need is as easy as shelling pears: open your Guest List and put + in front of each sweet tooth. The num­ber of serv­ings need­ed is known! Chan­fash­ion share ideas for your go ahead!

If you’re not a fan of stan­dard wed­ding cakes, or you’re obsessed with cer­tain favorite sweet treats, then wed­ding dessert is the per­fect oppor­tu­ni­ty to share your tastes with your guests. Choose an option that reflects your cou­ple’s crav­ings, or at least what you’re real­ly will­ing to treat your­self to at the end of the night.

1. Pasta

Do not count how many brides and grooms have already been cap­tured by pas­ta! These lit­tle French treats will win you over with their vari­ety of fla­vors and col­ors. Choose your favorite fla­vors and enjoy the fragili­ty of this trendy dessert. And what oppor­tu­ni­ties to play with col­ors and shades!

2. Donuts

Donuts (or dona­tionsif you like it bet­ter) — the lat­est hit in the world Can­dy Barov. With a vari­ety of top­pings, col­ored icing, pow­dered sug­ar and an extra­or­di­nary taste, these del­i­cate rings will sure­ly please your guests. Show your imag­i­na­tion and cre­ate your own archi­tec­tur­al cre­ation from sweets!

3. Cake pops

Isn’t it fun? And how con­ve­nient! These cakes on sticks are dipped in icing and dec­o­rat­ed with choco­late chips, marsh­mal­lows, caramel splash­es. You can order them in any col­ors and fla­vors, place them in glass vas­es or imi­tate a cake stand. They look very cool, agree!

4. Croquembouche

In recent years, cro­quem­bouche has become a pop­u­lar wed­ding sweet among brides. This is a tra­di­tion­al French con­fec­tion of fluffy pas­tries held togeth­er by caramel syrup. The result is a gor­geous, unusu­al tow­er. It can be dec­o­rat­ed with caramel or choco­late, minia­ture gin­ger­bread or mas­tic rib­bons. The beau­ty!

5. Cupcakes

Seems like every­one loves them! Bake, dec­o­rate, eat. Sim­ple but amaz­ing. Cup­cakes placed on mul­ti-lev­el coast­ers can be safe­ly called the best alter­na­tive to the tra­di­tion­al wed­ding dessert. And in order not to deprive your­self of the tra­di­tion of cut­ting the cake, dec­o­rate the top of the cup­cake tow­er with a small cake. By the way, it is con­ve­nient to dis­trib­ute the remain­ing cup­cakes to guests when the hol­i­day is over.

6. Homemade cookies

Tiered cook­ie pyra­mids are a new trend that is rapid­ly gain­ing momen­tum. A glass of milk with a straw just asks for such a dessert to close your eyes and remem­ber a hap­py child­hood! What kind of pas­tries did you expect from your moth­er or grand­moth­er? Hazel­nuts with con­densed milk, sug­ar peach­es or home­made oat­meal cook­ies? Your main wed­ding dessert can be non-tra­di­tion­al, but still reflect the tra­di­tions of your own fam­i­lies.

7. Pies

Why not stand out by offer­ing your guests pies with sea­son­al berries and fruits instead of the usu­al cream cake? Before you is a palette of won­der­ful ingre­di­ents: apples, pears, cher­ries, cur­rants, rasp­ber­ries, figs, plums, black­ber­ries and even nuts, cran­ber­ries and vibur­num! You can stack tiers of cakes to make it look like a cake! And if you offer ice cream balls to warm pies, every­thing will melt!

8. Ice cream

Ice cream cake is a spe­cial kind of dessert and our absolute favorite for a wed­ding dur­ing the hot sum­mer months! How pleas­ant it is to treat your­self to a gen­tle cool del­i­ca­cy after hot dances and hot dish­es.

9. Cannoli

Tra­di­tion­al Ital­ian treat in the form of tubules with a deli­cious fill­ing! Remem­ber the game Jan­ga and stack your sweet blocks on top of each oth­er. An amaz­ing wed­ding dessert is ready!

10. Oreo

What is not a bril­liant idea: a wed­ding cake from cook­ie Oreo? We are sure that at this moment applause was def­i­nite­ly heard some­where! If you and your loved one can­not imag­ine your day with­out Oreo, Boun­ty or Twixwhy not declare it loud and beau­ti­ful?

11. Brownies

There is noth­ing bet­ter than a moun­tain of choco­late. Care­less­ly stacked pieces of your favorite choco­late dessert make a chic impres­sion! Dec­o­rate the tow­er with fresh ros­es or bunch­es of grapes — your per­fect cus­tom wed­ding cake is ready!

12. Meringue

These airy and roman­tic sweets seem like a won­der­ful option for a sum­mer wed­ding. Think of what col­or you would like to see your wed­ding dessert in, and sur­prise your guests with the sweet weight­less­ness of meringue!

13. Desserts account

The case when not only the con­tent is impor­tant, but also the form of sub­mis­sion. And she is great! Choose from treats such as straw­ber­ry pie, choco­late mousse, cheese­cake… any dessert you desire can be turned into a com­pact and con­ve­nient account. Cre­ate a sweet mosa­ic of sev­er­al vari­eties of treats. Guests will appre­ci­ate it!

14. Chocolate Candy Cake

Ded­i­cat­ed to truf­fle and choco­late lovers: can­dy cake! It looks like a toy, it will def­i­nite­ly not leave indif­fer­ent any of your guests.

15. Cheese Cake

You don’t crave sweets at all? Cheese pie (not to be con­fused with cheese­cake) can be a real find for your cou­ple!

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Cheese wed­ding cakes are becom­ing more and more pop­u­lar. They con­sist of sev­er­al types of cheese stacked on top of each oth­er in the same way as tiers of tra­di­tion­al wed­ding cakes. And these com­po­si­tions look unex­pect­ed­ly beau­ti­ful!

Tips from Chanfashion on how to choose a dessert depending on the time of year

Sum­mer: fruit pies, bis­cuits and truf­fles con­tain­ing exot­ic or sea­son­al fruits such as pas­sion fruitcher­ry, grape­fruit and peach­es.

Ves­na: desserts with cit­rus fruits and straw­ber­ries.

Autumn: rich pas­tries, baked pump­kin with hon­ey, apple pie, gin­ger­bread and sug­ar-coat­ed cran­ber­ries.

Win­ter: win­ter mint and choco­late.