Win­ter is the time for mag­i­cal atmos­pher­ic wed­dings! If you are lucky enough to orga­nize ain win­ter, then rather read our arti­cle: Chan­fash­ion pre­pared for you a selec­tion of inspir­ing ideas for the most cozy and roman­tic win­ter wed­ding.

winter cake

Play up the style of a win­ter fairy tale with your­cake! Embossed white glaze will be an excel­lent back­drop for a conif­er­ous for­est or snow-capped moun­tain peaks. The final touch will be gold or sil­ver sequins that will remind the radi­ance of stars and fly­ing snowflakes.

Unusual winter bridal bouquet

If you think that you can’t walk around with floristry at a win­ter wed­ding, then you are mis­tak­en! Yes, the assort­ment is not as rich as in the warm sea­son, but what orig­i­nal bridal bou­quets can be made. We advise you to be inspired by nature: snow-cov­ered cones, conif­er­ous twigs, mistle­toe or even small shim­mer­ing gar­lands 🙂

Be sure to read our arti­cle “Win­ter bridal bou­quet: every­thing you need to know” — there you will find a lot of use­ful tips and ideas.

Cone decor

We con­tin­ue to use the clues of nature. Cones can be adapt­ed not only for the bride’s bou­quet, they also serve well as a stand for seat­ing cards or com­ple­ment the arrange­ments on the tables. By the way, to add orig­i­nal­i­ty and chic, the cones can be paint­ed from a spray can in gold­en or sil­ver col­or or make a white coat­ing that imi­tates snow. We are sure at the best­dec­o­ra­tors from the Chan­fash­ion Cat­a­log Lots of ideas for how to use them 🙂

Box for rings

A box for­rings is a small, but very impor­tan­ta­c­ces­so­ry. To make it fit into the aes­thet­ics of a win­ter wed­ding, you can make a back­ing for rings from nee­dles or cot­ton wool, as well as sup­ple­ment it with atmos­pher­ic lit­tle things: for exam­ple, small cones, rowan berries or cran­ber­ries. Sure­ly you will find a suit­able option box­es for rings and other­ac­ces­sories from mas­ters from our cat­a­log!


Of course, the eas­i­est way to cre­ate a cozy fam­i­ly atmos­phere at adin­ner is with can­dles, so do not neglect this dec­o­ra­tive detail. But you can exper­i­ment with the design of can­dles: tall trans­par­ent flasks, lanterns, glass jars or clas­sic ele­gant can­dle­sticks and can­de­labra — there are many options, it remains to choose the one that fits into your win­ter­style. Remem­ber about safe­ty so that the can­dle fire does not touch oth­er ele­ments of the com­po­si­tions on the tables and does not pro­voke a fire!

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Outsideceremony in the open air

Out­doorcer­e­monies are firm­ly estab­lished in the wish lists of Ukrain­ian brides, but few peo­ple imag­ine this at a win­ter wed­ding. And we sug­gest that you at least con­sid­er this option, because an incred­i­ble result is worth all the orga­ni­za­tion­al dif­fi­cul­ties! If your­loca­tion boasts a breath­tak­ing view of the snow-cov­ered for­est, then you def­i­nite­ly shouldn’t miss this chance.

We have already talked about all the intri­ca­cies of orga­niz­ing a win­ter out­door cer­e­mo­nybe sure to read 🙂

ice lamps

Such an ele­ment ofdecor will def­i­nite­ly take guests into a win­ter fairy tale and make them say “Wow!” Ice lamps placed on the snow (or imi­tat­ing ice) will amaz­ing­ly com­ple­ment the out­door cer­e­mo­ny area, espe­cial­ly in the evening. Luck­i­ly, you won’t have to wait long for dark­ness in win­ter 🙂

street treats

Have a small out­door pic­nic in the gath­er­ing area to warm them up after the jour­ney with hot drinks and snacks. Hot tea, grog and mulled wine are good. From snacks, you can offer small cups of soup or broth with crack­ers.

Hot drinks

Mulled wine, grog, hot choco­late, tea and cocoa with marsh­mal­lows — how can you imag­ine a win­ter bar with­out these tra­di­tion­al drinks? Orga­nize a sep­a­rate area where guests can pre­pare their own drinks and add spices and sweets to their taste.

monochrome gamma

Emer­ald, blue, the com­bi­na­tion of red and green in win­ter wed­dings are you already bored? How about an ele­gant mono­chrome palette with gold or sil­ver accents? Such a range will make even tra­di­tion­al win­ter attrib­ut­es styl­ish and unusu­al: for exam­ple, cones pol­li­nat­ed with gold, rowan berries paint­ed black, sil­ver-plat­ed spruce branch­es.

More lights

The more soft light, the more com­fort­able the atmos­phere in the ban­quet hall will be. Choose options with dif­fused warm light, as this will look much soft­er than sev­er­al pow­er­ful spot­lights. Can­de­labra, can­dle­sticks, chan­de­liers and gar­lands — every­thing will come in handy.

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seasonal berries

Cran­ber­ries, vibur­num, sea buck­thorn, lin­gonber­ries — choose nat­ur­al sea­son­al sources of vit­a­mins. These berries can be used both as a dec­o­ra­tion on drinks and desserts, and as unusu­al touch­es in main dish­es. The clas­sic solu­tion is berry sauces for meat, but per­haps you and the chef of ther­estau­rant will come up with a more orig­i­nal use for win­ter berries.

hanging light

An incred­i­ble atmos­phere at a win­ter­can be cre­at­ed with the help of gar­lands and pen­dant lights — soft dif­fused light will wrap guests in warmth and cre­ate the right mood in the most touch­ing moments of the wed­ding.

snow confetti

A win­ter alter­na­tive to flower petals and cere­als is fluff and imi­ta­tion snow. With the help of “snow con­fet­ti” you can cre­ate tru­ly mag­i­cal shots with­out freez­ing from the snow and ruin­ing your­looks.


Of course, love warms, but blan­kets do it just as effec­tive­ly 🙂 Take care of your guests by think­ing about the tem­per­a­ture regime at the­lo­ca­tion — heat­ing sys­tems should work prop­er­ly, but not overdry the air. For extra warmth, offer guests blan­kets in the col­ors of yourcel­e­bra­tion.

snowy invitation cards

Craft card­board, white coat­ing — voila, “snowy“invitations are ready 🙂 More ideas for win­ter­in­vi­ta­tions look in our arti­cle.

Warm chairs

Knit­ted capes on chairs in the ban­quet hall will help to fit the fur­ni­ture into the style and col­or scheme of thedec­o­ra­tion, as well as add cozi­ness to the loca­tion. In addi­tion, guests can use capes if they sud­den­ly get cold 🙂

Warming up the bride

Tak­ing care of the warmth and com­fort of the bride is one of the most impor­tant tasks at a win­ter wed­ding. Your cheeks should blush with hap­pi­ness and embar­rass­ment, and not with a ter­ri­ble cold 🙂 But don’t wor­ry: you don’t have to sac­ri­fice beau­ty for the sake of con­ve­nience. There are many options for win­ter out­fits for brides for a vari­ety of tem­per­a­tures. Choose a closed-cut­dress made of thick fab­rics and com­ple­ment it with spe­cial out­er­wear. In addi­tion to clas­sic options like fur coats and jack­ets, pay atten­tion to volu­mi­nous knit­ted sweaters — they will per­fect­ly fit into a cozy and relaxed roman­tic look of the bride.

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Warming bonbonnieres

Beat the style of win­ter com­fort in “warm” gifts for guests. A good idea would be sets for mak­ing cocoa, mulled wine or hot cock­tails with liquor. More bon­bon­niere ideas for guests we have col­lect­ed in a sep­a­rate arti­cle.


A win­teris the best occa­sion for a deli­cious warm­ing cheese or choco­late fon­due. In addi­tion, the area with this treat can be made inter­ac­tive: set up a sep­a­rate table with burn­ers, fon­due bowls, skew­ers and a vari­ety of good­ies that can be dipped. You can also make a place for roast­ing marsh­mal­lows — very atmos­pher­ic and win­ter-like. Beware, the fon­due place can gath­er a crowd of guests around 🙂 And don’t for­get to fol­low the safe­ty: the kids at thewill sure­ly be very inter­est­ed in this area, so it should be pro­tect­ed as much as pos­si­ble from pos­si­ble fire inci­dents.

A hairstyle

Fresh flow­ers in the bride’s hair­style are a trend not only for warm sum­mer wed­dings 🙂 We sug­gest you com­ple­ment your thick curls with white gyp­sophi­la or sim­i­lar small flow­ers to cre­ate the effect of snowflakes in your hair.

In order not to for­get a sin­gle impor­tant detail in thep­repa­ra­tion, use our Bride’s to-do list. We have cre­at­ed a step-by-step plan that will help you orga­nize the­of your dreams on your own. Detailed instruc­tions, user-friend­ly inter­face and impor­tant tips from experts — every­thing to make your­prepa­ra­tion eas­i­er 🙂