If you decide to fol­low the tra­di­tion and not exclude the ran­som of the bride from the sce­nario of the wed­ding day, let’s try to make this rit­u­al excit­ing, spe­cial and beau­ti­ful. Togeth­er with Chan­fash­ion turn on your imag­i­na­tion, and also take note of 15 tips that will help make the ran­som mem­o­rable and mod­ern.

The ran­som of the bride, as a rite, has lost its orig­i­nal mean­ing. Now it is rather fun for rel­a­tives and neigh­bors. Sce­nar­ios of what is hap­pen­ing may be dif­fer­ent, but after watch­ing a cou­ple of videos from wed­dings, you will be con­vinced that most of the ques­tions are dupli­cat­ed, and the fun itself looks drawn out and ugly. We invite you to per­son­al­ly think through every detail of the ran­som and plan every­thing in such a way that it turns out to be roman­tic and Euro­pean-style.

1. Choose a top­ic.

Every­thing that hap­pens will be tied to a spe­cif­ic theme, the par­tic­i­pants in the ran­som will change into the appro­pri­ate char­ac­ters, as well as pre­pare the nec­es­sary para­pher­na­lia. You don’t mind a lit­tle the­atri­cal per­for­mance, do you? I choose the theme of the event, con­sid­er your favorite hob­bies (even if it’s trav­el or books about Har­ry Pot­ter) and your favorite TV shows, series or car­toons. You will choose a top­ic close to you and you will not notice how you will come up with a whole con­cept for the future event!

2. Give up tem­plate con­tests and out­dat­ed ideas.

No leaflets in the front door, no scoot­ers and basins. Let every ques­tion and every task give your fiancé an oppor­tu­ni­ty to show his love for you, demon­strate his skills and knowl­edge. For exam­ple, if he shoots accu­rate­ly — arrange a shoot­ing range, and if he is an intel­lec­tu­al — pre­pare puz­zles or a cross­word puz­zle!

3. No poet­ic speech­es, fake brides and ridicu­lous jokes about the groom.

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It’s bor­ing and some­times vul­gar. Brief the facil­i­ta­tors and hand out a list of “for­bid­den top­ics”. What is hap­pen­ing should give smiles of joy and ten­der­ness, and not resem­ble a bad­ly per­formed com­e­dy club.

4. Let the tasks for the groom be diverse and alter­nate with each oth­er.

You should not force your loved one to be con­stant­ly active, just as you should not force him to stand in one place for a long time. You, like no one else, can find the gold­en mean.

5. For inspi­ra­tion, watch oth­er cou­ples buy­back videos.

We do not promise that you will find ideas there that you will want to adopt. But we guar­an­tee that you will con­clu­sionshow to do it is def­i­nite­ly not nec­es­sary. And this is already a lot.

6. Insti­tu­tions time frame.

The ide­al dura­tion of the bride price is 30–40 min­utes. This time is enough to con­vey the idea of ​​u200bu200bconceived and not tire your­self and the guests.

7. Pre­pare the details in advance.

Don’t leave it for the last day. If you can’t find some­thing, you will have to revise the script in a hur­ry. And this is an addi­tion­al degree of ten­sion.

8. Please note that the main thing at the ran­som of the bride is light­ness and antic­i­pa­tion.

Do not over­load the atmos­phere with unnec­es­sary details or accents.

9. The bride must be col­lect­ed before the start of the ran­som.

Any sce­nario can always fail. You may have to meet your loved one a lit­tle ear­li­er.

10. The arrival of the groom must take place strict­ly accord­ing to the sched­ule.

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Vis­it­ing too ear­ly or being late can cause real pan­ic.

11. Try to lim­it the num­ber of par­tic­i­pants in the ran­som.

The task is dif­fi­cult, but still … It’s good if 5–7 peo­ple are involved. The rest of the guests can become mere observers.

12. It is bet­ter to entrust the ran­som to a close friend, old­er sis­ter or the per­son you trust.

This will allow you to be sure that the leader adheres to the plan as much as pos­si­ble, under­stands your con­cept and does every­thing as well as pos­si­ble.

13. Be sure to take into account the inter­ests and wish­es of your beloved man!

At the wed­ding, he will wor­ry no less than you. Let him make a list of ques­tions and activ­i­ties that def­i­nite­ly should­n’t hap­pen.

14. Instruct the groom about what he should take with him for ran­som.

Most like­ly, it will not do with­out mon­ey, sweets and cham­pagne.

15. Come up with a back­up plan and ask the par­tic­i­pants to impro­vise if some­thing goes wrong.

Down with the monot­o­nous text on pieces of paper! Long live fun, laugh­ter and pos­i­tive!🙂

Try not to wor­ry! To make this day one of the hap­pi­est, it must start with pleas­ant emo­tions. Let it be!