Chan­fash­ion has col­lect­ed all the details about bridal acces­sories in one arti­cle. Because details are pow­er! We will tell you what wed­ding jew­el­ry is and where to buy it: in a wed­ding acces­sories salon, an online store or a hand-made work­shop. We have col­lect­ed in one place a list of all the acces­sories of the bride and groom. We will tell you how to buy wed­ding acces­sories inex­pen­sive­ly and what deter­mines their price. And you will also learn about the lat­est trends in dec­o­rat­ing the wed­ding hall, cake and print­ing. We will teach you what to dec­o­rate with flow­ers, how to com­bine shades and how to keep with­in a bud­get.

What are bridal accessories?

The dress, the cake, and the car are all impor­tant, but they don’t make the wed­ding com­plete. Style is man­i­fest­ed in small things, and it is the details that set the mood for the whole par­ty. Guests will remem­ber the evening when they were pre­sent­ed with per­son­al­ized sou­venirs, when the chairs were dec­o­rat­ed with flower gar­lands, and a cute rib­bon even hung on the car han­dle.

The style of the hol­i­day can only be con­veyed in its entire­ty: the tex­ture of the table­cloth, the shade of the walk­way, the umbrel­las in the pho­to shoot area, the style of the bride’s gloves, the bou­ton­nieres of the guests, the design of the wish book. All of these are acces­sories.

Make a detailed to-do list. Do not rely on mem­o­ry — before the hol­i­day, your head will be filled with orga­ni­za­tion­al moments and pleas­ant excite­ment. To cope with the fuss, use our sec­tion. There are already pop­u­lar wed­ding expense items, but you can add or remove cat­e­gories.

Wedding accessories: what do you need for a beautiful holiday?

You are famil­iar with the “blank slate” syn­drome: you are burn­ing with the desire to ful­fill the Stakhanov plan and you have a thou­sand ideas, but now it’s time to get down to busi­ness and you don’t know where to start? We sug­gest solv­ing prob­lems in order. That is, in the order in which the events at the wed­ding will devel­op:

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Bride ran­som

wed­ding car

reg­istry office, field reg­is­tra­tion



Details for com­pe­ti­tions, dec­o­ra­tion of the house and entrance. Ten tips on how to dec­o­rate the bride’s room, read here.

Flow­ers on the hood, bou­ton­nieres on the door, cus­tom num­bers. You can buy ready-made jew­el­ry at a car deal­er­ship, just don’t count on cur­rent trends. If you want to arrange a car with taste, we advise you to con­tact a dec­o­ra­tor or florist.

For paint­ing in the reg­istry office, you need glass­es and a pil­low for rings. For an out­door cer­e­mo­ny — a wed­ding arch, a table for paint­ing, chairs for guests and decor for them, a fes­tive path, etc.

If the shoot­ing is car­ried out in a pho­to stu­dio, you will be pro­vid­ed with the nec­es­sary details. Read more about this in our arti­cle Pho­to Stu­dios. For a pho­to shoot in nature, you need to pre­pare acces­sories your­self. What are these acces­sories? Signs with inscrip­tions, umbrel­las, flags, masks, lol­lipops, musi­cal instru­ments.

Hall dec­o­ra­tion, gifts for guests, props for com­pe­ti­tions, wish book, seat­ing cards, cake dec­o­ra­tions and more.

Tra­di­tion­al­ly, all these stages are dec­o­rat­ed in the same style: if Boho, then Boho both at the cer­e­mo­ny and at the pho­to shoot. But this is not such a strict law as, for exam­ple, grav­i­ty. So, if your fiancé wants a Retro look, look for a com­pro­mise: use acces­sories in the Boho style at the cer­e­mo­ny, and spend the pho­to ses­sion in the Vin­tage style.

Hand­made acces­sories are cute and in demand. Peo­ple are so arranged that they always val­ue unique things more. Hand­made will nev­er go out of style.

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Test the qual­i­ty of acces­sories. Threads that stick out of cheap tex­tiles and Venet­ian masks made of papi­er-mâché instead of porce­lain are always vis­i­ble. It is bet­ter to look for a good decor for pro­mo­tions or dis­counts. If the choice is quan­ti­ty or qual­i­ty, then feel free to choose qual­i­ty: few­er acces­sories are bet­ter, but let them look decent.

Accessories for the bride and groom

These are your per­son­al acces­sories, we have iden­ti­fied them sep­a­rate­ly and divid­ed them into two groups:

For you

Veil, wreath, tiara, veil, shoes, wed­ding ring and oth­er jew­el­ry, bou­quet, hand­bag, gloves, belt, fur coat, shawl, bolero or cape, garter.

For him

Bow tie, tie, sus­penders, shoes, bou­ton­niere, wed­ding ring, watch, cuf­flinks, pock­et square, hat, cap, belt, fun­ny socks.

The aver­age cost depends on the unique­ness and method of mak­ing the acces­so­ry. The price depends on four fac­tors:

  • Mate­r­i­al cost. For exam­ple, gloves made from nat­ur­al silk are more expen­sive than those made from syn­thet­ic fab­rics. A clutch bag embroi­dered with pearls includes the price of pearls.
  • Col­or. Shades that are now in trend are more pop­u­lar. That’s why they raise their prices.
  • Size. More fab­ric is used for a long veil, and of course, it will cost more.
  • Design. Hand embroi­dery, a hand-made wed­ding wreath, the devel­op­ment of an author’s draw­ing — this is all the work of design­ers, and it costs mon­ey.

Chan­fash­ion has com­piled a table of aver­age prices for var­i­ous acces­sories.

Bon­bon­nieres (gifts for guests)

Book for rec­om­men­da­tions

Glass dec­o­ra­tion

Chair cov­ers (rental)

Wood­en plaques with inscrip­tions

Guests seat­ing chart

Wed­ding invi­ta­tions

Sprin­kle envelopes

Press wall for pho­to zone

30–100 UAH.

from 250 UAH

100–200 UAH.

20–50 hryv­nias

from 150 UAH

from 250 UAH

from 20 UAH

from 20 UAH

1000–2500 UAH.

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Where to buy wedding accessories?

In shops. But their choice is lim­it­ed. And they are in dif­fer­ent places. You have to trav­el half the city until you find the desired tie.

In online stores. But the pic­ture may not match the descrip­tion. Sites often do not post neg­a­tive reviews on their prod­ucts in order not to spoil their rep­u­ta­tion.

In the Cat­a­log we have col­lect­ed a data­base of design work­shops, city shops and elite salons from all over Ukraine. They are in the Wed­ding Acces­sories sec­tion. We have a live rat­ing based on the reviews of real brides. We also raf­fle prizes among those who make Safe Trans­ac­tions through our web­site.

Wedding accessories — popular trends in 2017

  • Col­or block­ing tech­nique. Com­bine sev­er­al fash­ion­able shades in one acces­so­ry or com­bine prod­ucts of dif­fer­ent col­ors. In fash­ion — pure nat­ur­al col­ors.
  • Col­or accent in the table set­ting. If it is a bright table­cloth, nap­kins and dish­es should be neu­tral. If a flower arrange­ment — do not make a bright table­cloth.
  • Let’s talk about dec­o­rat­ing chairs. Bows and shim­mery sheaths give the palm to fresh flow­ers, wil­low branch­es and woven leaves. Sets of chairs of dif­fer­ent col­ors will look cool. But you also need to com­bine shades cor­rect­ly. Decide on the spec­trum: pas­tel, deep and bright, warm or cold tones.
  • Print­ing will use flo­ral motifs and water­col­or tex­tures. Nat­u­ral­ness and ten­der­ness — a wed­ding tan­dem.
  • The small ver­sion of the menu is a must-have of 2017. It’s beau­ti­ful and prac­ti­cal: guests will know the list of dish­es, so they can “leave room” for their favorite culi­nary mas­ter­piece.
  • Ver­ti­cal gar­dens will sur­prise guests and dec­o­rate the ban­quet hall. What a great idea for a wed­ding pho­to booth!
  • Table num­ber­ing fades into the back­ground, num­bers will replace oth­er con­ven­tions: years from your life, ani­mals, favorite films, cities or streets.