autumn bridal bouquet

Autumn is the hottest time for mar­riages, when the sun does not bake, but warm capes are not yet need­ed. And what col­ors pleas­es the autumn land­scape! It is quite log­i­cal that every bride wants to hold a lux­u­ri­ous and orig­i­nal wed­ding bou­quet in autumn style on this day. What flow­ers are best suit­ed for this pur­pose? Let’s fig­ure it out.

Flo­ral com­po­si­tion

The wed­ding autumn bou­quet of the bride can con­sist of any flow­ers that delight us this sea­son. Florists advise choos­ing autumn flow­ers such as asters, ger­beras, callas, chrysan­the­mums and dahlias for the bride’s bou­quet. Even life-affirm­ing medi­um-sized sun­flow­ers can make a cre­ative bou­quet. And, of course, where with­out tra­di­tion­al, but so desir­able for any girl, ros­es? But when choos­ing a bridal bou­quet in the fall, you should stick to one of two col­or palettes. The first is orange-red­dish-yel­low, which can be com­ple­ment­ed by under­tones of bur­gundy or cream shades. The sec­ond gam­ma is lilac-lilac with shades of pur­ple or light pink. But these tips are advi­so­ry in nature. You can exper­i­ment with inter­est­ing and orig­i­nal com­bi­na­tions.

If sum­mer bou­quets are full of green­ery, then in autumn it is prac­ti­cal­ly absent. The accent is bright shades of flow­ers, so the bride’s bou­quet looks like a bright spot against the back­ground of a snow-white out­fit. If you choose shoes to match the bou­quet, the wed­ding look will turn out to be orig­i­nal and non-triv­ial. Anoth­er unusu­al option is a con­trast­ing mix of bur­gundy and pale yel­low, bright red and beige in one bou­quet. In addi­tion, you can exper­i­ment with the tex­ture of the plants them­selves and their col­ors, which are con­sid­ered incom­pat­i­ble.

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with lace, long and closed, with a train

Does the bride pre­fer soft pas­tel shades? Then her bou­quet can be made in the appro­pri­ate col­or scheme. Mut­ed pas­tel bridal bou­quets go great with satin rib­bons in gold, green, brown, green or pur­ple.

Non-triv­ial approach

Orig­i­nal notes in the autumn wed­ding bou­quet can be added by adding bunch­es of grapes, rose hips with fruits, maple leaves, acorns, physalis. These ele­ments will give the bou­quet a real autumn entourage. And the bride, who prefers orig­i­nal­i­ty in every­thing, will appre­ci­ate the bou­quet not from flow­ers, but from mate­ri­als that have noth­ing to do with floristry. It can be made from shells, fab­rics, but­tons, feath­ers. Such wed­ding autumn bou­quets, pho­tos of which will remain in your album, can be stored for years in mem­o­ry of one of the hap­pi­est days of life.