Wedding hairstyles

Choosing a wedding hairstyle without a veil

A veil is con­sid­ered an oblig­a­tory com­po­nent of the image of the bride, as it empha­sizes the puri­ty and inno­cence of the girl walk­ing down the aisle. How­ev­er, despite the tra­di­tions, recent­ly many ladies pre­fer to do hair­styles for a wed­ding with­out a veil. This is due not only to the per­son­al pref­er­ences of the fair sex, but also to fash­ion trends.


Today, there are many hair styling options for the bride with­out the tra­di­tion­al veil. Such wed­ding hair­styles are dis­tin­guished by unusu­al vol­ume and splen­dor. A dec­o­ra­tive head­band or wreath com­pletes the look and makes the girl feel more com­fort­able, as it gets rid of con­stant­ly inter­fer­ing fab­ric. In addi­tion, the absence of a clas­sic attribute takes away the wor­ries about how it will be com­bined with the out­fit.

The main fea­ture of styling curls with­out a veil is that all atten­tion in the image of a beau­ty is focused on the hair­style, so it must be impec­ca­bly exe­cut­ed and orig­i­nal. If the cel­e­bra­tion falls on the hot sea­son, then the hair should be removed from the neck as much as pos­si­ble, using a min­i­mum of var­nish and gel.

At the same time, it is impor­tant to ensure that the instal­la­tion retains its orig­i­nal appear­ance dur­ing gusts of wind and in rainy weath­er.

Often, for wed­ding hair­styles, the design of which pro­vides for the absence of a veil, sim­ple curls are made. The hair is slight­ly curled around the edges and loos­ened.

To give the image orig­i­nal­i­ty and chic, it is rec­om­mend­ed to dec­o­rate the strands with the help of flow­ers and spe­cial acces­sories. It is desir­able to select them for a bou­quet and dec­o­ra­tions. For exam­ple, moth­er-of-pearl hoops with neck orna­ments made of sil­ver and cubic zirko­nia look beau­ti­ful. An orig­i­nal solu­tion will be a wreath of gems, it will be ide­al­ly com­bined with acces­sories with corun­dum.

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A wed­ding veil can be eas­i­ly replaced with the fol­low­ing attrib­ut­es:

  • crown, dia­dem, tiara;
  • a small veil of trans­par­ent fab­rics;
  • flow­ers or woven wreaths;
  • lace and rib­bons;
  • ban­dages and head­bands;
  • hair­pins and hair­pins.

When choos­ing a style with­out a veil, it is impor­tant to con­sid­er the style and col­or of the wed­ding dress. In most cas­es, a hair­style can be cre­at­ed even with­out any dec­o­ra­tions. To do this, it is enough to get by with small dec­o­ra­tive acces­sories in the form of stealth and hair­pins.

Long hair styling

If the length of the bride’s curls allows, you can quick­ly cre­ate a hair­style that will give the image nat­u­ral­ness and roman­ti­cism. An orig­i­nal flower arrange­ment or one large bud is added to long soft waves. If the girl has a nar­row face, then you should choose the option with lush curls. It is rec­om­mend­ed to issue a sim­i­lar form with a dia­dem.

Long curls allow styling in many ways. They can be beau­ti­ful­ly laid to one side or col­lect­ed in a high tail.

Long curls with­out a veil, gath­ered in a bun, are very pop­u­lar. It can be a hair­style that imi­tates slight neg­li­gence, or hair col­lect­ed with per­fect accu­ra­cy.

A vari­ety of beams open the back and shoul­ders of the girl, beau­ti­ful­ly empha­size the styl­ish fin­ish of the dress, allow­ing you to see every detail of the fes­tive out­fit. Bunch­es are often tied with lace, silk or satin rib­bons. In this case, the rib­bon can sim­ply be wrapped around the assem­bled bun­dle or formed into a volu­mi­nous bow.

The shade of the ban­dage, as a rule, is snow-white or is select­ed in accor­dance with the col­or of the hair. Blondes are rec­om­mend­ed rib­bons in beige tones, brunettes will be dec­o­rat­ed with red, blue or white braid, but it is bet­ter for brown-haired women to opt for gold­en, pearl and coral shades. Such an addi­tion can be the high­light of the image.

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Hair­styles with­out a veil with beau­ti­ful knots and weaves are in great demand. To do this, strands are wound around the head, into which dec­o­ra­tions from flow­ers or rib­bons are first woven. The result is a charm­ing and gen­tle image. In addi­tion, from long strands you can weave a Greek braid to one side or a “French spikelet”. An unusu­al solu­tion will be two braids wrapped around the head. They need to be secured with pins.

Short hair styling

The sim­plest is styling with­out a wed­ding veil for a short hair­cut. It is char­ac­ter­ized by the absence of com­plex shapes, but it looks beau­ti­ful. Since the hair­style is cre­at­ed with­out the main attribute of the wed­ding, the empha­sis is on the use of acces­sories and jew­el­ry.

At the same time, short strands should not be too fixed with styling prod­ucts. The hair­style should remain light and nat­ur­al.

Curls of medi­um length are most often col­lect­ed up and strength­ened with var­nish. The high-cut design goes well with mod­ern styles of wed­ding dress­es. To visu­al­ly length­en the curls and give them the miss­ing vol­ume, it is rec­om­mend­ed to first comb the strands, and then col­lect them in a bun at the back, dec­o­rat­ing them with a hair­pin or a flower.

If the bride wants to add sig­nif­i­cant length to her hair, you can use false hair­pieces or curls. It is impor­tant to match them to the com­plex­ion and hair, oth­er­wise it will be notice­able that the strands are “arti­fi­cial”.

No less inter­est­ing look styling with free curls. They need to be slight­ly curled and dis­solved. This option is great for bob or square hair­styles. A dia­dem, a small hat or an open­work veil will help to dec­o­rate the styling.

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Bold brides can exper­i­ment and agree to styling in retro style. You can choose curls that resem­ble “cold waves” like movie actress­es, or make straight strands dec­o­rat­ed with a rim. This style will com­ple­ment a short wed­ding dress in an orig­i­nal way.

For the fair sex, who are the own­ers of bangs, it is bet­ter to do volu­mi­nous styling. Some­times the strands are combed and col­lect­ed inside. A good option is when the hair is pulled up. But with such styling, you should be care­ful so that the image does not turn out to be too for­mal.

It is rec­om­mend­ed to com­pen­sate for the short length with styl­ish jew­el­ry in the form of head­bands and diadems. No less inter­est­ing will be styling with rib­bons or flower buds.

If the styling is done in a clas­sic style, it is impor­tant that the bride’s image con­tains a min­i­mum num­ber of acces­sories (for exam­ple, an ele­gant neck­lace or pearl ear­rings). If the out­fit involves an abun­dance of details, then the hair­style should be done with min­i­mal decor. If a lacon­ic dress and a small amount of jew­el­ry are cho­sen, you can focus on the bride’s hair.

A mas­ter class on cre­at­ing a wed­ding hair­style with­out a veil, see below.