Beautiful wedding dresses

For every girl, the process of choos­ing a wed­ding dress plays an extreme­ly impor­tant role. After all, I so want to remain in the mem­o­ry of the groom, guests and in the pho­tographs the most attrac­tive bride in a very beau­ti­ful wed­ding dress. For­tu­nate­ly, mod­ern wed­ding fash­ion design­ers share this desire of girls and offer them unusu­al and beau­ti­ful wed­ding dress­es. What mod­els are most in demand today?

Varieties of beautiful wedding dresses

So, let’s find out which styles of wed­ding dress­es most often appear in the col­lec­tions of world cou­turi­ers:

  1. Beau­ti­ful puffy wed­ding dress­es. Lush out­fits like “princess” are always out of com­pe­ti­tion. Most often, it is about such a wed­ding dress that every bride dreams of. These dress­es are invari­ably present in the col­lec­tions of lead­ing design­ers — Vera Wang, Elie Saab, Bad­g­ley Mish­ka, Papilio, Pronovias and oth­ers. Even very puffy beau­ti­ful wed­ding dress­es always attract atten­tion and look sim­ply lux­u­ri­ous. Such out­fits with a train look ele­gant and roy­al. Thanks to the corset and fluffy skirt, the girl’s fig­ure looks sophis­ti­cat­ed and ele­gant. In addi­tion, such out­fits are often rich­ly dec­o­rat­ed.
  2. Beau­ti­ful short wed­ding dress­es. Short dress­es do not lose their pop­u­lar­i­ty. This is not a clas­sic option, so brides in such dress­es always look unusu­al and fash­ion­able. The most beau­ti­ful options for such an out­fit are dec­o­rat­ed with lace, rhine­stones, bows, frills, draperies. There are also lush mod­els with mul­ti-lay­ered hems.
  3. Beau­ti­ful wed­ding dress­es with lace. Lace has always been out of com­pe­ti­tion. It is the lace wed­ding dress that is beau­ti­ful, ele­gant and lux­u­ri­ous. At the same time, the detail that needs to be empha­sized is usu­al­ly dec­o­rat­ed with lace. And puffy dress­es made of lace fab­ric will make every bride feel like a queen.
  4. Beau­ti­ful closed wed­ding dress­es. Such an out­fit is the choice of dis­creet, refined and sophis­ti­cat­ed brides. Wed­ding dress­es with sleeves or oth­er lace details are very spec­tac­u­lar. These out­fits are per­fect for for­mal wed­dings.
  5. Beau­ti­ful straight wed­ding dress­es. Non-fluffy wed­ding dress­es can also be very beau­ti­ful. As a rule, these are con­cise mod­els, which at the same time can have dec­o­ra­tions in the form of a train, a bow or lace inserts. A long or short, straight dress will empha­size the nat­ur­al beau­ty and fig­ure of the girl who put it on.
  6. Beau­ti­ful nation­al wed­ding dress­es. Girls of many nation­al­i­ties refuse the Euro­pean stan­dard of wed­ding fash­ion in favor of folk dress­es, and they do it right! After all, turn­ing to one’s own ori­gins is always wor­thy of respect and all kinds of praise. So, Mus­lim women are in great demand for out­fits that com­ply with Sharia rules — closed dress­es with a head­dress. In Mus­lim wed­ding dress­es, there is no place for sheer or tight fab­rics. But they can be dec­o­rat­ed with draperies, embroi­dery, beads, pearls. Wor­thy of atten­tion are Indi­an red wed­ding saris, which are made of expen­sive fab­rics and look very beau­ti­ful and unusu­al. As for our com­pa­tri­ots, wed­ding dress­es in the Ukrain­ian or Russ­ian style with nation­al ele­ments in the decor and the cor­re­spond­ing style are becom­ing more and more fash­ion­able.
  7. Beau­ti­ful wed­ding dress­es for preg­nant women. Dress­es for brides in posi­tion have long been dis­tin­guished and devel­oped by design­ers with great care, because for the future moth­er, the main thing is com­fort, although at the same time she, of course, wants to look beau­ti­ful and attrac­tive. Among these dress­es, one can note puffy dress­es, which can be both long and short. At the same time, they are made with a small corset that resem­bles a busti­er. Such dress­es are espe­cial­ly suit­able for preg­nant women for a short time, when you don’t want to focus on your posi­tion — after all, in the folds of a fluffy skirt, a round­ed tum­my will become almost invis­i­ble. In addi­tion, empire-style out­fits for future moth­ers, suit­able for women in late preg­nan­cy, look very beau­ti­ful and gen­tle.
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