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Wedding dresses from Tatyana Kaplun
In the world of fash­ion, there is a per­son who is respect­ed, pre­sent­ed on a pedestal and revered. Her name is Tatyana Kaplun. One of the lead­ing Russ­ian design­ers of wed­ding dress­es, who has been cre­at­ing for twen­ty years. What is her high­light and what are her col­lec­tions famous for? More on this lat­er.
Wedding straight dress from Tatyana Kaplun

A few lines about the designer

Tatyana Kaplun has been known in the fash­ion world for a long time, in par­tic­u­lar, as a design­er of wed­ding dress­es. At the end of the 20th cen­tu­ry, the design­er cre­at­ed a firm of the same name, which is still oper­at­ing, which tes­ti­fies to the high qual­i­ty of work per­formed, which received the high­est rat­ings from col­leagues in the shop and grate­ful brides walk­ing down the aisle in an out­fit from Tatiana Kaplun.
Tatiana Kaplun
The Russ­ian design­er has repeat­ed­ly received awards from the most pres­ti­gious inter­na­tion­al fash­ion awards, which con­firms world­wide recog­ni­tion, and also means an end­less num­ber of diverse mod­els, styles and col­or vari­a­tions. An out­fit made by Tatyana Kaplun is a guar­an­tee of orig­i­nal­i­ty, style, beau­ty and ele­gance for every bride.

Features of wedding dresses

Mate­ri­als for the imple­men­ta­tion of design ideas for wed­ding dress­es, the fash­ion design­er prefers exclu­sive­ly lux­u­ry brands pro­duced in Euro­pean fac­to­ries, which will allow you to look chic on the most impor­tant day.
Wedding dress from the collection Burnt by luxury by Tatyana Kaplun
Tatyana Kaplun’s firm offers us a wide price range, which allows almost all brides to go down the aisle in a chic design­er dress and save mon­ey for some­thing else. But the com­pa­ny’s prod­ucts do not end there: in stores you can find var­i­ous acces­sories for the out­fit: gloves, hats, umbrel­las, jew­el­ry that com­pletes and per­fect­ly com­ple­ments the sil­hou­ette, and also allows you to look roy­al­ly chic and ele­gant on your wed­ding day.

Collections of wedding dresses

Tatyana Kaplun’s wed­ding dress­es per­fect­ly com­bine sim­plic­i­ty and lux­u­ry, tra­di­tion and nov­el­ty. The fash­ion design­er’s col­lec­tions are marked by a vari­ety of mod­els: tra­di­tion­al, with puffy skirts made of silk, tulle, or mer­maid dress­es embroi­dered with unusu­al­ly beau­ti­ful open­work.
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Exquis­ite out­fits can afford even women going down the aisle at a more mature age.
Dress­es from the col­lec­tions of Tatyana Kaplun can be found in eighty cities , the main cities of Ukraine and Belarus. They are char­ac­ter­ized by an amaz­ing stan­dard and mas­ter­ful exe­cu­tion. Of all the col­lec­tions, you should pay atten­tion to the col­lec­tions pre­sent­ed below.
Wedding dress Jazz collection

lady of quality

The “Noble Lady” col­lec­tion is filled with ele­gance and charm, as the dress­es are pre­sent­ed in a clas­sic style with vin­tage touch­es. The decor of the out­fits is strik­ing in sophis­ti­ca­tion and rich­ness. None of the pre­sent­ed col­lec­tions from Tatyana Kaplun had any­thing like this. Lush and A‑silhouette mod­els are embroi­dered with pearls, dec­o­rat­ed with embroi­dery, fine lace.
The sim­ple cuts of the 20s and boho style dress­es blend har­mo­nious­ly with mod­ern fin­ish­es.
Instead of a veil, the design­er offers charm­ing hats and head­bands, match­ing gloves and hand­bags.
Wedding dress with ruffles from Tatyana Kaplun
And for some lush out­fits, a com­plex cut serves as an orna­ment.
There are also sev­er­al short mod­els in the col­lec­tion. Peplum, shirt top, dropped shoul­ders, lace — all this makes out­fits con­cise, but not strict.
Of course, the image of a sec­u­lar lady with­out a cape will not be com­plet­ed. There­fore, Tatyana Kaplun offers lux­u­ri­ous options for boleros, lace capes and capes.

Jazz Sounds

If your wed­ding is going to be held in retro style, then the first thing you need to pay atten­tion to is the new amaz­ing Jazz Sounds wed­ding col­lec­tion. It is made in vin­tage style. Look­ing through the out­fits, you plunge into the past. And all because the col­lec­tion is pre­sent­ed prop­er­ly, thanks to the scenery, which empha­sized the lux­u­ry of out­fits and sophis­ti­ca­tion.
Wedding dress from Tatyana Kaplun's Jazz Sounds collection
Per­fect­ly sea­soned style of the com­pa­ny and an excep­tion­al vari­ety of sil­hou­ettes will sat­is­fy every desire and every whim when choos­ing a wed­ding dress to cre­ate the desired look in retro style. This style cov­ers a large peri­od of time. There­fore, the col­lec­tion has a lot of lush mod­els with lace, with sleeves, with var­i­ous types of neck­lines.
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Straight dress­es to the floor amaze with con­cise­ness and some charm. Each mod­el has its own zest, for exam­ple, a peplum, an open­work top.
Vin­tage out­fits are pre­sent­ed in del­i­cate white and pink col­ors.
Pink wedding dress from Tatyana Kaplun's Jazz Sounds collection
It is worth not­ing that laconi­cism is also inher­ent in short­ened mod­els in retro style, which are rel­e­vant for a wed­ding in the style of dudes.
Short wedding dress from Tatyana Kaplun's Jazz Sounds collectionMidi wedding dress from Tatyana Kaplun's Jazz Sounds collection

Weary of luxury

The col­lec­tion was seen in 2014, and its name loud­ly declares itself: all the out­fits are chic to such an extent that it is dif­fi­cult to stop at just one.
Lush wedding dress from the collection Burnt by luxury by Tatyana Kaplun
Tra­di­tion­al and retro dress­es have been sup­ple­ment­ed with vin­tage and extra­or­di­nary trans­form­ing dress­es, which are mod­i­fied, you just need to get rid of the cape, and eye-catch­ing jew­el­ry gives the gor­geous image of a young even more refined and lux­u­ri­ous look.
The back of the dress­es is dec­o­rat­ed with cutouts, but­tons and open­work fab­ric.
Wedding dress with a cutout on the back from the collection Burnt by luxury by Tatyana KaplunWedding dress with an open lace back from the collection Burnt by luxury by Tatyana Kaplun
In this col­lec­tion, Tatyana Kaplun added bright­ness, dilut­ing the light range of mod­els with red lace wed­ding dress­es.
Red wedding dress from the collection Burnt by luxury by Tatyana Kaplun
Brides with beau­ti­ful legs have a choice of sev­er­al styles of short dress­es.

flower extravaganza

In this col­lec­tion, dress­es are also sim­ple and con­cise, there is no medi­oc­rity, orig­i­nal­i­ty, no lush tulle.
Wedding dress from the Flower Fairy collection
A straight-cut out­fit is com­bined with a huge bow on the belt, as a kind of reminder of child­hood and child­hood dreams, or with an extra­or­di­nary corset. Pleat­ed and tex­tured fab­ric is eye-catch­ing. For tai­lor­ing dress­es from this col­lec­tion, a huge footage of clas­sic fab­rics was spent — satin, lace, satin, taffe­ta, mika­do.
“Flower extrav­a­gan­za” has both echoes of the Baroque era and the for­ties and fifties, because each style is imprint­ed in his­to­ry and revived again.
A-line mermaid wedding dress from the A-line Flower Fairy collection
Also, an inter­est­ing move from the fash­ion design­er deserves your atten­tion — inter­est­ing head­dress­es that replaced the veil are very extra­or­di­nary, but har­mo­nious­ly com­plete the look of the bride.

Love & Lacky

Curvy mod­els, A‑line, short cas­es, lay­er­ing and lace — this is how the Love & Lacky col­lec­tion is char­ac­ter­ized.
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It is not for noth­ing that the col­lec­tion has such a name — the roy­al lux­u­ri­ous wed­ding dress­es frame the nat­ur­al beau­ty of the bride, it is dif­fi­cult to resist them. High­ly moral lines and “juicy” col­ors of dress­es — from snow-white meringue to the col­or of baked milk, are trimmed with lace and embroi­dery.
The design­er steadi­ly adheres to fash­ion trends, and as a result, dress­es from under her hand are dec­o­rat­ed with bows, flow­ers and asym­me­tries, wide­ly pop­u­lar on fash­ion paths. Even the most dar­ing fan­tasies can be real­ized with the help of dress­es from this col­lec­tion — extra­or­di­nary out­fits are short­ened to a min­i­mum and have dif­fer­ent cuts: straight, A‑line and shirt dress.


Geom­e­try and con­trast are close­ly inter­twined in this col­lec­tion, while show­ing the inner world of the bride: a soft image and a strong char­ac­ter.
Wedding dress from the Courage collection with a tiered skirt
The out­fits are put in oppo­si­tion to each oth­er. The puffy lay­ered tulle skirt of the clas­sic out­fit is bal­anced by a dress with strict lines and extra­or­di­nary details. “Courage” is filled with del­i­cate, soft, fem­i­nine, grace­ful shades.

Femme Fatale

Wed­ding dress­es made in shades of red, pis­ta­chio, pur­ple and ivory are Femme Fatale, which means fatal woman. Only such an extrav­a­gant, mem­o­rable, bright and a bit with­out a tow­er will bold­ly allow her­self a dress with red lace.
Wedding dress from the Femme Fatale collection with a red bodice
She is well aware of her beau­ty and is not afraid to put it on dis­play, and even more so on her wed­ding day. Catchy out­fits are trimmed and dec­o­rat­ed with dif­fer­ent images: an open bust, lac­ing, a “mer­maid” sil­hou­ette only show the bride in a favor­able light, reveal her nature, empha­size dig­ni­ty and express indi­vid­u­al­i­ty.
Tatyana Kaplun is a world-renowned bridal wear design­er. She dic­tates fash­ion, cre­at­ing dress­es of unimag­in­able beau­ty. In her col­lec­tions you can find the very dress that you did not always have the courage to wear, and the excel­lent per­for­mance of the work will push for this, there­by turn­ing your wed­ding into a fairy tale with the best end­ing.