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A rel­a­tive­ly new brand of wed­ding and evening fash­ion “Lady White” is rapid­ly devel­op­ing. This brand imme­di­ate­ly became pop­u­lar among Ukrain­ian, Belaru­sian and Russ­ian girls who know a lot about beau­ty.

Wedding dress from Lady White closed


Such an effect, which dress­es from the Lady White col­lec­tions are capa­ble of, is not often seen in the cre­ations of oth­er brands. Any girl can trans­form into a princess, just by choos­ing one of the many dress­es for her­self.

And there real­ly is plen­ty to choose from, the col­ors alone are worth some­thing:

  • creamy shades;
  • moth­er-of-pearl options;
  • soft cream per­for­mances;
  • white splen­dor.

All this is com­bined in roman­tic and even slight­ly extrav­a­gant out­fits that are rich­ly dec­o­rat­ed and styl­ish­ly dec­o­rat­ed. Well, how can all this mag­nif­i­cence of col­ors, styles and lines not attract the atten­tion of the pub­lic and not intro­duce strict crit­ics into a ver­bal stu­por.

Wedding dress decorated with embroidery

Not only dress­es are cre­at­ed by Leli White’s design team. Whole images, com­plete sets of acces­sories that match the dress­es as much as pos­si­ble, and even hair­style options — all this is offered to brides in large quan­ti­ties.

Pay­ing atten­tion to the Lady White brand, you can ful­ly assem­ble your future image, which will be char­ac­ter­ized by com­plete­ness and thought­ful­ness. Becom­ing a queen has nev­er been so easy and fast.

Wedding look from Lady White


It has become cus­tom­ary for the brand “Lady White” to cre­ate a new col­lec­tion every year, which is even more impres­sive and increas­es the army of fans of this brand.

love melody

The col­lec­tion with the inter­est­ing name “Melody of Love” reflects the essence that design­ers put into their cre­ations. Here you will def­i­nite­ly find an out­fit for demand­ing and sophis­ti­cat­ed brides who would like to appear before their beloved in the image of a lady.

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Wedding dress from the Melody of Love collection by Lady White mermaid

Design­ers did not stint on the sil­hou­ettes, which are pre­sent­ed here in huge vari­a­tions, so the chances of find­ing a dress accord­ing to your fig­ure are 100%.

And even beat­en styles allow you to fol­low your desires with­out being dis­tract­ed by tri­fles:

  • if you want to leave your legs free and open — choose a short­ened ver­sion of the dress;
  • if you want to show the sub­tle­ty and ele­gance of the waist — choose straight out­fits, they are avail­able in large quan­ti­ties.

Trans­par­ent corsets look frank and fem­i­nine, thin lace is mys­te­ri­ous, beat­en in dif­fer­ent ways and used in numer­ous out­fits, satin sub­tly sets off light fab­rics, and embroi­dery looks ele­gant, no mat­ter what ele­ment of the dress they are present in.


Enig­ma col­lec­tion still con­tin­ues to excite brides, many of whom find their per­fect dress in this line of dress­es.

At the heart of the cre­ation of each dress is roman­ti­cism. Its pecu­liar incar­na­tion makes it pos­si­ble to remark­ably accu­rate­ly empha­size the mys­tery of female nature and add mys­tery to the image of the bride.

Wedding dress from the Enigma collection from Lady White a-shaped

Against the back­ground of snow-white mod­els, the Ambridge dress stands out favor­ably, which has a bright red col­or, a high side slit and a dar­ing com­plex train.

Ambridge wedding dress

Each mod­el has its own man­i­fes­ta­tion of fem­i­nin­i­ty, which is com­bined with ele­gance. Design­ers tried not to over­load their mod­els with details, lim­it­ing them­selves to bright, but at the same time ele­gant accents.


The Dia­mond col­lec­tion is filled with the same clas­sic sil­hou­ettes, but in a slight­ly dif­fer­ent way:

  1. Puffy dress­es have become even more excit­ing;
  2. A‑silhouettes fit the fig­ure more ele­gant­ly;
  3. Greek dress­es are trans­ferred to the time of the wor­ship of Zeus;
  4. Min­i­mal­ist mod­els con­firm their pop­u­lar­i­ty, which they man­aged to earn in the new sea­son.
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Thanks to such a colos­sal choice, the bride can eas­i­ly become a dia­mond in a suit­able set­ting.

Some dress­es attract the eye with their catch­i­ness due to trains, frank­ness due to com­plete­ly immod­est neck­line and bare back. Bows, appro­pri­ate sil­hou­ettes, almost weight­less lace, translu­cent sleeves and many oth­er ele­ments that are skill­ful­ly used by the design­ers of the Lady White brand are respon­si­ble for ten­der­ness.

universe collection

uni­verse col­lec­tion will not par­tic­u­lar­ly please lovers of puffy dress­es, since most of them are fit­ted sil­hou­ettes.

Wedding dress from the Universe collection from Lady White with an American armhole

They are so beau­ti­ful that you imme­di­ate­ly for­get about what dress you want­ed to find before. The bride is seized by the desire to shine at her wed­ding in only one of the out­fits of this lacon­ic, gen­tle and roman­tic col­lec­tion.

beauty of your name

The col­lec­tion is like a fresh sip of spring water after a tir­ing jour­ney.

Wedding dress-transformer

It actu­al­ly turned out to be very fresh, orig­i­nal and some­times even unusu­al. The well-known sil­hou­ettes have played in a new way, the com­bi­na­tion of famil­iar fab­rics is not with­out orig­i­nal­i­ty, and the decor is impec­ca­ble, how­ev­er, as always.

Being a queen is not at all dif­fi­cult, at least for fans of the Lady White brand.