Blue wedding dress

Just a cou­ple of decades ago, it was almost impos­si­ble to meet a bride not in a white wed­ding dress. Nowa­days, col­ored wed­ding dress­es no longer sur­prise any­one.

An excel­lent alter­na­tive to the white dress of the bride is blue. This col­or is suit­able for those girls who con­sid­er a white wed­ding dress bor­ing and triv­ial, but do not want to shock oth­ers with the too unex­pect­ed col­or of their attire. A bride in a blue wed­ding dress is per­ceived as an inno­cent, ten­der, roman­tic, peace­ful, con­tent­ed girl with life and her posi­tion.

More­over, in the West, tra­di­tion­al­ly, brides try to wear, if not a blue wed­ding dress, then at least with blue accents, or sim­ply have some­thing of this col­or in their out­fit — there it sym­bol­izes inno­cence and fideli­ty.

Wedding dresses with a blue tint

A blue wed­ding dress, as well as a white one, com­ple­ment­ed by ele­ments of blue, will be a chic option for any wed­ding cel­e­bra­tion, but most of all, such an out­fit will dec­o­rate a hol­i­day in a beach or sea theme, as well as a win­ter wed­ding.

Even white wed­ding dress­es can have a cool tint — bluish, gray­ish or pur­ple. Most of all, a pale blue wed­ding dress will suit blondes, girls with a light skin tone and dark or even black hair, with blue or gray eyes.

The styles of blue wed­ding dress­es are also very diverse. Design­ers cre­ate out­fits of this col­or in full accor­dance with mod­ern trends in wed­ding fash­ion. The most pop­u­lar out­fits of this col­or in styles:

  • “fish”;
  • “Princess”;
  • empire;
  • straight;
  • lush with corsets;
  • with loops.
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Basi­cal­ly, these are long mod­els, but at the same time, short blue wed­ding dress­es are also roman­tic and very beau­ti­ful.

To imple­ment the idea of ​​a blue dress, you can use dif­fer­ent shades of this col­or: sky blue, gray-blue, turquoise, aqua­ma­rine and deep blue. You can achieve a stun­ning effect by com­bin­ing dif­fer­ent shades and tex­tures in one dress.

White and blue wedding dress

Of course, the dress may not be com­plete­ly blue, but only with ele­ments of this col­or. Blue col­or is best com­bined with white, blue, pale pink, black. But the white and blue wed­ding dress looks the most advan­ta­geous. Exam­ples of such out­fits are a wed­ding dress with a blue rib­bon, belt or bow, dec­o­rat­ed with blue rhine­stones or flow­ers, dress­es with del­i­cate splash­es of blue in the trim of a white out­fit.

A blue wed­ding dress with a white trim or vice ver­sa, snow-white with blue, looks very airy and gen­tle.


When choos­ing a blue wed­ding dress, remem­ber about acces­sories. They should be in tune with the out­fit. Usu­al­ly in wed­ding salons there is a huge selec­tion of tiaras, gloves, hair­pins, flow­ers, var­i­ous jew­el­ry and veils of dif­fer­ent col­ors.

It is desir­able if the wed­ding bou­quet will also con­tain flow­ers or dec­o­ra­tions of the same shade as the dress.

In addi­tion, try to ensure that the groom’s out­fit also con­tains ele­ments that are con­so­nant in col­or with a hint of the bride’s dress — for exam­ple, a blue tie, shirt, acces­sories.