Styles of wedding dresses

How to choose a wedding dress?

After all, is it real­ly joy­ful to look at the bride with shin­ing eyes?! They dis­play not only a new hap­py life, by sparkling eyes, you can deter­mine how com­fort­able the girl is in the cho­sen wed­ding look. Ide­al­ly, the out­fit should be in har­mo­ny with the appear­ance of the bride, with her char­ac­ter, in the best way to empha­size her nat­ur­al beau­ty. There­fore, we want to share with you the expe­ri­ence of pro­fes­sion­als in choos­ing the right image.

Tiered puffy wedding dress

Where to start choosing?

The choice of a wed­ding dress, of course, dif­fers from the choice of a favorite style of a shirt and jeans. And it should start with a review of cur­rent mod­els of dress­es.

Wed­ding fash­ion mag­a­zines or sites with pho­tos of out­fits from the lat­est col­lec­tions of famous design­ers can come to the res­cue. Styles on offer and lim­it­less mod­el options will lead you to the look you like the most.

You may like an out­fit with rich embell­ish­ment of lace and embroi­dery, Swarovs­ki crys­tals and pearls, or a more mod­est out­fit that will stand out with clear lines and hid­den ele­gance.

Your inner voice will tell you the right choice, the main thing is to lis­ten to it and not blind­ly fol­low fash­ion trends.

After study­ing the con­tents of fash­ion­able wed­ding pub­li­ca­tions, it’s time to go to the salons of the city for a fit­ting. After all, the pic­ture is one thing, but how the mod­el will sit on you is quite anoth­er. Per­haps your pref­er­ences will change dra­mat­i­cal­ly.

Trying on a wedding dress

How to accentuate your figure

The bride should crit­i­cal­ly exam­ine her fig­ure or seek help from a loved one, who may be a friend or moth­er. It is very impor­tant to high­light places where there is not enough vol­ume, and areas of the body that need to be cor­rect­ed. Based on this infor­ma­tion, you need to look for a suit­able dress.

A-line wedding dress with a bow

The most impor­tant rule that you should not refuse is that you need to choose a dress accord­ing to your fig­ure. Land­ing must be flaw­less.

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So, let’s look at a few basic char­ac­ter­is­tics that the bride can change due to the right out­fit.


  1. You can appear a lit­tle low­er thanks to a tight-fit­ting dress, in which the waist will be low and the neck­line deep. It is worth tak­ing a clos­er look at the sleeves-lanterns, a wide belt and a hem with a flo­ral decor.
  2. It will not work to seem taller in a ball gown, but a Greek-style dress with its char­ac­ter­is­tic high waist and immod­est neck­line can add a few cen­time­ters to the bride’s height. A good option is a long train, gloves to the lev­el of the elbow or even high­er, and, of course, shoes with high heels.

Focus on the back

Roy­al pos­ture and ide­al skin con­di­tion on the back allows the bride to wear a dress with a cutout at the back.

V-neck wedding dress

Correction of the neckline

  1. Slight­ly reduce large breasts (visu­al­ly of course), but at the same time ade­quate­ly empha­size it, a V‑shaped neck­line will help.
  2. If you have a small chest, dress­es with a high waist­line or with volu­mi­nous ele­ments and drap­ery will serve as a good choice.


  1. Exces­sive thin­ness does not always adorn a woman, in such cas­es sleeves with vol­ume, lace decor, flo­ral motifs and rib­bons will help.
  2. Hide wide shoul­ders and bring bal­ance to the fig­ure is pos­si­ble through the use of volu­mi­nous skirts and a mod­est top. In the oppo­site sit­u­a­tion, when the hips are too wide, a bright top with inter­est­ing and plen­ti­ful dec­o­ra­tion will save.
  3. You can choose ball­room wed­ding dress­es for girls with nar­row shoul­ders.
  4. Small sleeves in the form of wings, low­ered from the shoul­ders, lace or in a sin­gle com­po­si­tion with a dress — they are able to cre­ate real mir­a­cles with slop­ing and full shoul­ders, trans­form­ing them and at the same time dec­o­rat­ing the bride.

It is hard to imag­ine, but prop­er­ly select­ed straps can even make adjust­ments in the pro­por­tions of the fig­ure. What design­ers can offer us:

  • There is only one strap, it encir­cles the neck — this option has no excep­tions, since it fits all exist­ing types of fig­ures. With a stan­dard chest size, a nar­row shape is suit­able, but if the chest is large, then it is bet­ter to choose a wide strap.
  • A pair of straps can nar­row wide shoul­ders if the dis­tance between them is cor­rect.
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You should not choose a dress with straps just because of the like­li­hood of the dress slip­ping dur­ing the cel­e­bra­tion. If you make the cor­rect, mod­er­ate­ly tight lac­ing, then you will be able to avoid fun­ny sit­u­a­tions.

Mermaid wedding dress with straps

Straps in a dress per­form not only a sup­port­ing func­tion. They are required in the fol­low­ing sit­u­a­tions:

  • with a large chest, the straps do not allow the corset to break and lose its shape;
  • a very frank neck­line and a bold form of a corset in the form of two sep­a­rate cups require the pres­ence, if not full-fledged straps, but at least thin straps;
  • the inter­est­ing posi­tion of the bride does not allow the use of tight lac­ing, so the straps in this case will be very use­ful.


  1. Out­line the waist­line, which in itself is not well defined, can empire dress­es and belts.
  2. If the waist itself is under­stat­ed, then you can bright­en up this short­com­ing with an empire or A‑line dress.
  3. If the bride’s com­plex­ion con­sists of large breasts and volu­mi­nous hips, then the only option is a dress with an A‑line, open neck­line and low waist.



The beau­ty of the dress should not go against the com­fort that the bride should feel until the end of the gala evening. In a long dress, a few cen­time­ters should remain to the floor.

Floor length wedding dress

Almost every bridal salon will offer you to adjust the length of the dress, tak­ing into account the wed­ding shoes you have cho­sen. The use of a crino­line short­ens the dress, so car­di­nal changes to the cho­sen dress should be made only after the final choice of the pet­ti­coat.

Do not ignore this rule, because it is dif­fi­cult to take even a few steps in an over­ly long dress, not to men­tion danc­ing and a rich pho­to shoot.

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A short

A wed­ding dress in a short­ened ver­sion, although it looks amaz­ing, has a sig­nif­i­cant draw­back — high­light­ing and empha­siz­ing the slight­est flaws in the shape of the legs.

And even if you look chic in short skirts, and your legs are admirable, there is always the pos­si­bil­i­ty of look­ing not so good in a short wed­ding dress. Thin fab­rics and spark­ly decor can do you a dis­ser­vice and expose your legs in an imper­fect light.

Short wedding dress closed


The clas­sic image of the bride is nec­es­sar­i­ly asso­ci­at­ed with white. But pay atten­tion to how well it suits you. Maybe a dress in one of the shades of white would be a bet­ter option — clas­sic wed­ding fash­ion treats this choice quite favor­ably.

You can com­plete­ly move away from the clas­sic col­ors and choose for your­self a com­plete­ly extra­or­di­nary dress in red or even black.

Red wedding dress

If the style and sil­hou­ette of the dress is cho­sen accord­ing to the fig­ure and char­ac­ter of the bride, then the col­or scheme of the dress should cor­re­spond to the col­or type of the girl:

  • brunettes can choose gray, sil­ver and pink shades;
  • for not swarthy blondes, white, gray with blue and gold out­fits, as well as apri­cot col­or, are well suit­ed;
  • bright red hair can empha­size a cream dress;
  • for fair-haired brides, a wide range of col­ors is avail­able, which includes a com­bi­na­tion of white with pink or green, pink with lilac and all milky shades.

Dress or corset with a skirt

A dress or a corset with a skirt is a com­mon ques­tion that tor­ments brides. Super­sti­tious per­sons are pur­pose­ful­ly look­ing for a dress, con­sid­er­ing the com­bi­na­tion of a corset with a skirt as a suit and pos­si­bly the cause of fam­i­ly trou­bles.

This issue is eas­i­ly solved by sewing the corset to the skirt with a few small stitch­es — and there is noth­ing to wor­ry about any­more.

wedding corset and skirt

A sep­a­rate corset can be used in com­bi­na­tion with trousers or a skirt after the wed­ding.

Fol­low­ing these rules will help you choose a dress to your lik­ing, accord­ing to your fig­ure and mood.