Of course, the main thing is that the suit sits. But the groom is dis­tin­guished from the entire male part of those invit­ed to the wed­ding not only with burn­ing eyes, but also with spe­cial acces­sories, such as a bou­ton­niere, tie or bow tie to match the wed­ding dec­o­ra­tion, a styl­ish hat or dar­ing socks! Today Chan­fash­ion tells how to cre­ate and com­plete the image of the groom with a nee­dle!

A bou­ton­niere is per­haps the main touch of the image of the groom. It is tra­di­tion­al­ly attached to the left lapel or pock­et of a wed­ding suit. In times of lav­ish recep­tions, this attribute was con­sid­ered a sym­bol of mas­cu­line ele­gance and aris­to­crat­ic ori­gin.

Pre­vi­ous­ly, the bou­ton­niere was a sin­gle flower. Today it can be a whole com­po­si­tion con­sist­ing of flow­ers, twigs, feath­ers, shells. A clas­sic bou­ton­niere - This is an ele­gant minia­ture of the bride’s bou­quet. She is kept under the heart, express­ing love and ten­der­ness for her cho­sen one.

Boutonniere for the groom

1 The bou­ton­niere should at least part­ly be in har­mo­ny with the bride’s bou­quet. It is made up of the same flow­ers and herbs. One large inflo­res­cence and pairs-threes small addi­tions will suf­fice.

2 It is worth con­sid­er­ing the style of the wed­ding! For a clas­sic cer­e­mo­ny — bou­ton­nieres of flow­ers, for a marine one — shells and starfish, Provence style — dec­o­ra­tion with laven­der.

3 Of course, bou­ton­nieres made of nat­ur­al flow­ers look very beau­ti­ful. But just imag­ine how dif­fi­cult it is to keep such a small bou­quet fresh until the end of the ban­quet. To keep mois­ture inside the inflo­res­cences, spe­cial devices made of rib­bons were invent­ed. They are filled with a nutri­ent solu­tion and attached to the tip of the stem.

4 Remem­ber that on a hot day, a flower acces­so­ry will last no more than 5–6 hours. If you are plan­ning a long walk, order a dupli­cate or buy a bou­ton­niere with mini cap­sule for mois­ture.

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5 Reflec­tion of indi­vid­u­al­i­ty is a must! A wed­ding bou­ton­niere is a man­i­fes­ta­tion of the char­ac­ter and taste of the groom. It must cor­re­spond to the tem­pera­ment and per­son­i­fy the per­son­al­i­ty of the future spouse. Noth­ing pre­vents you from com­plete­ly elim­i­nat­ing flow­ers, and mak­ing an indi­vid­ual ver­sion that reflects the hob­bies or even the pro­fes­sion of your man.

6 The opti­mal size of the acces­so­ry is 10 cen­time­ters.

If you wish, you can try to make a bou­ton­niere with your own hands: from rib­bons, beads and feath­ers — it is more fash­ion­able than ever. But if you doubt your design abil­i­ties, it is bet­ter to con­tact a pro­fes­sion­al from our Cat­a­log!

Tie, bow tie or neckerchief?

Classic tie

When it comes to ties, the options are end­less! Your fiancé can choose silk, wool or tweed, a bright shade or match­ing shirt col­or, or even brides­maid dress­es.

The bow tie

Pop­u­lar Choice cre­ative men. It is nec­es­sary to wear such an acces­so­ry with a spe­cial shirt. Here you can not do with­out stand-up col­lar with elon­gat­ed edges, bent at an angle of 45 degrees.


An alter­na­tive for aes­thetes and aris­to­crats. It is tied in dif­fer­ent ways, depend­ing on the image and pref­er­ences. Although extrav­a­gant knots lose their pop­u­lar­i­ty a lit­tle to clas­sic options.

Are cufflinks necessary?

Cuf­flinks are an essen­tial part of for­mal wear and a great way to show off your per­son­al­i­ty with a per­son­al touch for your wed­ding day.

Whether your fiancé choos­es blue Lego blocks, sim­ple sil­ver pins, or a pair of mono­grams inher­it­ed from his grand­fa­ther, mainso that the cuf­flinks he wears reflect his own sense of style and taste.

Wor­thy of spe­cial atten­tion times. Agree, noth­ing will say about a man bet­ter than a watch on his hand — this is a lifestyle, sta­tus, rep­u­ta­tion.

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Attention to socks!

Rarely now you see a wed­ding where the groom would not flaunt his socks! Per­son­al­ized ini­tials, bright col­ors or bold prints, socks are anoth­er aspect of the out­fit where the groom might have some fun.

Think of your fiancé and come up with some­thing mean­ing­ful, whether it’s a fun­ny inscrip­tion or your favorite super­heroes as print for socks on your wed­ding day.

We prob­a­bly should­n’t talk about this, but just in case: NEVER wear white socks with a black suit.

Suspenders are back in trend

Sus­penders aren’t just for hold­ing up your pants! They are look very ele­gant and beau­ti­ful.

Wear­ing sus­penders, your fiance will look classy all day, even when his tie is lost, his jack­et is off, and he is cir­cling on dance floor.

Accord­ing to research by British sci­en­tists, the aver­age groom at a wed­ding los­es weight by a few kg, and all because he eats lit­tle and is very wor­ried. So sus­penders are a kind of “friends” that help you not to lose your pants at the most inop­por­tune moment.

Vest: why not?

vest can look great on the groom, either as part of a three-piece suit or as an alter­na­tive to a blaz­er for a rus­tic, eco or hot weath­er wed­ding. Mod­ern fash­ion is loy­al, the groom can choose a vest that match­es the suit, or a con­trast­ing fab­ric, col­or or pat­tern.

The vest should be long enough to cov­er the front of the shirt and sit just above the waist. It may be slight­ly short­er on the sides and back. In a clas­sic three-piece suit, the cutout of the vest should be small enough to be vis­i­ble under the jack­et.

Other details of the image of the groom

A hat, cap or top hat is all that fan­ta­sy sug­gests, if it fits into the for­mat of the cel­e­bra­tion.

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Tie clip — small detail of great impor­tance. The clip is select­ed in the same style with cuf­flinks, or bet­ter — from one set.

And, of course, the belt. Mate­r­i­al — gen­uine leather, col­or — to match shoes, buck­le — not attract­ing atten­tion.

5 tips for the groom who wants to look perfect!

1 It’s time to learn how to tie a tie! Search wed­ding day videos on youtube, even after a glass of cham­pagne with friends — not a good idea. It’s bet­ter to do every­thing in advance.

2 Noth­ing looks more out of place in a for­mal ensem­ble than dirty shoes. Why not give your shoes some extra sparkle on your spe­cial day?

3 The starch will add stiff­ness to the col­lar and cuffs of the shirt. A beau­ti­ful stiff col­lar will add style to the look, but don’t over­do it. Too much starch can cause skin irri­ta­tion.

4 Cor­rect tie length so that the tip falls near the cen­ter of the belt buck­le. A tie behind the belt will make a real macho out of the groom!

5 No bou­ton­niere any­where! It is she who is the hall­mark of the groom.

Now that we have exam­ined the image of the groom from all sides and angles, we can be sure that your beloved will be irre­sistible! Shine with beau­ty and hap­pi­ness!