Bra under a wedding dress

A beau­ti­ful wed­ding dress can beau­ti­fy any bride. But it will sit per­fect­ly only if you choose the right under­wear for the bride. A bra for a wed­ding dress must be cho­sen with spe­cial predilec­tion, because it is he who will help to prop­er­ly shape the neck­line.

Which bra to choose?

Depend­ing on the style of the out­fit, you can pick up a cou­ple of mod­els at once and try them on one by one. Be sure to ask in the wed­ding fash­ion salon, they may offer you sev­er­al options. A wed­ding bra should be select­ed based on the cut of the upper part of the out­fit:

  • if you chose a wed­ding dress with a corset, then the under­wear should be strap­less and with hard cups, prefer­ably with a wide clasp;
  • for a deep neck­line, a half-cup bra is prefer­able, but for large breasts this is not the best option;
  • for a dress with an open back, there are spe­cial wed­ding bra mod­els with V‑shaped har­ness­es;
  • for own­ers of a small bust, a bra for a wed­ding dress with dense foam cups is per­fect, you can also try half cups with pads.

The selec­tion of a bra large­ly depends on the goals that you are pur­su­ing. For exam­ple, under­wear with flat seams will help to gen­tly lift the chest with a very tight dress. It is bet­ter if it is flesh-col­ored. In the case when the out­fit reveals some parts of the body, mod­els with float­ing straps are per­fect. They do not need to be removed com­plete­ly, as they move freely and adapt to any style. This is very con­ve­nient when the chest is large and it is impos­si­ble to com­plete­ly aban­don the straps.

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What bra to choose to visu­al­ly reduce the chest? But it hap­pens that a lush chest needs to be giv­en the right shape so that the out­fit looks har­mo­nious. In this case, the most ide­al option is a push-up bra for a wed­ding dress with a ver­ti­cal seam in the mid­dle of the cup. He will lift the chest and make it more accu­rate.