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Prepar­ing for a wed­ding always takes a lot of time and effort. And this is not sur­pris­ing, because every bride dreams of an ide­al cel­e­bra­tion — fun, orig­i­nal, styl­ish and inter­est­ing. When prepar­ing for a hol­i­day, it is very impor­tant not to for­get about the details — after all, they often deter­mine the mood and style of the hol­i­day.

In this arti­cle, we will talk about wed­ding ban­gles for brides­maids.

DIY bracelets for bridesmaids

Flower bracelets will help the brides­maids stand out among the guests and unite them into a sin­gle group. At the same time, the dress­es of the girl­friends do not have to be the same.

Despite the appar­ent com­plex­i­ty, almost every girl can cre­ate bracelets for girl­friends. This will require only a lit­tle time, patience, accu­ra­cy, and some mate­ri­als.

Wed­ding bracelets for brides­maids look very beau­ti­ful, look­ing like minia­ture sem­blances of a wed­ding bou­quet. In this case, it is not nec­es­sary to com­plete­ly repeat the bride’s bou­quet — it is enough to use sim­i­lar col­ors or the same flow­ers. Add styl­ish details to them — dec­o­ra­tive twigs, leaves, berries. So, we make mini bracelets for brides­maids.


  • sev­er­al branch­es with buds or flow­ers (main flower);
  • satin or lace rib­bon;
  • flo­ral tapes;
  • fish­ing line or wire;
  • twigs, berries, leaves, ears of corn or any aux­il­iary plant ele­ments that are suit­able in style;
  • heat gun and glue.
bridesmaids bracelets 1

We short­ly cut the stem of the main flower and fas­ten the inflo­res­cences togeth­er with a fish­ing line or wire. We close the fas­ten­ing points with flo­ral tape.

bridesmaids bracelets 2

In the same way, we process addi­tion­al decor — we short­en the stems and fas­ten them with the main flower with flo­ral tape (or fish­ing line, and then tape).

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bridesmaids bracelets 3

We com­pose a com­plete com­po­si­tion and wrap the base of the bou­quet with a satin or lace rib­bon (it will become the basis of the bracelet).

bridesmaids bracelets 4

We cut off the satin rib­bon of the desired size (so that you can tie a beau­ti­ful bow on the brides­maid­’s hand). Glue the flower arrange­ment to the tape with hot glue.

bridesmaid bracelets 5

The brides­maid bracelet is ready!

bridesmaids bracelets 6

If desired, you can make a bracelet, dec­o­rat­ed only with flow­ers.

For this you will need:

  • teip tape;
  • pli­ers;
  • wire (thin);
  • scis­sors;
  • flow­ers (one, or three large and three small — addi­tion­al);
  • wide satin rib­bon (for a bow);
  • ther­mal gun.

Most often, three flow­ers are used to dec­o­rate bracelets, but if you like more restrained and styl­ish options, you can lim­it your­self to one large flower with­out addi­tions.

bridesmaids bracelets 7

Cut flower stems as short as pos­si­ble.

bridesmaids bracelets 8

Then the buds must be pierced with wire.

bridesmaids bracelets 9

If small flow­ers are used for the bracelet, we col­lect them in the com­po­si­tion. We twist the wires togeth­er and wrap them with teip tape.

bridesmaid bracelets 10

We attach flow­ers to a satin rib­bon. We punch a hole in it, and thread the pre­pared flow­ers into it. We fix the com­po­si­tion with hot glue.

bridesmaid bracelets 11

After com­plete dry­ing, the attach­ment point is sealed with a piece of tape. The bracelet is ready, it remains only to tie it with a mag­nif­i­cent bow on the wrist.

bridesmaids bracelets 12

Now you know how to make brides­maid bracelets, and the ideas below will help you decide how you want them to look — del­i­cate or bright, lush or min­i­mal­ist.

Flower Bridesmaid Bracelets

For a bright orig­i­nal wed­ding, bracelets of sat­u­rat­ed col­ors are suit­able — pink, green, blue, red.

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White bou­quets remain the most ver­sa­tile option, because it is light shades that look the most solemn.

Do not spare rib­bons and bows to dec­o­rate bracelets. If you want bracelets to remain as sou­venirs, you should think about flow­ers made from rib­bon, fab­ric or poly­mer clay. Such flow­ers look no worse than nat­ur­al ones, and they can be stored for years.

Oth­er inter­est­ing exam­ples of brides­maid bracelets are shown in the pho­to gallery.