Wedding bun - fashionable options for a popular hairstyle for the bride

Ais a hol­i­day that each of us has been dream­ing of since the day we began to imag­ine the appear­ance of our prince, who will gal­lop after his beau­ty and take her to his king­dom, and the prepa­ra­tion of this day should be approached respon­si­bly. As for the hair­style, the bridal bun is the most styl­ish and pop­u­lar option, which is worth talk­ing about in more detail. hairstyle bun

A beau­ti­ful­bun is not suit­able for every girl? You are wrong. There are many options for this splen­dor that can instant­ly trans­form the appear­ance of any bride. Here it is impor­tant to cre­ate it, start­ing from what style the dress will be: with an open back or not, with bare shoul­ders or closed. This also includes a low-cut out­fit or long, nar­row-cut jew­el­ry. All this affects how your­bun will be. Hav­ing touched on the top­ic of the cor­rect choice of this hair­style, it is use­ful to men­tion a num­ber of valu­able rec­om­men­da­tions:

  1. The­bun is made volu­mi­nous if the bot­tom of the future wife’s dress is lush (this is nec­es­sary so that the head does not visu­al­ly appear small in com­par­i­son with the large skirt).
  2. The styl­ist-hair­dress­er rec­om­mends doing a smooth hair­style if your out­fit is made of noble satin, ele­gant satin or any oth­er equal­ly beau­ti­ful smooth fab­ric (plus-size beau­ties in this case should make a volu­mi­nous­bun).
  3. Do you want to dec­o­rate your curls with a charm­ing hair­pin with pearls, stones sparkling in the sun, or a roy­al dia­dem, a fem­i­nine head­band? This is appro­pri­ate if the dress has a sim­ple style, not rich­ly dec­o­rat­ed with lace, flo­ral scat­ter­ing, rhine­stones and oth­er things.
  4. Is your image airy, as if hov­er­ing above the ground? Its per­fect addi­tion will be the same light and slight­ly care­less­bun. This is espe­cial­ly true in the case of a chif­fon dress.
  5. If we are deal­ing with clothes dec­o­rat­ed with open­work ele­ments, then it is ide­al to dec­o­rate the bun with an acces­so­ry that resem­bles a dress pat­tern. hairstyle bun hair­style bun


Fash­ion­able­hair­style bun

  bridal buns with embellishment hairstyle bun for long hair

Long curls in front of each bride open up end­less scope for exper­i­men­ta­tion and cre­at­ing stun­ning hair­styles. Lay­ered, com­plex hair­styles have gone into the back­ground. At the peak of pop­u­lar­i­ty, abun for long hair, made in a min­i­mal­ist style. Beau­ties, if you want to turn into a for­est nymph, then let a few strands frame your face.

If you want to add fem­i­nin­i­ty, romance and a bit of bloom­ing spring to yourstun­ning bun, dec­o­rate your hair with flower buds, which can be either arti­fi­cial or nat­ur­al. You can use a wreath con­sist­ing of sev­er­al small flo­ral details or one large flower. The list of dec­o­ra­tive ele­ments includes the fol­low­ing:

  • lace head­band;
  • sparkling dia­dem;
  • hair­pins with an inter­est­ing design;
  • studs with beads, rhine­stones.
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bridal bun hairstyle for long hair hair­style bun for long hair

bridal bun for long hair bun for long hair

bridal hairstyle voluminous bun

Wedding hairstyles bun for medium hair

This length is the most com­mon among the fair sex. It allows you to bring to life the most dar­ing ideas of hair­styles. Abun for medi­um hair looks espe­cial­ly attrac­tive in the Greek style (and you don’t have to wear an empire dress). Crazy about retro fash­ion? Then you will like a hair­style dec­o­rat­ed with ele­gant curls, between which minia­ture buds of a del­i­cate rose are neat­ly locat­ed.

Want to cre­ate a low big bun? Comb your hair, col­lect it in a pony­tail, leav­ing a few strands in front, which will lat­er be neat­ly twist­ed. Attach a spe­cial foam roller to its end, which can be pur­chased at any store for hair­pins and all kinds of hair orna­ments. Start slow­ly twist­ing it up. At the base should be stabbed with studs. We dis­trib­ute the curls on the roller along its entire length. Twist the strands remain­ing in front a lit­tle with a curl­ing iron and, with the help of hair­pins, beau­ti­ful­ly lay them over the beam.

bridal bun hairstyles for medium hair

Wed­ding hair­styles bun for medi­um hair

bridal bun for medium hair bun for medi­um hair

bridal bun hairstyle

Wedding bun for short hair

Do not wor­ry that noth­ing good will come of such a length! The main thing is to stock up on ideas and faith that on the most impor­tant day of your life you will shine and look amaz­ing. A short bun­hair­style will turn out to be volu­mi­nous if you attach a few arti­fi­cial ones to your curls, then you can cre­ate what­ev­er you want. On a short length, the beam will turn out to be small, and there­fore it is bet­ter to dec­o­rate it with flo­ral decor, exquis­ite hair­pins or attach an airy veil to it.

bridal bun for short hair

Wed­ding bun for short hair

bridal hairstyle short bun

Wed­ding hair­style short bun bun of curls


Styl­ish­hair­styles have includ­ed a bunch in their list for many years, whether it is volu­mi­nous, with curls or delib­er­ate­ly knocked out strands fram­ing the face. Mod­ern brides are increas­ing­ly opt­ing for fab­u­lous tiaras that look amaz­ing on both short and long hair. If you have bangs, place this acces­so­ry where it begins. It can be left straight or combed to the side. Choose one thing for a styl­ish­bun: either a hair­pin, or a wreath of flow­ers, or a dia­dem. Oth­er­wise, the image will be over­loaded with dec­o­ra­tive com­po­nents.

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bridal bun hairstyles for medium hair

Wedding hairstyle high bun

I would like to note right away who the high­bun is not suit­able for — beau­ties with a short neck. Your option is low and lush hair­styles, which will be dis­cussed below. This option will also not suit tall brides. He visu­al­ly add a cou­ple more cen­time­ters of growth. And imag­ine that you will be taller not only because of the 10-cen­time­ter heel, but also because the­bun was made incor­rect­ly. Who exact­ly this splen­dor is suit­able for is young ladies with reg­u­lar facial fea­tures, ide­al shoul­der shape and a beau­ti­ful long neck. He will bring aris­toc­ra­cy to the image.

bridal hairstyle high bun

Wed­ding hair­style high bun

high bridal bun

high bridal bun

bridal bun for long hair

Wedding hairstyle low bun

A low bridal bun will suit women of fash­ion with wide cheek­bones and sharp fea­tures. Petite brides should make a neat tight bun, oth­er­wise the image will turn out to be rough. It will suit tall girls and own­ers of a not very long neck. We attach the most com­mon option for cre­at­ing this hair­style:

  • on the back of the head we col­lect the hair in a pony­tail;
  • take a foam donut, thread it through the tail and wrap curls around it;
  • hair should com­plete­ly cov­er the bagel;
  • fix the beam with hair­pins and add a veil, flow­ers and oth­er things.
bridal hairstyle low bun

Wed­ding hair­style low bun

low bridal bun


 hairstyle bun

Wedding bun with veil

A low bun­hair­style with a veil is what every third girl choos­es. The veil is able to instant­ly change the fes­tive image, improve it beyond recog­ni­tion. With her, each looks aris­to­crat­ic, roy­al­ly charm­ing and gen­tle. It can be attached under the beam or above it. It all depends on your pref­er­ences. It is best to attach it not with a plas­tic and not entire­ly reli­able comb, but with iron studs. Only in this case, your­low bun with a veil will not be spoiled by unfore­seen cir­cum­stances or gusts of strong wind.

bridal bun with veil

Wed­ding bun with veil

bridal hairstyle low bun with veil

Wed­ding hair­style bun with veil

bridal hairstyle low bun

bridal bun hairstyle

If you do not like the tra­di­tion­al ver­sion, then abun of curls braid­ed into an ele­gant braid is what you have been look­ing for. To cre­ate it, col­lect your hair in a pony­tail (if at the crown, you will get a high one, if at the back of the head — a low­mod­ern bun). Divide the tail into sev­er­al strands, each of which is braid­ed. Twist them around the base of the tail, remem­ber­ing to secure with hair­pins.

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bridal bun hairstyle

bridal bun hair­style bun of curls bun of curls

bridal bun with veil

bridal hairstyle voluminous bun

A care­less bun­hair­style is rel­e­vant, both in the past and this year. It does­n’t have to be per­fect. This is not his high­light. This hair­style is cre­at­ed in min­utes:

  • on the crown or back of the head, col­lect hair in a pony­tail;
  • twist them into a neat bun­dle;
  • lay in a cir­cle, form­ing a bun­dle;
  • hide the end under the hair;
  • fix every­thing with hair­pins and var­nish in the form of a spray.
bridal hairstyle voluminous bun

bridal hair­style volu­mi­nous bun

messy bunhairstyle

Beau­ti­ful volu­mi­nous­bun


Wedding hairstyle smooth bun

Grace­ful and roman­tic — this is whathair­styles are asso­ci­at­ed with a bun with or with­out bangs. Per­fect­ly combed shiny curls will look appro­pri­ate with a dress of any style and from var­i­ous fab­rics. It is per­fect for those who have ain the hot sea­son and do not want to walk around with their hair down all day. Anoth­er smooth bun is just made for a dress with an open back. To cre­ate it you need:

  • straight­en hair with a styler;
  • col­lect in the tail;
  • col­lect it in a tourni­quet;
  • wrap at the base;
  • fas­ten with studs;
  • fix with var­nish, and apply a small amount of gel to the hair itself for shine.
bridal hairstyle smooth bun

Wed­ding hair­style smooth bun

bridal bun hairstyle

Fash­ion­able smooth­bun


Wedding buns with decoration

Where with­out head­bands, minia­ture crowns and del­i­cate wreaths? With these acces­sories, weed­ing out­fit turns into a real work of art, into unearth­ly beau­ty, from which you can hard­ly take your eyes off. Wed­ding hair­style high bun with veil or comb of unique design looks regal and irre­sistible. Just do not for­get that every­thing should be in mod­er­a­tion.

If you choose a wreath of flow­ers, you should not com­ple­ment your hair with pearl hair­pins or hair­pins with shiny stones. In addi­tion to the aes­thet­ic side of the issue, there is anoth­er one: the more acces­sories in your hair, the more like­ly it is that at the end of the cel­e­bra­tion your head will start to hurt. Respon­si­bly approach the choice of jew­el­ry that will com­ple­ment your fes­tive look and help you look more beau­ti­ful.

  bridal buns with embellishment

Wed­ding buns with dec­o­ra­tion

  bridal bun for medium hair

Wed­ding bun­dles with acces­sories

  messy bunhairstyle