Wedding dresses for pregnant women - the best outfits for brides with a rounded belly

Often, the­cel­e­bra­tion is sched­uled at a time when the future wife is already expect­ing an addi­tion, and her forms have tak­en on com­plete­ly new out­lines. Under such cir­cum­stances, you should con­sid­er fash­ion­able­dress­es for preg­nant women, designed by styl­ists, tak­ing into account all the fea­tures of this dif­fi­cult sit­u­a­tion.

Wedding dresses for pregnant women 2017

Beau­ti­ful and fash­ion­able­dress­es for preg­nant women 2017 are designed in such a way that there is no undue pres­sure on the round­ed bel­ly of the hero of the occa­sion, as this can lead to neg­a­tive con­se­quences for the baby. In addi­tion, it is nec­es­sary to take into account a notice­able increase in the breast — in some­toi­lets, the bust is pinched or opened too much, as a result of which it looks unat­trac­tive.

The style of exe­cu­tion and style of such solemn robes can be dif­fer­ent. In 2017, the most rel­e­vant options will be the fol­low­ing:

  • retro dress­es for preg­nant women;
  • Greek dec­o­ra­tions with drap­ery;
  • mod­els with fluffy skirts;
  • extrav­a­gant short dress­es. dresses for pregnant women 2017

Beau­ti­ful­dress­es for preg­nant women

fashiondresses for pregnant women 2017

Fash­ion­able­dress­es for preg­nant women

openworkdress for pregnant women

Summerdresses for pregnant women

Preg­nant brides indress­es should not expe­ri­ence any dis­com­fort, as this can neg­a­tive­ly affect the unborn baby and bring the onset of child­birth clos­er. This is espe­cial­ly impor­tant in the sum­mer sea­son, when a child in the moth­er’s womb is already very dif­fi­cult. Wed­ding dress­es for preg­nant women made of thin, weight­less fab­rics that hide the tum­my in numer­ous folds are best suit­ed for this pur­pose.

As a rule, in the hot sum­mer, beau­ties try not to wear too lush and bulky attire. On the con­trary, dur­ing this peri­od, it is right to give pref­er­ence to short toi­lets, which reveal slen­der and seduc­tive legs to the gaze of oth­ers, or fem­i­nine and roman­tic items in the Greek style. In addi­tion, a lacon­ic dress with a straight cut, not over­loaded with dec­o­ra­tive ele­ments, is very well suit­ed.

discount summerdresses for pregnant women

Sum­mer­dress­es for preg­nant women

pregnant brides indresses

Wedding dresses for pregnant women in winter

Options for win­ter are made of dense fab­rics that pro­tect their own­er from the pierc­ing wind. Such prod­ucts always have a lin­ing that improves their ther­mal per­for­mance. At the same time, adress for preg­nant women with sleeves can be a self-suf­fi­cient unit of a solemn ensem­ble, while sleeve­less mod­els are almost always com­ple­ment­ed by a cape, jack­et, bolero, fur coat or short coat. A sim­i­lar set of two prod­ucts, com­plete­ly in har­mo­ny with each oth­er in col­or and style, allows the expec­tant moth­er to look styl­ish.

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Wed­ding dress­es for preg­nant women in win­ter

maternitydress with sleeves

Whatdresses are better for pregnant women?

The choice ofat­tire depends on many fac­tors. So, some preg­nant girls indress­es tend to hide their “inter­est­ing” posi­tion from pry­ing eyes and try to dis­guise their round­ed shapes. Oth­ers, on the con­trary, like to show the pub­lic their new out­lines, for exam­ple, notice­ably round­ed breasts. In addi­tion, the selec­tion of the opti­mal option very much depends on the ges­ta­tion­al age and the gen­er­al con­di­tion of the young bride.

whatdresses are best for pregnant women

The best­dress­es for preg­nant women

pregnant girls indresses

Lushdresses for pregnant women

Lux­u­ri­ous robes with crino­line are the dream of many beau­ti­ful ladies. How­ev­er, expec­tant moth­ers should be treat­ed with extreme cau­tion. So, the retain­ing struc­ture in such dec­o­ra­tions can put too much pres­sure on the stom­ach and, more­over, cause mechan­i­cal injury. For this rea­son, mag­nif­i­cent and beau­ti­ful­dress­es for preg­nant women should be pur­chased only in spe­cial­ized stores, the prod­ucts of which meet all the nec­es­sary require­ments.

Prod­ucts designed for women in a del­i­cate posi­tion may have the fol­low­ing vari­eties:

  • dress with a fluffy tutu or a mul­ti-lay­ered knee-length skirt and a short busti­er corset. Due to the spe­cial design of the upper part, such a corset does not over­tight­en the stom­ach and looks great;
  • dress­es for over­weight preg­nant girls with a flared skirt and a V‑neck. This mod­el will draw the atten­tion of oth­ers to the changed bust and hide the tum­my from pry­ing eyes;
  • a robe with a lush hem on thin straps looks incred­i­bly ele­gant and ele­gant;
  • in addi­tion, the style with a high waist and a sun skirt with a lush pet­ti­coat is very pop­u­lar.
puffydresses for pregnant women

Lush­dress­es for preg­nant women

beautifuldresses for pregnant women

Short maternitydresses

Preg­nan­cy is not a rea­son to wrap your­self from head to toe in a shape­less hood­ie that hides all the out­lines of the future moth­er’s fig­ure. On the con­trary, in this posi­tion you can put on a fash­ion­able short dress, seduc­tive­ly open­ing slen­der legs and empha­siz­ing a round­ed tum­my. Short styles ofdress­es for preg­nant women can have a high waist, a flared skirt or a straight cut.

Although it is cus­tom­ary to com­ple­ment short­ened mod­els with high-heeled shoes or san­dals, beau­ti­ful ladies who are in a del­i­cate posi­tion are high­ly dis­cour­aged from doing this. This is espe­cial­ly true for those women who mar­ry in the sec­ond half of the wait­ing peri­od for a baby. To min­i­mize pos­si­ble risks and elim­i­nate dis­com­fort in the legs of the expec­tant moth­er, it is much bet­ter to give pref­er­ence to beau­ti­ful and sophis­ti­cat­ed bal­let shoes with flat soles.

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Short mater­ni­ty­dress­es

maternitydress styles

Greek Style Maternity Wedding Dress

The most pop­u­lar choice of expec­tant moth­ers are Greek­dress­es for preg­nant women. They have a high waist­line, thanks to which noth­ing press­es on the stom­ach, and a rich drap­ery that cov­ers the round­ness that has appeared. Such­dress­es for preg­nant women look great at any time, but they are espe­cial­ly suit­able for fash­ion­istas who are just start­ing to have a tum­my. In such out­fits, he can be com­plete­ly invis­i­ble, so those present at the cel­e­bra­tion will not even have any sus­pi­cions.

maternity greek styledress

Greek Style Mater­ni­ty Wed­ding Dress

discount greek maternitydresses

Lacedresses for pregnant women

Lace is a favorite mate­r­i­al for dec­o­rat­ing­dress­es. It is espe­cial­ly pop­u­lar with expec­tant moth­ers, as it is asso­ci­at­ed with ten­der­ness, fem­i­nin­i­ty and touch­ing­ness. Such­dress­es for preg­nant women for a long time or only at the begin­ning of the jour­ney can have dif­fer­ent vari­a­tions, for exam­ple:

  • mod­els with a lace top that flows smooth­ly into a smooth skirt made of cam­bric, satin, silk and oth­er mate­ri­als. They cre­ate an ele­gant sil­hou­ette and focus on a beau­ti­ful face and sophis­ti­cat­ed hair­style;
  • options with lace sleeves look unusu­al­ly solemn and attrac­tive. Although the sleeves in them play the role of only a dec­o­ra­tive ele­ment and do not improve the ther­mal char­ac­ter­is­tics of the prod­uct, such mod­els are very pop­u­lar with young brides;
  • short­dress­es for preg­nant women can be dec­o­rat­ed with lace only at the top or along the entire length. This decor adds fem­i­nin­i­ty to the future wife and makes her charm­ing;
  • open back style is not suit­able for all fash­ion­istas. Young brides who are at a long preg­nan­cy will look ridicu­lous in it, so only those girls who have not yet seen the out­lines of the fig­ure can choose it. In addi­tion, such an option for a woman in antic­i­pa­tion of a baby can only be worn in the sum­mer;
  • An open­work­dress for preg­nant women with a fluffy cas­cade skirt looks lux­u­ri­ous and unusu­al­ly ele­gant. It will suit most girls, but can make the image over­ly over­loaded;
  • in addi­tion, any ver­sion of adress can be com­ple­ment­ed with a lace train or a cape made of this mate­r­i­al.
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lace maternitydresses

Lace­dress­es for preg­nant women dresses for pregnant women

High waist maternitydresses

The best bel­ly-hid­ing mater­ni­ty­dress­es are those that have a high waist­line. If for a long time they only reduce its visu­al out­lines, then up to about 6–7 months of preg­nan­cy, such out­fits can almost com­plete­ly hide the round­ed tum­my from pry­ing eyes. For this rea­son, girls who are in an “inter­est­ing” posi­tion, who do not want to allow exces­sive dis­cus­sion on the part of those present at the cel­e­bra­tion, very often choose these mod­els.

high waist maternitydresses

High waist mater­ni­ty­dress­es gowns for pregnant women

Wedding dresses with a train for pregnant women

The train can dec­o­rate with itself any options ofdress­es for preg­nant women. In any case, this ele­ment of decor will give the look of the new­ly­wed ten­der­ness, fem­i­nin­i­ty and charm, how­ev­er, it can cause pro­nounced dis­com­fort in the expec­tant moth­er. So, in some cas­es, the train has a large mass, and it is con­traindi­cat­ed for a girl who is bear­ing a new life to put on too heavy out­fits. For this rea­son, a woman in a del­i­cate posi­tion should give her pref­er­ence to out­fits that weigh no more than 2 kg in total. dresses with a train for pregnant women

Wed­ding dress­es with a train for preg­nant women dress options for pregnant women

Closeddress for pregnant women

Mod­est and inse­cure girls choose sim­ple­dress­es for preg­nant women that hide the out­lines of the sil­hou­ette. As a rule, they are not over­loaded with decor, do not have open areas and, in gen­er­al, look very restrained. Such toi­lets are espe­cial­ly well suit­ed for ain a church or tem­ple, where it is unac­cept­able to dress too frankly or vul­gar­ly.

closed maternitydress

Closed­dress for preg­nant women

discount simple maternitydresses

Pregnant brides indresses — stars

World celebri­ties also often get mar­ried while hap­pi­ly expect­ing a baby. At the same time,dresses for star preg­nant women are in most cas­es made to order by well-known design­ers and fash­ion hous­es. To cre­ate them, the most lux­u­ri­ous mate­ri­als, expen­sive decor ele­ments and real gems are used. Famous preg­nant stars indress­es look great at their cel­e­bra­tions. So, for exam­ple, this is con­firmed by the fol­low­ing celebri­ties:

  • Reese With­er­spoon;
  • Chris­tine Asmus;
  • Vic­to­ria Dayneko;
  • Mariya Kozhevniko­va;



  • Jes­si­ca Alba;
  • Jen­nifer Gar­ner;
  • Kse­nia Boro­d­i­na.