Urban chic is the per­fect mod­ern­style for lovers of the atmos­phere of the big city. And most impor­tant­ly, this style allows you to exper­i­ment with the image of the bride: dis­creet ele­gance, orig­i­nal details and even trouser suits — there is where to roam. Chan­fash­ion has got you some urban chic­dress, hair and make-up ideas.


Let’s start with the most extrav­a­gant option — trouser suits and­jump­suits for the bride! In recent years, this trend has been win­ning the hearts of brave brides who do not want to sac­ri­fice com­fort for the sake of a dress and are ready to shock the pub­lic a lit­tle 🙂 This out­fit will per­fect­ly fit into the free­dom-lov­ing style Urban chic for an urban wed­ding.

Elegant minimalism

Struc­tur­al styles, reg­u­lar lines and noth­ing super­flu­ous — min­i­mal­ist­dress­es look “wow”! It’s true, you don’t need a lot of extra embell­ish­ments to look like a mil­lion. If you want to some­how diver­si­fy the clas­sics, you can fool around with shoes and acces­sories, but read on about that.


A del­i­cate bride’s dress com­bined with rough boots, a leather jack­et or a groom’s jack­et is a trend that has long been mov­ing into the sta­tus of a clas­sic. And for good rea­son: it looks just gor­geous. Don’t hide your rebel­lious spir­it 🙂


Feath­ers, sequins, fringe, fluffy shoes — Urban chic allows you to have a blast! Com­bine a yakri out­fit with a sim­ple and slight­ly messy hair­style so as not to over­load the look with dar­ing accents.


Urban chic is more about a cool par­ty than a prim social recep­tion, so don’t push your­self into the stan­dard length and corsets 🙂 If your soul asks for a mini, then so be it! Just like with trouser suits, we advise you to choose the clas­sic white col­or if you decide to exper­i­ment with mini and unusu­al styles.

Hair and makeup

Hollywood Wave

A chic styling that looks great on both long and short hair. It goes per­fect­ly with a dress with thin spaghet­ti straps and red lip­stick 🙂

sloppy tail

The tail often helps every girl in every­day life, but for some rea­son at thewe for­get about such a hair­style 🙂 But in vain, because it can styl­ish­ly com­ple­ment the image of the bride in the Urban-chic style. So that the hair­style does not look too casu­al, styl­ists add vol­ume to it at the root of the hair, twist it with a curl­ing iron, com­ple­ment the cor­ru­ga­tion, feath­ers or unusu­al acces­sories.

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Perfect accuracy

The theme of ele­gant clas­sics and min­i­mal­ism con­tin­ues inhair­styles: per­fect­ly styled curls, smooth buns and neat braids will ele­gant­ly com­ple­ment your­look.


If princess tiaras have sup­plant­ed volu­mi­nous pearl hoops this year, then unusu­al crowns can­not be eas­i­ly removed from the trends. This option is suit­able for brave brides who are not afraid to shock a lit­tle and show who is the queen today 🙂 If you are not very com­fort­able with such an acces­so­ry, then you can use it only for a pho­to shoot.


Every­thing inge­nious is sim­ple! If you decide to make your look bright with unusu­al acces­sories and an orig­i­nal dress, then in make­up we advise you to stick to nat­u­ral­ness and min­i­mal­ism. An even tone, a healthy blush and a bit of con­tour­ing for good pho­tos is the min­i­mum that will help you look fresh and not too pre­ten­tious.

Focus on lips

An immor­tal clas­sic — min­i­mal­is­tic make­up with a bright accent of red lip­stick. For­tu­nate­ly, red suits every­one: the main thing is to find your own shade. If pos­si­ble, we rec­om­mend using a lip tint. It won’t smudge from kiss­es, cham­pagne, or embar­rass­ing marks on your teeth.

Fancy arrows

Why lim­it your­self to stan­dard arrows, if you can not be lim­it­ed? 🙂 Elon­gat­ed, geo­met­ric, with a high­light of the upper eye­lid — if you exper­i­ment any­where, it’s in the Urban-chic style! And if you need even more showi­ness, add glit­ter or bright shad­ows.