Wedding hairstyles for medium hair - the best styling for the bride in different styles

Not every­one can grow long curls, how­ev­er, for a pro­fes­sion­al styl­ist this is not a prob­lem. A vari­ety ofhair­styles for medi­um hair allow any young girl and old­er woman to look great at a cel­e­bra­tion ded­i­cat­ed to her mar­riage.

Wedding hairstyles for medium hair 2017

The cre­ation of a bride’s look is com­plete­ly sub­ject to cur­rent fash­ion trends, which change notice­ably with each sea­son. Hair styling is no excep­tion. Wed­ding hair­styles for medi­um hair in 2017 may be dif­fer­ent, how­ev­er, all of them are sim­ply oblig­ed to empha­size the ten­der­ness, fragili­ty, beau­ty and grace of a young lady. For this rea­son, the fol­low­ing options are ide­al for cre­at­ing a fes­tive look:

  • dis­creet kich­ki, which can be locat­ed any­where on the head. They cre­ate an atmos­phere of mys­tery and mys­tery around the future wife; hairstyles for medium hair 2017
  • Gor­geoushair­styles for medi­um hair in the Greek style. They are very con­cise and at the same time volu­mi­nous, and are ide­al­ly com­bined with out­fits relat­ed to the Empire fash­ion trend;
  • lux­u­ri­ous vari­a­tions with a veil or a dia­dem-tiara will suit a clas­sic­dress and adorn a young beau­ty who is get­ting mar­ried for the first time; hairstyles for medium hair 2017
  • in addi­tion, in 2017retro hair­styles for medi­um hair are very rel­e­vant.
beautifulhairstyles for medium hair

What is the besthairstyle for medium hair?

Even a pro­fes­sion­al styl­ist can­not give an unequiv­o­cal answer to the ques­tion of which­hair­styles for medi­um hair look best. The styling should be in har­mo­ny with the entire image of the new­ly­wed as a whole — her­dress, shoes and acces­sories, and should match the type of face of the hero of the occa­sion and the make-up cho­sen by her. In addi­tion, in many respects the appear­ance of the hair depends on the col­or, con­di­tion and struc­ture of the strands. Mean­while, there are­hair­styles for medi­um hair that look good and fit most for­mal looks.

what is the besthairstyle for medium hair

Beau­ti­ful­hair­styles for medi­um hair hairstyles for medium hair

Wedding hairstyles for medium hair — Greek style

Wed­ding styling for medi­um hair, made in the ancient Greek style, is ide­al for the own­er of curly curls. Mean­while, beau­ties with straight strands can also turn to her, since today there are many ways to curl them into tight curls and fix them in this state for the entire dura­tion of the cel­e­bra­tion. Wed­ding antique hair­styles for medi­um hair have many vari­eties, for exam­ple:

  • korim­bos, or antique knot. In this ver­sion, all the hairs are curled into tight curls and col­lect­ed in a high kitch­ka;
  • the ancient Greek braid is per­formed in a non-tight way with the inter­weav­ing of satin rib­bons or flow­ers;
  • the Greek tail is col­lect­ed from tight curls and is fixed below the back of the head. At the same time, not all hairs can get into it — part of the curls can frame the face.
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Wed­ding hair­styles for medi­um hair — Greek style hairstyles for medium hair

Wedding hairstyle-curls for medium hair

Grace­ful­curls for medi­um hair allow you to cre­ate a vari­ety of looks with or with­out addi­tion­al dec­o­ra­tive ele­ments. The most pop­u­lar vari­eties among them are the fol­low­ing:

  • strict and care­less braids;
  • all kinds of options with weav­ing, in which the curls are laid by weav­ing on the side or on top;
  • loose curls flow­ing over the shoul­ders;
  • strands col­lect­ed with satin rib­bons;
  • high buns with flow­ing curls. hairstyle curls for medium hair

Wed­ding hair­style-curls for medi­um hair curls for medium hair

Highhairstyles for medium hair

To remove all the hairs up or most of them are pre­ferred by those per­sons who opt­ed for adress that seduc­tive­ly opens the shoul­ders. The­se­hair­styles for medi­um hair with or with­out bangs empha­size the neck and décol­leté area, so they are ide­al for young brides who boast del­i­cate and youth­ful skin in this area.

highhairstyles for medium hair

High­hair­styles for medi­um hair hairstyles for medium hair with bangs

Loosehairstyles for medium hair

Uncom­pli­cat­ed­hair­styles for medi­um hair length, which are based on loose strands, can even be done inde­pen­dent­ly. They are incred­i­bly nat­ur­al, thanks to which they make the future spouse ten­der, roman­tic and mys­te­ri­ous. Such a mod­i­fi­ca­tion requires a manda­to­ry addi­tion in the form of prop­er­ly select­ed jew­el­ry. So, for exam­ple, this could be:

  • long or short veil;
  • floris­tic com­po­si­tions har­mo­nious­ly com­bined with the bride’s bou­quet and the groom’s bou­ton­niere;
  • studs with rhine­stones or pearls;
  • exquis­ite hair­pins;
  • dia­dem-tiara or crown;
  • bezel dec­o­rat­ed with pre­cious stones.
loosehairstyles for medium hair

Loose­hair­styles for medi­um hair hairstyles for medium length hair

Wedding hairstyles on the side for medium hair

Asym­met­ric bridal hair­styles for medi­um hair look charm­ing. Since one side of the head is open at the same time, they must be sup­ple­ment­ed with large long ear­rings or clip-on ear­rings. In addi­tion, such­hair­styles for medi­um hair are not suit­able for every­one — they look best on own­ers of an elon­gat­ed or oval face. Adress for this vari­ety should also be suit­able. So, in this case, ele­gant dec­o­ra­tion with an “Amer­i­can” neck­line or a frank toi­let with a deep neck­line and bare shoul­ders would be ide­al.

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Wed­ding hair­styles on the side for medi­um hair

bridal hairstyles for medium hair

Wedding hairstyles for medium hair with a veil

A veil is con­sid­ered a sym­bol of inno­cence and puri­ty, so it can often be seen on young new­ly­weds. Beau­ti­ful­hair­styles for medi­um hair in com­bi­na­tion with this acces­so­ry look even bet­ter, how­ev­er, in order to obtain a har­mo­nious look, cer­tain rec­om­men­da­tions must be tak­en into account, for exam­ple, such as:

  • chub­by beau­ties should choose high bouf­fant and not too long veil;
  • own­ers of a square face should leave the strands loose or make a volu­mi­nous hair­cut;
  • final­ly, for beau­ties with an oval or tri­an­gu­lar face, any hair­style of a bride with a veil for medi­um hair will suit, how­ev­er, care must be tak­en that the cho­sen appear­ance does not weigh down grace­ful fea­tures. hairstyles for medium hair with veil

Wed­ding hair­styles for medi­um hair with a veil

bridal hairstyle with veil for medium hair

Fashionable hairstyles for medium hair

The bride’s hair­style for medi­um hair should be well com­bined with the image, match the­dress and empha­size the nat­ur­al beau­ty of its own­er. There are many options, thanks to which the new­ly­wed will look styl­ish and attrac­tive and will be able to receive a lot of admir­ing excla­ma­tions and com­pli­ments from those present at the cel­e­bra­tion.

trendyhairstyles for medium hair

Fash­ion­able hair­styles for medi­um hair

easyhairstyles for medium hair

Beau­ti­ful­hair­styles for medi­um hair

bridal hairstyle for medium hair

Hairstyles with flowers for medium hair for a wedding

Flow­ers are an indis­pens­able attribute at any cel­e­bra­tion ded­i­cat­ed to the cre­ation of a young fam­i­ly. They dec­o­rate the room in which the fes­tive ban­quet takes place, the cars in which the new­ly­weds and their guests move, as well as the images of the heroes of the occa­sion and their wit­ness­es. Beau­ti­ful­hair­styles for medi­um hair can also be obtained using flo­ral decor.

Live and arti­fi­cial buds can dec­o­rate both com­plex and sim­ple options. Strands or inter­twined pig­tails in them act as stems and leaves. Such com­po­si­tions look unusu­al­ly roman­tic and fem­i­nine, which is why they so often become the sub­ject of choice for young brides. They look espe­cial­ly good on slen­der short girls who become even more grace­ful and frag­ile. hairstyles for medium hair with flowers

Hair­styles with flow­ers for medi­um hair for a wed­ding

beautifulhairstyles for medium hair

Bridesmaid hairstyle for medium hair with a diadem

The tiara is one of the most pop­u­lar pieces of jew­el­ry used to com­plete the look of a girl get­ting mar­ried. It can resem­ble a crown, tiara or a thin bezel, dec­o­rat­ed with rhine­stones, beads, pearls or pre­cious stones, have a dis­creet design or shim­mer with all the col­ors of the rain­bow. In any case, this acces­so­ry makes the future spouse unusu­al­ly ele­gant, fem­i­nine and roman­tic and demon­strates her unique taste to those around her.

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When choos­ing a hair­style for medi­um length hair for a wed­ding, com­ple­ment­ed by this prod­uct, it is rec­om­mend­ed to con­sid­er the fol­low­ing fea­tures:

  • chub­by beau­ties should give their pref­er­ence to acces­sories that are slight­ly elon­gat­ed to the top. If the face of the future spouse has the shape of a clas­sic oval, it is right to choose an acces­so­ry whose width is the same along the entire length;
  • the dia­dem-tiara and the styling itself should be in har­mo­ny with the­at­tire. So, the rich­er the fes­tive attire looks, the more volu­mi­nous the hair should be, and the dec­o­ra­tive ele­ments used to cre­ate it should be as lux­u­ri­ous as pos­si­ble;
  • the strands locat­ed in front of the dia­dem should be laid smooth­ly. Behind this prod­uct, on the con­trary, addi­tion­al vol­ume should be arti­fi­cial­ly cre­at­ed, for exam­ple, with the help of fleece.
bridal hairstyle for medium hair with tiara

Brides­maid hair­style for medi­um hair with a dia­dem hairstyles for medium length hair

Wedding bun for medium hair with decor

Beau­ti­ful and easy­hair­styles for medi­um hair usu­al­ly have the shape of a bun. Accord­ing to some girls and fash­ion styl­ists, it looks too sim­ple and is not suit­able for such a solemn event as acer­e­mo­ny. In fact, there are a myr­i­ad of ways to dec­o­rate this ele­men­tal hair­style so that it becomes fes­tive, sophis­ti­cat­ed and ele­gant.

So, a per­fect­ly smooth­bun for medi­um hair can be var­ied with the fol­low­ing items:

  • fresh or arti­fi­cial flow­ers;
  • var­i­ous hair­pins;
  • expen­sive jew­el­ry;
  • studs with inlay;
  • beau­ti­ful combs;
  • satin rib­bons and bows;
  • minia­ture lumi­nous gar­land;
  • fig­ures of but­ter­flies or birds from var­i­ous mate­ri­als;
  • veil, mesh, veil or dia­dem.

Bun­dles for mar­riage reg­is­tra­tion can be a lit­tle slop­py. In this case, one or more strands stick out from the made kitch­ka, which give their own­er play­ful­ness and coquet­tish­ness. Such bun­dles should not be over­loaded with too many dec­o­ra­tive ele­ments — they look per­fect framed by neat satin rib­bons or dis­creet jew­el­ry, such as large pearls. In addi­tion, such bun­dles are sur­pris­ing­ly com­bined with a del­i­cate open­work mesh.

bridal bun for medium hair

Wed­ding bun for medi­um hair with decor

bridal bun for medium hair