Wedding manicure for the bride 2021 - a photo selection of beautiful stylish nail designs

Every girl wants the main cel­e­bra­tion in her life to be flaw­less, and the image to come out unfor­get­table. Aman­i­cure for the bride in 2021 will come to the res­cue, which will har­mo­nious­ly com­ple­ment the out­fit. The styl­ists did their best and devel­oped all sorts of ideas.

Wedding manicure for the bride — new items 2021

Mas­ters offer a vari­ety of solu­tions, offer­ing a man­i­cure for ato a bride in 2021:

  • it is allowed not to be lim­it­ed to the tra­di­tion­al snow-white coat­ing. The trend is pas­tel col­ors, nude, pearl lac­quer. When hold­ing a themed wed­ding, nail art can be cre­at­ed bright, fit­ting into the over­all com­po­si­tion;
  • the jack­et does not lose its pop­u­lar­i­ty, becom­ing clas­sic, with span­gles, with a “smile” beveled to the side;
  • an unusual­man­i­cure for the bride in 2021 is embod­ied with the help of beads, even­ly dis­trib­uted over the sur­face or laid out in the form of lines;
  • it is allowed to place three-dimen­sion­al images of flow­ers on the plates. manicure for the bride new manicure for the bride manicure design

Wedding manicure for short nails

Wed­ding man­i­cure for the bride for short nails is rep­re­sent­ed by a vari­ety of trends:

  • dec­o­rat­ing with large beads, locat­ed one on each nail plate;
  • short man­i­cure for the bride in 2021, pre­sent­ed in a min­er­al vari­a­tion, which com­bines the fea­tures of mar­ble and quartz nail art. Small cracks are cre­at­ed on the struc­ture asso­ci­at­ed with the stone;
  • the mat­te effect brings notes of sophis­ti­ca­tion and nobil­i­ty, espe­cial­ly if nude is cho­sen for exe­cu­tion;
  • small flow­ers cov­er­ing the tip of the nail, the area of ​​u200bu200bthe hole, or con­cen­trat­ed in the mid­dle. manicure for short nailsbridal manicure for short nailsgentle manicure for the bride

Wedding manicure for long nails

All kinds of ideas help to real­ize aman­i­cure for the bride on long nails:

  • a com­po­si­tion made of stones of dif­fer­ent sizes and col­ors will add lux­u­ry and chic to nail art;
  • stripes laid out with glit­ter on a mat­te basis;
  • “jew­el­ry” decor, locat­ed on a trans­par­ent back­ground. An imi­ta­tion of gold jew­el­ry is cre­at­ed on each nail;
  • bridal man­i­cure design cre­at­ed with a pearl shim­mer;
  • water­col­or design that com­bines del­i­cate pas­tel coat­ings, applied in the form of ran­dom stains. manicure for long nailsbridal manicure for long nailschicmanicure

Wedding manicure on square nails

Wed­ding man­i­cure on a square shape looks ele­gant and unique, in the imple­men­ta­tion of which styl­ists are guid­ed by the fol­low­ing trends:

  • giv­ing a metal­lic effect with ran­dom­ly applied pieces of foil;
  • place­ment in the cen­ter of the nail plate of kam­i­fu­bikov, made in the form of a heart;
  • gen­tle man­i­cure for the bride, made in a pas­tel mat­te ombre;
  • dot decor, cre­at­ed by plac­ing a bead or a shiny peb­ble in the cen­ter or on the edge of the marigold. manicure on square nailssquare bridal manicuremodernmanicure

Wedding manicure for sharp nails

The embod­i­ment of seduc­tive­ness ‑man­i­cure for the bride on sharp nails:

  • mar­ble jack­et, in which a pat­tern imi­tat­ing the struc­ture of a stone is locat­ed in the “smile” zone;
  • dec­o­rat­ing nails with Swarovs­ki crys­tals;
  • cov­er­ing the sur­face of the nail plate with curly glit­ter;
  • dis­place­ment of the “smile” when cre­at­ing a jack­et on the side con­tour, smooth­ly mov­ing to the area of ​​the hole.
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bridal manicure for pointed manicure for the bride on sharp nailsunusualmanicure

Wedding manicure almond

A win-win uni­ver­sal solu­tion is an almond-shaped man­i­cure for a bride’s wed­ding, which is the per­son­i­fi­ca­tion of fem­i­nin­i­ty and ten­der­ness:

  • one nail can be com­plete­ly cov­ered with large flow­ers locat­ed on a trans­par­ent back­ground and echo­ing the var­nish applied to the rest of the plates;
  • to cre­ate a par­tic­u­lar­ly orig­i­nal nail art, it is per­mis­si­ble to use real dried flower petals or leaves;
  • a mat­te jack­et that com­bines a white base and a pas­tel tip will favor­ably shade the almond shape.
almond shaped manicure for a bride's manicure ideas


An extreme­ly cur­rent trend is a col­ored­man­i­cure, cre­at­ed in a vari­ety of vari­a­tions:

  • nail art organ­i­cal­ly fits into a themed wed­ding, where a cer­tain shade pre­vails. How­ev­er, the bride can sim­ply apply her favorite col­or;
  • an exam­ple of a com­bi­na­tion of catchy and del­i­cate notes is a red or aqua­ma­rine back­ground and snow-white lace, drawn over the base;
  • a pop­u­lar vari­ety is a jack­et made on a trans­par­ent basis, but with a bright tip. It is allowed to com­bine two or three sat­u­rat­ed shades at once, pre­sent­ing them in the form of stripes locat­ed one after anoth­er;
  • a bright coat­ing is tak­en to embody the ombre, it is advis­able to use a pas­tel tone as an addi­tion to bal­ance the image and make it appro­pri­ate for the event.


Anude man­i­cure con­tin­ues to be out of com­pe­ti­tion:

  • nobil­i­ty will bring a mat­te fin­ish in a shade of nude;
  • it is allowed to apply open­work ele­ments on the nude base, bring­ing notes of sophis­ti­ca­tion and sophis­ti­ca­tion;
  • piquan­cy will add sparkles or rhine­stones applied to a dis­creet coat­ing;
  • a pop­u­lar trend is the appli­ca­tion of a shiny rub over nude var­nish. nude manicuregentle manicure for the bride


A clas­sic that is not influ­enced by fash­ion — the bride’s man­i­cure, made in snow-white col­or:

  • white var­nish can be used as a base, cov­er­ing all fin­gers with it. In this case, one nail is accen­tu­at­ed with the help of pat­terns made using mod­el­ing or paint­ed with var­nish;
  • a pop­u­lar vari­ety is a jack­et com­bined with moon nail art, where a snow-white tip and a hole are made on a trans­par­ent basis;
  • dec­o­rat­ing with gold­en or sil­ver sparkles is wel­come, fill­ing the area of ​​u200bu200bthe hole or laid out in the form of open­work pat­terns.
whitemanicurebride manicurebridemanicure


An inter­est­ing solu­tion is a gra­di­ent­man­i­cure, pre­sent­ed in var­i­ous design vari­a­tions:

  • often a com­bi­na­tion of white var­nish and a coat­ing of a del­i­cate mut­ed shade (beige, pink, mint, blue) is used;
  • a pop­u­lar tech­nique is stretch­ing with sparkles, most of which are con­cen­trat­ed at the base of the nail, a decrease in the num­ber of details is car­ried out towards the tip. The oppo­site arrange­ment is also allowed;
  • for themed wed­dings, a com­bi­na­tion of a bright shade and del­i­cate pas­tels will be a god­send. manicure ombrebridal manicure gradientcoloredmanicure

Wedding manicure with rubbing

To bring a unique bril­liance to the image will help man­i­cure for the­of the bride, cre­at­ed with the help of rub­bing:

  • a sim­ple way is to com­plete­ly cov­er the nails with a rub;
  • a par­tial loca­tion of the rub on sev­er­al fin­gers is also allowed, the rest are cov­ered with mat­te var­nish, con­tain a design in the form of a jack­et;
  • as for the col­or scheme, snow-white, pearl, sil­ver rub­bing is in demand.
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Wedding manicure “lace”

A beau­ti­ful­man­i­cure con­tain­ing lace ele­ments is extreme­ly in demand and pop­u­lar:

  • open­work lace pat­tern cov­ers all nail plates or only a cer­tain part. The lat­ter option is intend­ed, for exam­ple, to fill the mid­dle of the nail when per­form­ing a ser­vice jack­et;
  • lace motifs can be com­bined with flow­ers, the com­bi­na­tion will come out incred­i­bly har­mo­nious;
  • lace is per­fect to make one nail accent, if you paint over the rest with a plain coat­ing. manicure manicure for the bride new 2021


Wed­ding French man­i­cure is pre­sent­ed in var­i­ous vari­a­tions of exe­cu­tion:

  • the clas­sic, made in a trans­par­ent white vari­a­tion, is invari­ably rel­e­vant;
  • for a themed wed­ding, it is allowed to make a “smile” bright, dec­o­rat­ed using one catchy tone or sev­er­al sat­u­rat­ed shades;
  • the tips of the nails can be cov­ered with gold­en or sil­ver sparkles;
  • often the jack­et is accom­pa­nied by lace ele­ments;
  • when mak­ing a “smile”, a man­i­fes­ta­tion of imag­i­na­tion, extra­or­di­nary forms are wel­come: reverse, dou­ble, tri­an­gu­lar, beveled in one direc­tion.
bridal manicure frenchbridal french manicure for the bride 2021


A pop­u­lar vari­ety that pre­sents­man­i­cure ideas is nail art made using a mat­te fin­ish:

  • it is allowed to make plain nails, cov­er­ing them with a gen­tle nude. Rhine­stones laid out at the base of the plate will bring shine to the image;
  • a jack­et is made mat­te, the tips of which are dec­o­rat­ed with a coat­ing hav­ing a sim­i­lar struc­ture or glossy var­nish;
  • some nails are allowed to be accen­tu­at­ed and rad­i­cal­ly oppo­site in design, cov­ered with a shiny rub.

Wedding manicure with modeling

The trend is an unusual­man­i­cure con­tain­ing stuc­co ele­ments:

  • a com­mon solu­tion is to cre­ate an accent nail, which depicts a large stuc­co flower;
  • flo­ral orna­ments are allowed to be placed on all fin­gers, nail art will come out catchy and eye-catch­ing;
  • when hold­ing a beach­par­ty, it is impor­tant to per­form with the help of mod­el­ing a shell locat­ed on one fin­ger;
  • stuc­co orna­ments are made mono­phon­ic or mul­ti-col­ored when live col­ors are intro­duced into the design of flow­ers;
  • as an organ­ic addi­tion to adress made in the Greek style, it is per­mis­si­ble to use a stuc­co pat­tern resem­bling a branch with leaves. manicure with manicure almond

Wedding manicure with gold

A sophis­ti­cat­ed and sophis­ti­cat­ed idea is a mod­ern­man­i­cure dec­o­rat­ed with gold. The image will come out lux­u­ri­ous and appro­pri­ate for the hol­i­day:

  • a sim­ple way is to apply gold­en sparkles on sev­er­al fin­gers, mak­ing them accent;
  • stripes are laid out from gold­en foil or ran­dom­ly arranged embossed pat­terns are applied;
  • the cur­rent trend is gold mold­ing embody­ing lace pat­terns;
  • fash­ion trend — jew­el­ry design, when imi­ta­tion of pre­cious jew­el­ry is applied to the plates;
  • gold is per­fect­ly com­bined with stones, expe­ri­enced crafts­men cre­ate com­plex com­po­si­tions on the nails, in which the peb­ble acts as a cen­tral part, around which gold­en ele­ments are laid out;
  • gold looks great on a tra­di­tion­al snow-white back­ground, on warm pas­tel coat­ings, on a bright scar­let base.
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Wedding manicure with pearls

The nov­el­ty, which was appre­ci­at­ed by the brides, is a chic­man­i­cure con­tain­ing pearls:

  • min­i­mal­is­tic design is embod­ied with the help of sin­gle pearls fixed on each nail in the cen­tral part;
  • with the help of small pearls, strips are laid out, locat­ed lon­gi­tu­di­nal­ly and visu­al­ly length­en­ing the nail plate;
  • the com­bi­na­tion of white and pink pearls is wel­come, with the help of which del­i­cate flo­ral pat­terns are laid out;
  • play in con­trast is accept­able when a com­bi­na­tion of white and black pearls is used;
  • sev­er­al pearls are allowed to be laid out in the hole area, cre­at­ing an orig­i­nal vari­a­tion of moon nail art;
  • a bow on one of the fin­gers is laid out with small pearls;
  • it is per­mis­si­ble to place a peb­ble as part of a cer­tain com­po­si­tion cre­at­ed with the help of con­ven­tion­al coat­ings with which draw­ings are applied. An alter­na­tive solu­tion is to use pearls for stuc­co dec­o­ra­tion. manicure with pearls


Lux­u­ri­ous notes in the image will bring a bril­liant­man­i­cure:

  • sequins are used to cre­ate an accent on cer­tain nails that are com­plete­ly cov­ered with details;
  • sequins are used for insert­ing stripes, embody­ing lace pat­terns;
  • an inter­est­ing solu­tion is a bril­liant jack­et, in which the tip of the marigold is clear­ly laid out with small par­ti­cles;
  • an alter­na­tive vari­a­tion is a French ombre, which is cre­at­ed using stretch­ing. The span­gles are con­cen­trat­ed at the edge of the plate and grad­u­al­ly decrease towards the base;
  • an extra­or­di­nary vari­ety of French design — fill­ing the base with sparkles, while the “smile” is paint­ed over with ordi­nary var­nish, which has a smooth struc­ture;
  • when dec­o­rat­ing, a scat­ter­ing of small sparkles or large kam­i­fu­bi­ki is used. The lat­ter are tak­en not only in the tra­di­tion­al round­ed ver­sion, but also in the form of tri­an­gles, hearts, dia­monds.
glittermanicureglitter bridal manicure

Wedding manicure with rhinestones

Incred­i­bly beau­ti­ful, but at the same time a sim­ple­man­i­cure — nail art, dec­o­rat­ed with rhine­stones:

  • in the pres­ence of short­ened nails, it is per­mis­si­ble to place one rhine­stone on each fin­ger;
  • a pop­u­lar tech­nique is fill­ing the area of ​​u200bu200bthe hole with small rhine­stones;
  • a rhine­stone is often placed in the cen­ter of a flower, the petals are drawn or made using mod­el­ing;
  • a pop­u­lar trend is the com­bi­na­tion of rhine­stones and pearls. The com­bi­na­tion looks organ­ic and brings a unique charm to the image;
  • it is per­mis­si­ble to lay out a lon­gi­tu­di­nal strip with rhine­stones, on the sides of which open­work curls are depict­ed;
  • a com­bi­na­tion of rhine­stones with gold will help enhance the impres­sion of lux­u­ry;
  • with straziks laid out in a line, it is per­mis­si­ble to des­ig­nate the bor­der that runs between the base and the “smile” when cre­at­ing a jack­et. manicure with manicure ideas