Wedding dress colors

Ivory wedding dress

No mat­ter how long we would not talk now about the impor­tance of choos­ing a wed­ding dress, but this will still not be enough. What­ev­er com­par­isons are cho­sen, but all of them will not ful­ly con­vey the beau­ty of this out­fit. A wed­ding dress should delight every­one with­out excep­tion, turn­ing the bride into a queen or even a god­dess. When choos­ing the most impor­tant out­fit in a girl’s life, there are no tri­fles that could be over­looked and not giv­en impor­tance. It’s the same with col­ors. In order not to be mis­tak­en for sure, you should choose a dress in a noble and so fash­ion­able now ivory col­or.

Ivory wedding dress


There are not so many uni­ver­sal col­ors that have no restric­tions on use. But just ivory, or to put it more sim­ply — ivory, looks good in any image. And even white next to this col­or does not seem so ele­gant and fem­i­nine.

No mat­ter how beau­ti­ful the col­or, the cho­sen fab­ric plays a big role. The desire to empha­size the sil­hou­ette and high­light the tex­ture is real­ized thanks to satin and chif­fon, silk and organ­za car­ry shine, chic and lux­u­ry.

Ivory mermaid wedding dress

At all times, ivory was con­sid­ered an attrac­tive, roman­tic, sophis­ti­cat­ed and ele­gant col­or. Mod­ern fash­ion trends have not changed this idea of ​​u200bu200bcolor that imi­tates ivory. Rather, they expand­ed its influ­ence on the image of the bride, allow­ing her to be extrav­a­gant or, on the con­trary, mod­est, gen­tle or over­ly styl­ish.

Now it has become fash­ion­able to choose out­fits for brides­maids in a sim­i­lar style with the out­fit of the hero of the occa­sion. Ivory col­or has many attrac­tive shades. You can choose a dark­er col­or for brides­maid dress­es.

Ivory Bridesmaid DressesIvory Bridesmaid Dresses


Do you find ivory bor­ing? Take a look at its shades care­ful­ly again. Sure­ly now it has become bet­ter, and maybe you even fell in love with the very shade that will be present in the wed­ding look.

Did you know that the shades of this inter­est­ing col­or can be cold or warm?

Wedding dress with ivory train

Choos­ing the right tone is very close­ly relat­ed to the col­or type, fab­ric, the pres­ence of a spe­cial wed­ding style, and even more details. You can’t tell every­thing in a nut­shell, so a detailed study of the shades of ivory will not hurt.

If you want to cre­ate a frank image, for exam­ple, in the nude style, you first need to pay atten­tion to the beige shade of ivory. It is as close as pos­si­ble to the col­or of the skin, car­ries ele­gance and restraint. Nat­u­ral­ness and seduc­tive­ness come to the fore.

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Ivory beige wedding dress

A cream shade is per­fect for a spring girl. Ten­der­ness, warmth and sun — all this can be com­bined in your fresh and even a lit­tle friv­o­lous look. Such an image of the bride will mag­i­cal­ly act on the guests, set­ting them in the right mood.

You can add gold jew­el­ry or a string of nat­ur­al pearls to this look.

Brown-haired women should seri­ous­ly think about choos­ing soft ivory with a pink tint. Such a deci­sion will high­light all the advan­tages that the bride is endowed with by nature. You will only have time to catch the eyes of the guests, filled with delight from fem­i­nin­i­ty, grace and style.

It would be nice to take care of an even, beau­ti­ful tan in advance. Against its back­ground, pink ivory will look amaz­ing­ly beau­ti­ful.

Ivory pink wedding dress

When plan­ning a sum­mer wed­ding, con­sid­er choos­ing an ivory dress with a hint of peach. Against the back­ground of bright, juicy green­ery, the bride will look fresh and young.

These were warm shades, but there are also cold ones, which are also attrac­tive and suit a large num­ber of girls.

Ivory peach wedding dress

Let’s start with the most unusu­al and orig­i­nal — paper ivory. It is char­ac­ter­ized by a resem­blance to white, except that there is more soft­ness.

Not in every case, this col­or solu­tion will look equal­ly good. It all depends on the fab­ric — cheap and low-qual­i­ty mate­r­i­al will make the dress gray and, as it were, washed out. But expen­sive mate­ri­als in this col­or will look noble.

No less inter­est­ing and noble is the col­or of ivory when brown notes are added to it. Girls with a sum­mer col­or type should take this col­or into ser­vice and use it not only when choos­ing a wed­ding dress. And if your wed­ding also has a the­mat­ic devi­a­tion towards retro or shab­by chic, then you should not con­sid­er oth­er dress options.

You can choose a bright bou­quet, as well as acces­sories.

With spe­cial care, you need to select an ivory dress. It will be good not only to take a friend whose taste you trust for a fit­ting, but also to exam­ine your­self in a dress under dif­fer­ent light­ing.

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Mermaid wedding dress with ivory lace


There is no such style in wed­ding fash­ion that would not make friends with the ivory col­or. So the choice of style may depend on the venue of the wed­ding, the fea­tures of your fig­ure, but not on the col­or you choose.

Ivory is not only appro­pri­ate in any style, but also suit­able for all occa­sions: wed­ding, out­door paint­ing, cel­e­bra­tion in a restau­rant, beach wed­ding par­ty.

Ivory wedding dress with american neckline


A dress with a straight cut must have a max­i­mum length for a wed­ding cer­e­mo­ny or a wed­ding in a restau­rant. There are actu­al­ly many options to choose from:

  • fit­ted sil­hou­ette;
  • fit­ted bodice with or with­out a corset;
  • cutout of any shape;
  • slight flare at the bot­tom;
  • one-piece style.

A good option is the asym­met­ric cut that falls on one shoul­der, a deep back neck­line and oth­er inter­est­ing details that design­ers con­stant­ly show us in their col­lec­tions.

One shoulder wedding dress


What­ev­er they say about a snow-white wed­ding dress, but still the white col­or is not as inter­est­ing as ivory. He becomes espe­cial­ly beau­ti­ful in mag­nif­i­cent mod­els. And if the fab­ric is also cho­sen with taste, then there is no doubt — this is the most ide­al out­fit for a wed­ding.

Puffy ivory wedding dress

If the skirt is very fluffy, then the bodice usu­al­ly has a clas­sic shape. Lush dress­es in a noble col­or with a corset have a spe­cial beau­ty.

As for the skirt, there are many options, since the ivory col­or is uni­ver­sal in terms of choos­ing a style. Crino­line can be used, pet­ti­coats can be present, and flounces, ruf­fles, var­i­ous frills and lace can be cho­sen as decor. For the princess that every bride is, it will be dif­fi­cult to come up with anoth­er, more suc­cess­ful out­fit.


If your wed­ding will take place on the beach, then the out­fit should be appro­pri­ate. For exam­ple, a slip dress made of satin, dec­o­rat­ed with open­work embroi­dery, a clas­sic, but at the same time loose sheath or even an Empire style out­fit. You can stop at a lace dress, which in the upper part will fit the chest well due to the busti­er bodice, and at the bot­tom it will pro­vide free­dom of move­ment.

If the wed­ding is not lush and pre­ten­tious, but will be held in the cir­cle of the clos­est peo­ple, then a dis­creet out­fit with a length at the knee lev­el is well suit­ed. You can add ruf­fles or asym­met­ri­cal straps.

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Expen­sive lace looks great on its own, and if you add ivory to it, it will be dif­fi­cult to look away. Here it is, the solu­tion for the roy­al image.

It is due to this col­or that many design­ers favor­ably dis­tin­guish lace or embroi­dered ele­ments. For­tu­nate­ly, a large num­ber of ivory shades opens up unlim­it­ed pos­si­bil­i­ties for design­ers to mod­el and cre­ate col­or com­bi­na­tions.

groom suit

You can not choose sep­a­rate­ly the bride’s out­fit and the groom’s suit. Espe­cial­ly if an ivory dress is being con­sid­ered.

Tone must be matched. If the dress has a paper or brown tint, then the suit can be gray, black, or a shade of wet asphalt.

Wedding suit for the bride's dress

When the bride choos­es a dress in a warm shade from the ivory palette, it is bet­ter for the groom to be in a cof­fee or pale brown suit.

There is a strict ban on white suits. You don’t want your dress to go from inter­est­ing and unusu­al to dirty and worn. Even the groom’s shirt should not be white, but repeat­ing the col­or of the dress is easy.

Ivory wedding suit for the bride's outfit


You can­not care­ful­ly and for a long time choose a dress, and buy the first shoes that you like. The col­or of the dress and the col­or of the shoes must match.

The choice of style and style of wed­ding shoes is not so strict, so you can be guid­ed by your pref­er­ences and con­ve­nience.

Ivory hi-low wedding dress

Bridal bouquet

The bou­quet is the role of con­trast. White and beige are not appro­pri­ate when choos­ing a flower arrange­ment. Flow­ers should be bright and sat­u­rat­ed, so feel free to choose ros­es, ger­beras, chrysan­the­mums, orchids and even car­na­tions.

Wedding bouquet under an ivory dressWedding bouquet under an ivory dress

You can add juicy green­ery to the bou­quet and use the most unusu­al plants with rare flow­ers: pur­ple, blue, pur­ple.

Wedding bouquets under an ivory dress


Almost any acces­sories go well with ivory. Gold, sil­ver, pearls, mul­ti-col­ored ele­ments. Focus on your taste, do not for­get about the mea­sure, achieve har­mo­ny.

Accessories for an ivory wedding dress

It is in the pow­er of any girl to cre­ate an impec­ca­ble image that can serve as an icon of style. Why not start with an ivory out­fit? With it, you can even dilute snow-white skin and high­light a bare­ly notice­able tan. And even in the pho­to and video shoot­ing, the bride looks bet­ter in such out­fits.