The wedding cake

How to choose a cake for a silver wedding?

The Sil­ver Wed­ding is a hol­i­day ded­i­cat­ed to the 25th anniver­sary of fam­i­ly life. For a quar­ter of a cen­tu­ry, the cou­ple went through a lot side by side — in their lives there were both hap­py events and dif­fi­cul­ties that they man­aged to over­come togeth­er. As a sign of love and fideli­ty on the day of cel­e­bra­tion, it is cus­tom­ary for spous­es to give a beau­ti­ful and sym­bol­ic cake.

Features of the celebration

The 25th anniver­sary of mar­riage has a beau­ti­ful name — Sil­ver Wed­ding, because by this moment the rela­tion­ship between hus­band and wife has become ten­der, bright and strong, like a pre­cious met­al. If the fam­i­ly has decid­ed to cel­e­brate this sig­nif­i­cant event, then you should think about the menu for invit­ed friends and rel­a­tives in advance, and a cake is a sep­a­rate item. The treat on this day should be dec­o­rat­ed in accor­dance with the idea of ​​u200bu200bthe hol­i­day and become a sym­bol of ten­der and deep feel­ings between spous­es.

Before choos­ing a design for a birth­day cake, it is worth con­sid­er­ing its com­po­si­tion and the recipe for cakes and top­pings.

The con­fec­tionery indus­try offers a great vari­ety of the most deli­cious creams and impreg­na­tions. How­ev­er, it is bet­ter to stop your choice on prod­ucts with bis­cuits and an airy cream lay­er, but it is bet­ter to say “no” to cakes with excess but­ter on such a day — this is a rather heavy food, which is often con­traindi­cat­ed for peo­ple over 40 years of age.

It is no secret that both the spous­es them­selves and their loved ones are peo­ple of mature age, so you should not over­shad­ow the hol­i­day with diges­tive prob­lems that will inevitably arise if you treat your guests to a cake with an abun­dance of whipped cream. It is best to stop at yogurt, cot­tage cheese, caramel fill­ings, pra­lines, tiramisu or bird’s milk are also suit­able.

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If a large num­ber of guests are invit­ed to your hol­i­day, then you can pre­pare a cake using sev­er­al fill­ings or impreg­na­tions, for exam­ple, straw­ber­ry cream goes well with banana, and milk cream with choco­late or vanil­la. A fruit treat is also a good solu­tion for a sil­ver wed­ding — this is a very light dessert that will not give a feel­ing of heav­i­ness in the stom­ach.


We fig­ured out the com­po­si­tion of the treat — now it’s time to start choos­ing a design. Of course, 25 years togeth­er is a sig­nif­i­cant date, so the cake should be excep­tion­al­ly solemn and lux­u­ri­ous. A mul­ti-sto­ry dessert dec­o­rat­ed with fig­urines, pearls and shim­mer­ing rib­bons will be appro­pri­ate here. A lacon­ic treat, cov­ered only with sil­ver mas­tic, looks no less styl­ish. Such a cake will look styl­ish and very expen­sive.

Anoth­er mod­ern yet very inter­est­ing wed­ding anniver­sary cake idea is the cup­cake shaped dessert. This option is gain­ing more and more pop­u­lar­i­ty due to an inter­est­ing pre­sen­ta­tion that all guests like. And in this case, it is bet­ter to use mul­ti-tiered coast­ers for sweet pas­tries as suit­able dish­es — you can place cup­cakes on the low­er “floors”, and put a small cake for two at the very top, which the spous­es will cut at the end of the cel­e­bra­tion.

Cup­cakes can be dec­o­rat­ed in the style of the gen­er­al decor of the event, in addi­tion, they are often dec­o­rat­ed with mas­tic fig­ures depict­ing spous­es, as well as peo­ple dear to them, sym­bol­iz­ing a hap­py fam­i­ly life — chil­dren, grand­chil­dren. Sym­bol­ic decors, as well as touch­ing inscrip­tions — dec­la­ra­tions of love and respect will be appro­pri­ate here.

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What­ev­er decor option you pre­fer, spe­cial atten­tion should be paid to the col­or scheme. The cake must cer­tain­ly be aged in sil­ver shades, thus sym­bol­iz­ing the very essence of the anniver­sary.

A snow-white cake with sil­ver rib­bons pre­sent­ed to par­ents looks very good. - more­over, the rib­bons can be real, locat­ed along the low­er edge of the treat, or sweet, made from food mas­tic or oth­er sweet paste.

A clas­sic of the genre is this anniver­sary cake with the inscrip­tion “25 years”, how­ev­er, the inscrip­tions may vary. For exam­ple, you can dis­play “Con­grat­u­la­tions” or “Coun­cil and love”, or you can choose anoth­er unusu­al text that is under­stand­able and pleas­ant to the heroes of the occa­sion.

And, of course, the wed­ding cake can be dec­o­rat­ed with swans and flow­ers. Such dec­o­ra­tions are very sym­bol­ic and indi­cate that through­out this long peri­od of time, the hus­band and wife were faith­ful and sup­port­ed each oth­er, not stop­ping in the face of dif­fi­cul­ties. And the flow­ers will indi­cate the well-being reign­ing in the fam­i­ly, har­mo­ny and eter­nal spring in rela­tion­ships.

Per­haps the ide­al cake decor for the 25th anniver­sary of mar­riage will be hearts that will tell every­one about the great and sin­cere love of the spous­es. A treat pre­pared from these ele­ments will empha­size undy­ing feel­ings. By the way, in this case, you can devi­ate from the tra­di­tion­al sil­very hue and make the cake bright or pale pink, pas­tel or even cool light green, and the hearts them­selves can be made con­trast­ing to indi­cate the unquench­able fire that part­ners have lit in each oth­er for many, many years. .

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Interesting examples

A treat for a sil­ver wed­ding can take a vari­ety of forms. Clas­sic round cakes or asym­met­ric ones made in the form of hearts or any oth­er shapes are pop­u­lar. Mul­ti-tiered dec­o­ra­tions look very good, how­ev­er, sin­gle-tier ones are not infe­ri­or to them in style and sophis­ti­ca­tion.

Any vari­ant of the treat that will empha­size the theme of the event will be the per­fect dec­o­ra­tion for the table. An ordi­nary dessert is dec­o­rat­ed with mas­tic fig­ures, pow­dered sug­ar, cream, lace or rib­bons, as well as fresh or arti­fi­cial flow­ers. Pho­to print­ing depict­ing a mar­ried cou­ple also looks good. A manda­to­ry attribute of the solemn cake should be sil­ver dec­o­ra­tion — this col­or must cer­tain­ly be present in large quan­ti­ties. See our pho­to selec­tion for the most inter­est­ing sil­ver cake ideas.

How to choose a cake for a wed­ding, a pro­fes­sion­al pas­try chef will tell you in the video below.