The Eng­lish joke that “wed­ding dress” rhymes with the word “stress” for a rea­son. Choose a beau­ti­ful wed­ding dress vol­ume style and for he fig­ures are a test for your taste. We will help you choose your wed­ding dress. After you read this arti­cle, you will be able to iden­ti­fy the types of female fig­ures and under­stand what suits them and does not suit them. And of course we have includ­ed pho­tos of 2017 wed­ding dress­es. Don’t for­get that you can buy or rent a wed­ding dress in the Chan­fash­ion Cat­a­log.

Tip: Always keep your indi­vid­u­al­i­ty. Fash­ion stereo­types from glossy mag­a­zines are often harm­ful. Eval­u­ate the dress direct­ly, how it sits on you.

Selection of a wedding dress

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How to choose a wedding dress according to your figure?

A well-cho­sen wed­ding dress trans­forms the fig­ure. And the wrong sil­hou­ette empha­sizes the flaws. We want to pro­tect you from com­mon selec­tion mis­takes. Let’s talk about how the types of female fig­ures dif­fer and what styles of dress­es suit them.

Allo­cate 5 basic types of fig­ures:

  1. “Hour­glass”.
  2. “Pear” (tri­an­gle).
  3. “Apple” (cir­cle).
  4. “H” (rec­tan­gle).
  5. “Invert­ed Tri­an­gle”
Five types of women's figures

To deter­mine your body type, mea­sure:

  • hips
  • waist
  • breast
  • shoul­ders

Match your pro­por­tions with the infor­ma­tion below and find out which dress suits you.

Wedding dresses 2017 mermaid

1. Hourglass figure

The most har­mo­nious type of fig­ure. It is very rare. For girls with an impec­ca­ble body struc­ture, almost any mod­el is suit­able. When choos­ing, be sure to con­sid­er height.


Nar­row waist, the same width of the bust and hips.

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What to avoid?

A large num­ber of ruf­fles and lace, which will unsuc­cess­ful­ly hide every­thing that nature has endowed.

How to emphasize dignity?

  • Grace­ful corset.
  • Neck­line in the shape of a heart.
  • Open shoul­ders.
  • Flat bot­tom.
  • Bright belt as an accent.

The perfect dress

Straight or fit­ted (pos­si­ble with a train).

Wedding dress 2017
White wedding dresses

2. Pear shape (triangle)

Attrac­tive fem­i­nine fig­ure. Men like women with such a physique because they look healthy. The task of the wed­ding dress is to reduce the vol­ume of the hips and increase the vol­ume of the chest.


Nar­row shoul­ders, wide hips.

What to avoid?

Tight-fit­ting mod­els, puffy tight skirts, “fish” type dress­es that focus on the low­er part of the fig­ure.

How to emphasize dignity?

  • Skirt in light­weight fab­ric.
  • Bright insert at the waist.
  • Boat cutout.
  • Sleeves “lanterns”.
  • Hor­i­zon­tal bodice.

The perfect dress


Wedding dress with a straight neckline
Satin wedding dress 2017

3. Figure “Apple” (circle)

Women with an “apple” fig­ure were idol­ized by medieval painters: wide round­ed hips, lush breasts and beau­ti­ful even legs. It is these parts of the body that should be empha­sized when choos­ing a wed­ding dress.


The same size bust, waist, hips. Slim legs.

What to avoid?

Hor­i­zon­tal pat­terns, draperies and shiny fab­rics that add vol­ume.

How to emphasize dignity?

  • V‑neck.
  • High waist.
  • Rigid corset.
  • Vol­u­met­ric skirts (it is pos­si­ble with a midi length).
Empire wedding dress
Boho wedding dress

The perfect dress

Greek, Empire style.

Wedding dress with sleeves 2017
Lace wedding dress 2017

4. Figure “H” (rectangle)

Ath­let­ic body type, which is loved by mod­ern fash­ion design­ers. Most of the girls from the podi­um are the own­ers of just such para­me­ters. A bride with an “H” fig­ure can afford a lux­u­ri­ous “Dis­ney princess” dress.

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The same size bust, waist, hips. There are no clear curves.

What to avoid?

Shoul­der pads and deep neck­line. Fish-like sil­hou­ettes and straight cuts.

How to emphasize dignity?

  • Corset.
  • Fluffy skirt.
  • A‑line sil­hou­ette.
  • Bodice dec­o­ra­tion.
  • Low waist (for high height).

The perfect dress

Tra­di­tion­al, lux­u­ri­ous.

Classic wedding dress
Backless wedding dress

5. Inverted Triangle Shape

Ath­let­ic body struc­ture, which is char­ac­ter­ized by mas­sive shoul­ders, nar­row hips and long beau­ti­ful legs. The main task when choos­ing a dress is to draw atten­tion to the low­er part of the body.


Shoul­ders and bust wider than hips.

What to avoid?

Mod­els with bare shoul­ders, rich dec­o­ra­tion of the bodice, puffed sleeves.

How to emphasize dignity?

  • V‑neck.
  • Corset.
  • Fluffy skirt.
  • Cut on the back.
  • Sleeves that cov­er the wrist.

The perfect dress

Type “Mer­maid” (fish).

Take a close friend, moth­er or sis­ter to try on. Let them eval­u­ate the mod­els they like from the out­side. A wed­ding is a won­der­ful, bright event, and the choice of a dress is an impor­tant moment that should please and delight.

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