Corset wedding dresses

The most impor­tant day for a girl is her wed­ding day. It is on this day that she will feel like a queen. And for roy­als, puffy wed­ding dress­es with a corset are the best fit.

How to choose corset wedding dresses

Kylie Minogue was the first to appre­ci­ate wed­ding dress­es with a corset, and after her, the rest of the star divas looked at this image. Let’s take a clos­er look at how to choose the per­fect style for a dress with a corset.

If you have a stan­dard fig­ure and you can boast of a beau­ti­ful waist, there will be no prob­lems. Just pick up a corset, the size of which cor­re­sponds to the size of the clothes. But to adjust the waist or bust, it is bet­ter to take a corset one size small­er. Once you have your per­fect dress, be sure to walk around in it for a bit at home. The corset great­ly changes pos­ture, and there­fore it is more dif­fi­cult to breathe and walk in it — it is bet­ter to learn in advance.

Now let’s decide how to tie a corset on a dress. For the first time, it is enough to tight­en it only 5–10 cm. When worn, there should be no pain or dis­com­fort. If you chose a corset with two laces, be sure to tie them very care­ful­ly. Side-laced wed­ding dress­es can twist your spine if you tie them with dif­fer­ent amounts of force.

The lac­ing of the corset of the wed­ding dress starts from top to bot­tom. First of all, a knot is formed on the first cross, which will sup­port the chest, then we move on to the waist. The bridal salon should show you how to prop­er­ly lace up your corset.

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Wedding dresses with a corset: what style to choose?

  1. Wed­ding dress­es with a trans­par­ent corset. The most con­tro­ver­sial and sexy option. This dress is well suit­ed for a brave girl with a good fig­ure. Wed­ding dress­es with a trans­par­ent corset only slight­ly expose some parts of the body, but do not look vul­gar.
  2. Wed­ding dress­es with under­stat­ed corset. They are very con­ve­nient in that they help to mod­el the nec­es­sary sil­hou­ette. Such a corset comes to the hips, so you can shape the fig­ure and visu­al­ly make it visu­al­ly slim­mer. Some­times this style is dec­o­rat­ed with a thin strap in a con­trast­ing col­or, which gives the image sophis­ti­ca­tion and ele­gance.
  3. Wed­ding dress with embroi­dered corset. It will draw atten­tion to your small waist. Often, embroi­dery adorns a trans­par­ent corset. The dress looks very gen­tle and draws addi­tion­al atten­tion to the chest.
  4. Wed­ding dress­es with lace corset. Due to the lace, the own­ers of a small chest will be able to visu­al­ly cor­rect this short­com­ing. Often lace is com­bined with gloves or a veil in the same style.