handmade bridal garter

Quite pop­u­lar at present in our coun­try is the cus­tom of dress­ing the bride with a garter. After paint­ing, at a ban­quet, the groom is sup­posed to remove it from the legs of his new­ly-made wife and throw it into the crowd of unmar­ried guys who have gath­ered. This cus­tom, of course, does not belong to the orig­i­nal Russ­ian tra­di­tions and came to us from West­ern rites, as well as throw­ing a bou­quet. But he so quick­ly won his love among our brides that almost every new­ly­wed con­sid­ers this wed­ding attribute oblig­a­tory. Of course, the eas­i­est way to buy a garter is in any wed­ding salon: for­tu­nate­ly, their range is quite large, and even the most demand­ing bride will choose the mod­el she likes. This will save time, which, as a rule, is so lack­ing in the pre-wed­ding fuss. But, you see, how touch­ing it is to make a wed­ding garter with your own hands and know that it is one of a kind. By the way, this is not so dif­fi­cult as it might seem at first glance. It is enough to have the banal sewing skills them­selves. Well, do not for­get about the good mood! So, we will talk about how to make a garter with your own hands.

How to sew a garter with your own hands: materials needed

To make the nec­es­sary attribute of a beau­ti­ful bride’s out­fit, a garter, you should pre­pare:

  1. A piece of white lace. We rec­om­mend pur­chas­ing a lace in which one edge is straight. Then it will be easy for us to con­nect the pieces of lace togeth­er to get a wide can­vas. If you man­age to find a piece of wide lace, you will have less work to do.
  2. A piece of blue rib­bon or rib­bon 1.5–2 cm wide.
  3. An elas­tic band that will be need­ed in order for the future garter to stay on your leg. Its width should be less than the width of the tape.
  4. A thin rib­bon with white and blue stripes for mak­ing dec­o­ra­tive knots.
  5. A thread that match­es the shade of the blue rib­bon.
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Wedding garter: master class

So, let’s move on to sewing the bride’s garter with our own hands.

  1. First you need to mea­sure the length of the future garter. To do this, mea­sure with a cen­time­ter the width of that part of your leg, locat­ed just above the knee. Add anoth­er 30 cm to this mea­sure­ment.
  2. Cut two pieces of lace to the required length (leg width + 30 cm). If you have one wide lace, you will only need one piece.
  3. Care­ful­ly lay the pieces of fab­ric on top of each oth­er so that the lace edges are on the out­side.
  4. handmade bridal garter1
  5. After secur­ing the seams with safe­ty pins, sew the pieces of lace togeth­er with a machine stitch so that they bare­ly touch each oth­er.
  6. handmade bridal garter2 handmade bridal garter
  7. Now you need to make two pieces of blue rib­bon with the same length as the lace.
  8. Place one of the pieces of rib­bon under the lace exact­ly in the mid­dle. And now, in the same way, that is, in the cen­ter, but place the sec­ond seg­ment on top of the lace. Both rib­bons must be absolute­ly aligned. Insert safe­ty pins where nec­es­sary.
  9. handmade bridal garter bride's handmade garter5
  10. And now it’s time for the most painstak­ing work. Using a sewing machine, stitch the rib­bons to the garter top and bot­tom. Please note that no more than 1–2 mm must be retreat­ed from the edge of the tape. Do every­thing slow­ly and care­ful­ly. When the rib­bons are stitched, they form a chan­nel where you can put the elas­tic.
  11. handmade bride's garter
  12. By the way, the length of the elas­tic is cal­cu­lat­ed as fol­lows: you need to add a few cm to the width of the legs of the brides. Pin a pin on the edge of the elas­tic and insert it into the draw­string formed by blue rib­bons. Push the pin through the chan­nel, there­by push­ing the elas­tic to the oppo­site edge of the work­piece. Sew togeth­er both edges of the elas­tic, as well as the edges of the lace and rib­bons with a machine seam. Spread the elas­tic even­ly over the draw­string of the garter.
  13. handmade bride's garter bridal garter with own hands
  14. From a white and blue rib­bon, tie them into 5 bows, the edges of which can be cut off in the form of a check mark.
  15. handmade bridal garter
  16. Sew the bows onto the blue rib­bon by hand. Your garter is ready!
  17. handmade bride's garter10
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Now you know how to make a bridal garter, and mak­ing this attribute will not be a prob­lem for you.