DIY car bow

Dec­o­rat­ing wed­ding ban­quets with your own hands is very excit­ing. This includes the dec­o­ra­tion of wed­ding glass­es and cham­pagne, the design of wed­ding invi­ta­tions and, of course, the dec­o­ra­tion of the ban­quet hall and wed­ding trans­port. Today we will con­sid­er a mas­ter class on how to make a big bow on a car with your own hands.

How to sew and attach a bow to a wedding car?

1. Pre­pare two pieces of satin fab­ric in con­trast­ing shades. It is bet­ter to use white, pink, lilac or red. The dimen­sions of the fab­ric are approx­i­mate­ly as fol­lows: large — 70x150 cm, small — 50x100 cm. Sew them sep­a­rate­ly into two dou­ble sheets resem­bling duvet cov­ers, and then turn them inside out on the face. Sew a small “duvet cov­er” to a large one with blind stitch­es in the cor­ners.

DIY car bow1

2. Sew both pieces togeth­er. To begin with, it is bet­ter to baste by hand, pulling the bow tight­ly in the mid­dle. Then sew along the same line on the sewing machine. To do this, first great­ly increase the ten­sion of the upper thread, and the machine itself will pull the prod­uct into a beau­ti­ful bow. Smooth out all the folds and cor­ners, fas­ten the thread at the begin­ning and end of the stitch from the wrong side. The base of the bow is ready!

DIY car bow 2

3. We make the sec­ond bow — from tulle. Cut two strips of tulle the same size as the satin in step 1. Fold them togeth­er and wrap around the nar­row end of the bow, then dou­ble knot tight­ly. Attach a nar­row satin rib­bon of the same shade from above: you will need it to fix the bride’s bou­quet on the bow.

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DIY car bow 3

4. The dia­gram shows the places where you need to hem the prod­uct:

  • a dot­ted line marks the seam that gath­ers the rec­tan­gles of the fab­ric into a bow;
  • straight lines show the places where the “duvet cov­ers” were turned inside out to the front side;
  • red squares sym­bol­ize the places where the white part of the bow is sewn to the lilac one;
  • the cir­cles mark the suc­tion cups sewn on from the wrong side. They are locat­ed almost on the edge, but so that they are not vis­i­ble from the front side.
  • do-it-yourself bow on the car4

5. This is how the bride’s bou­quet looks like, which must be firm­ly fixed with two satin rib­bons on the bow. Tie the bou­quet at the base with the top rib­bon, and the stem of the bou­quet with the bot­tom rib­bon to keep it upright.

DIY car bow

Now how to tie this bow on the car? You will need sev­er­al long, wide match­ing satin rib­bons. Ini­tial­ly, you need to fix one tape on the trunk or on the hood (depend­ing on the loca­tion of the bow on the car). Then care­ful­ly tie the bow to this rib­bon and secure it to the machine with the four suc­tion cups. They are attached to a clean and damp sur­face of the car. Prop­er­ly attached suc­tion cups will hold well on the wed­ding car.