DIY wedding champagne

For every bride, a wed­ding is a spe­cial event that should hap­pen once in a life­time. There­fore, every detail is impor­tant in the design, because, as you know, it is the lit­tle things that cre­ate a spe­cial atmos­phere. Cham­pagne is an essen­tial attribute of any solemn event: with the clink of glass­es, a young cou­ple shouts “Bit­ter!”. That is why many brides con­sid­er it a must to dec­o­rate wed­ding cham­pagne. Of course, the orig­i­nal bot­tle can be pur­chased at salons spe­cial­iz­ing in wed­ding prepa­ra­tion ser­vices. But to do it your­self is cheap­er and more touch­ing. There­fore, if you are look­ing for how to dec­o­rate wed­ding cham­pagne, we hope that the mas­ter class­es offered will help you.

DIY wedding champagne bottles: heart-shaped decor

For dec­o­ra­tion you will need:

  • a bot­tle of cham­pagne, cleared of the label and glue residue;
  • out­line on white glass;
  • spray paint white;
  • glue super-moment;
  • white beads of dif­fer­ent sizes;
  • small flow­ers — from rib­bons or ther­mo­plas­tics.
  • DIY wedding champagne1

So, we start dec­o­rat­ing wed­ding cham­pagne with our own hands:

  1. We paint the bot­tle with aerosol paint in sev­er­al stages after 2 hours, so that the applied lay­ers have time to dry and are even­ly applied.
  2. handmade wedding champagne
  3. We lay out flow­ers and beads in the shape of a half heart on a nap­kin, and draw an approx­i­mate pat­tern of the pat­tern on the bot­tle with a sim­ple pen­cil. Then, start­ing from the bot­tom, using glue and tweez­ers, care­ful­ly attach the parts to the bot­tle.
  4. DIY wedding champagne
  5. Now, with the help of decor on glass, we fill the voids on the bot­tle with pat­terns in the form of squig­gles. Thus, we get an orig­i­nal­ly dec­o­rat­ed wed­ding cham­pagne with our own hands, which will per­fect­ly fit into the gen­er­al atmos­phere of the cel­e­bra­tion.
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DIY wedding champagne

And if you dec­o­rate the sec­ond bot­tle with a mir­ror image, you get a heart of two halves.

DIY wedding champagne5
Author of the idea and images Natalya Chuglazo­va

Do-it-yourself wedding champagne decoration: decor with ribbons

The braid­ing of cham­pagne bot­tles with satin rib­bons will look very fes­tive. For this you will need the fol­low­ing mate­ri­als:

  • the bot­tle of cham­pagne itself with gold foil, on which there are no inscrip­tions;
  • satin rib­bon 3.5–4 m long;
  • gold bro­cade rib­bon 1.5 m;
  • scis­sors;
  • glue “moment-crys­tal” gel.
  • DIY wedding champagne1

Let’s start dec­o­rat­ing wed­ding cham­pagne with our own hands:

  1. We take a satin rib­bon and, attach­ing it to the neck of the bot­tle, mea­sure out the required length for the first lay­er.
    handmade wedding champagne
    We cut off the tape, grease it with spot glue, wrap it around the neck and attach it to the bot­tle, putting the right end of the tape on the left.
  2. DIY wedding champagne
  3. Now we mea­sure the sec­ond lay­er of the tape seg­ment: it will be larg­er, as the bot­tle expands to the bot­tom. Cut off again, apply glue and apply to the bot­tle. Make sure that on all lay­ers the right end of the pieces of tape is super­im­posed on top, then the pig­tail will look neat.
    DIY wedding champagne
    In the same man­ner, you need to dec­o­rate the third and fourth lay­ers.
    DIY wedding champagne5
  4. The fifth and sixth lay­ers are dec­o­rat­ed with a bro­cade rib­bon in the same way as with a satin rib­bon.
  5. DIY wedding champagne6
  6. And now we con­tin­ue to dec­o­rate the bot­tle from below. Let’s start with the bro­cade rib­bon: again apply it in a cir­cle even­ly so that the seam is at the back. Then we cut 7–8 satin rib­bons of the same length and glue them with ten­sion one to one, wrap­ping one edge of each seg­ment on the oth­er. It will turn out slop­py, but it’s not scary!
  7. We cut a length of 10–12 cm from the satin rib­bon, put a drop of glue on its end, put it under the free edge of the low­er bro­cade rib­bon at the junc­tion of the lay­ers and attach it to the bot­tle.
    DIY wedding champagne10
    Then we stretch the tape along the length of the bot­tle, clos­ing the seam, and fix it on the glass.
  8. do-it-yourself wedding champagne11
  9. We attach the last lay­er of bro­cade rib­bon.
  10. DIY wedding champagne12
  11. By adding some more beads, dec­o­ra­tive feath­ers, lace and rib­bon fig­ures in front, we will be able to dec­o­rate wed­ding cham­pagne with our own hands.
  12. DIY wedding champagne13

    You can com­ple­ment the wed­ding cel­e­bra­tion with oth­er hand-made acces­sories: a pil­low for rings, a bride’s hand­bag, bon­bon­nieres and a wed­ding chest. We wish you suc­cess in your wed­ding decor!

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