Going to a friend’s wed­ding, a young cou­ple is asked what gift they want to receive. Recent­ly, how­ev­er, more and more new­ly­weds pre­fer to receive cash gifts. In this case, the ques­tion aris­es of how to beau­ti­ful­ly orga­nize the pre­sen­ta­tion of such gifts to young spous­es. For this pur­pose, you can use a wed­ding chest for mon­ey. Of course, it is eas­i­er to buy a ready-made box in the store, but it will be much more pleas­ant for both the guests and the new­ly­weds them­selves if the wed­ding box is made by hand.

How to make a wedding chest with your own hands: a master class

Before you make a chest for mon­ey for a wed­ding, you need to pre­pare the fol­low­ing mate­ri­als:

  • thick card­board;
  • what­man;
  • scis­sors;
  • scotch;
  • glue;
  • silk fab­ric;
  • lace;
  • syn­thet­ic win­ter­iz­er;
  • threads;
  • tapes;
  • bead;
  • cord.
  1. Cut out two dou­ble hearts from thick card­board. Paste with what­man paper. In this case, the blank from what­man paper should have a mar­gin of 3 mm. We make ser­ifs along the edges and bend the edges to the side.
  2. DIY wedding chest1
  3. We cov­er the sec­ond blank of card­board with a padding poly­ester as shown in the pho­to below. We fix it with threads.
  4. DIY wedding chest2
  5. Now you need to put lace and silk fab­ric down. At the same time, you need to tight­en the fab­ric as tight­ly as pos­si­ble so that there are no folds on it on the front side. Since the silk is thin enough, in addi­tion to the threads, we fix it to the base with adhe­sive tape.
  6. DIY wedding chest3
  7. The front sur­face of the fab­ric should be per­fect­ly flat.
  8. DIY wedding chest4
  9. From what­man paper, you need to cut a wide strip and make notch­es along the edges no more than one cen­time­ter long. Next, they need to be bent with scis­sors.
  10. We give the draw­ing paper a heart shape, sim­i­lar to a blank made of card­board.
  11. DIY wedding chest5
  12. Over­lap need to make a lock.
  13. DIY wedding chest6
  14. Now you need to cut out anoth­er blank from what­man paper, but small­er than the main one and with­out over­lap.
  15. DIY wedding chest7
  16. Lubri­cate the con­tour of the heart blank with glue and glue it on the ser­ifs.
  17. DIY wedding chest8 DIY wedding chest9
  18. Glue the cord along the con­tour of the large hearts.
  19. DIY wedding chest10 DIY wedding chest11
  20. We make a small bow and glue it on one of the hearts.
  21. DIY wedding chest12
  22. We glue the back side with a cord in the same way.
  23. DIY wedding chest13
  24. Glue lace into the exist­ing hole, glue rib­bons on top.
  25. DIY wedding chest14
  26. The wed­ding chest for mon­ey is ready.
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When cre­at­ing a box for mon­ey, you can use var­i­ous mate­ri­als, dec­o­ra­tions. Also, the wed­ding chest itself can be made in the form of a cake, a house, a car, a cir­cle, or any oth­er fig­ure of your choice.

Dec­o­rat­ing wed­ding box­es is a fun and inter­est­ing process. It will be nice to put such a chest for mon­ey on the table for the new­ly­weds to receive gifts. It will per­form not only its main func­tion — to store donat­ed envelopes — but also serve as a dec­o­ra­tion for the fes­tive table. Also, if you wish, you can make oth­er wed­ding acces­sories: bon­bon­nieres for guests, a pil­low for rings, a bride’s hand­bag.