A wed­ding seems like such a short hol­i­day, but you want to enjoy every moment, remem­ber every moment of the cel­e­bra­tion and hear every warm word. It’s good that you can do this a lit­tle lat­er by look­ing through pho­tos and leaf­ing through a hand­made wed­ding wish book. Do not believe that you can make such a book on your own, for which you will not be ashamed in front of the guests? Per­haps you will change your mind when you con­sid­er the Wish Book mas­ter class.

For work you will need:

  • paper — 2 sheets of thick card­board (24cm x 21cm), crin­kled paper, a sheet of design­er card­board (22cm x 19cm), 12 sheets of thin white card­board (23cm x 20cm), print­ed inscrip­tion “Wish Book”;
  • dec­o­ra­tive ele­ments — lace, braid, buck­le, beads, flow­ers, fas­ten­ing rings;
  • tools — a hole punch, a fig­ured hole punch, scis­sors, hot glue, dou­ble-sided tape.
  • handmade wish book
  1. The DIY wish book starts with a cov­er, it is advis­able to use col­ors that match the col­or scheme of the wed­ding. We take thick card­board mea­sur­ing 24cm x 21cm and crin­kled paper mea­sur­ing 25cm x 28cm.
  2. handmade wish book
  3. We wrap the card­board in crum­pled paper, bend­ing it even­ly on all sides, wrap the cor­ners inward and glue it with hot glue.
  4. DIY wish book DIY wish book
  5. We also wrap the sec­ond sheet of card­board — they will become the cov­er. Retreat­ing 6 cm from the inner edge with a hole punch, we make holes for the fas­ten­ing rings.
  6. DIY wish book DIY wish book
  7. After cre­at­ing the basis, the ques­tion aris­es of how to make an orig­i­nal wish book. To do this, we will begin to “con­jure” over the front side of the cov­er. Attach to it with dou­ble-sided tape in the cen­ter a sheet of design paper approx­i­mate­ly 22cm x 19cm.
  8. DIY wish book
  9. Under the lev­el of the low­er hole for the ring, we wrap the page with lace, fix the ends on the reverse side with glue.
  10. DIY wish book DIY wish book
  11. We shade the light lace with braid, you can dec­o­rate it with a small dec­o­ra­tive buck­le. Reat­tach with glue on the back.
  12. DIY wish book10 DIY wish book11
  13. Now you need to hide all the rough work — we glue a reg­u­lar sheet of white card­board mea­sur­ing 23cm x 20cm onto dou­ble-sided tape on the reverse side.
  14. DIY wish book12
  15. We cut out the inscrip­tion “Book of wish­es” print­ed in advance to make a frag­ment of about 10cm x 15cm. Dec­o­rate the edges with a fig­ured hole punch. We hide the work­piece at one cor­ner under the lace and glue it.
  16. DIY wish book13 DIY wish book14
  17. Usu­al­ly hand­made (in the mod­ern world this is called scrap­book­ing) wish books are com­ple­ment­ed by vol­u­met­ric ele­ments. Take white arti­fi­cial flow­ers and place them on the cov­er.
  18. DIY wish book15 DIY wish book16
  19. Let’s sup­ple­ment them with small ele­ments — ros­es, leaves, beads.
  20. DIY wish book17 DIY wish book18
  21. The cov­er is ready, now we take the remain­ing 10 sheets of white card­board, make holes in them, fas­ten the cov­er and pages with rings.
  22. DIY wish book19
  23. The design of the pages of the wish book can be dec­o­rat­ing with pat­terns, cre­at­ing carved cor­ners, fill­ing in inter­est­ing ques­tions for guests and facts about the bride and groom. What­ev­er you come up with — a hand-made wish book will be exclu­sive and unique!
  24. DIY wish book
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