Prepar­ing for cel­e­bra­tions is always a huge respon­si­bil­i­ty. Espe­cial­ly prepa­ra­tion for the wed­ding — the hap­pi­est day in the life of lovers. Of course, I want to make this day spe­cial, mem­o­rable, filled with pleas­ant impres­sions and emo­tions. One of the ways to add charm to your wed­ding is to make your own wed­ding escort dec­o­ra­tions. In this arti­cle we will tell you how to make rings on the car.

Master class: rings on the car

To cre­ate rings to dec­o­rate a wed­ding car, we need the fol­low­ing tools and mate­ri­als:

  • flex­i­ble hose (for exam­ple, the drain hose of a wash­ing machine or dish­wash­er). The length of the hose depends on the select­ed size of wed­ding rings for the car. As a rule, 2 m of hose is enough;
  • organ­za (with a can­vas width of 150 cm, 1 m of fab­ric is enough);
  • gold leaf;
  • caps from felt-tip pens (or anoth­er object of suit­able diam­e­ter — we will use them as hose con­nec­tors);
  • arti­fi­cial flow­ers for dec­o­ra­tion;
  • adhe­sive tape (trans­par­ent);
  • wire;
  • Chi­nese sticks (or long wood­en hair­pins).
  • DIY car rings
  1. We divide the hose into three parts, one of which will be slight­ly longer (4–5 cm), and the oth­er two will be the same size. We con­nect the edges of the long and one of the short ones to make two rings. To close them, we use felt-tip caps and adhe­sive tape.
  2. DIY car rings
  3. Then the foil should be divid­ed into a strip (to make it more con­ve­nient to work) and wrap the rings. The base should also be wrapped in foil.
  4. handmade rings for car
  5. We assem­ble the dec­o­ra­tion using adhe­sive tape and Chi­nese sticks to fix it.
  6. handmade rings for car
  7. Using adhe­sive tape, we also fix flow­ers on the basis.
  8. rings on the car with your own hands
  9. Then we drape the base with organ­za rib­bons.
  10. handmade rings for car
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If desired, you can also add sequins, rhine­stones, beads or sequins — it’s just a mat­ter of your per­son­al pref­er­ences and taste.

How to attach rings to a car?

To attach the decor to the car, tapes are most often used. They are tied to dec­o­ra­tions, and the sec­ond edge is passed under the hood and fixed there. Also, jew­el­ry is attached with a mag­net. In rare cas­es, even tape is used. We pass the wire into the sec­ond short piece and also close it, but give it an oval shape — this will be the base.

Just do not for­get that if you are prepar­ing a dec­o­ra­tion for the hood, then the rib­bons should be sewn per­pen­dic­u­lar to the long side of the dec­o­ra­tion, and if on the roof, then par­al­lel.

You can com­ple­ment the dec­o­ra­tion of the wed­ding car with a beau­ti­ful bow.