Dressing gown for the bride

Every­thing in the bride should be per­fect: the dress, the shoes, the veil, the jew­el­ry, and the peignoir. As for the last wardrobe item, only one main per­son will see it — the new­ly-mint­ed hus­band, which is why the choice of a peignoir for the bride should be approached no less respon­si­bly than oth­er manda­to­ry things.

What are the popular bridal gowns?

There is no need to talk about how much this inti­mate and styl­ish ver­sion of under­wear is today. More­over, beau­ti­ful neg­ligees can con­sist of com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent com­bi­na­tions, sets and mod­els:

  • wom­en’s short shirt with or with­out a light dress­ing gown;
  • busti­er — which, by the way, can be worn under a wed­ding dress;
  • com­bi­na­tion;
  • set of under­wear — bra and panties.

As for the mate­r­i­al, then, of course, silk will be a win-win option here. A girl who choos­es a silk peignoir can be sure of her irre­sistibil­i­ty. The flow­ing tex­ture looks spec­tac­u­lar and empha­sizes the beau­ty of the female fig­ure.

Wedding color of the peignoir for the bride

A mod­el such as peignoir-lin­gerie will look sophis­ti­cat­ed and styl­ish with thin stock­ings, and the pres­ence of lace will add even more appeal to the image.

If silk, as well as satin, are the main fab­rics of a wom­en’s inti­mate wardrobe, then the main col­or of the wed­ding night, of course, becomes white. It is pos­si­ble, of course, and cream, and aggres­sive red, and clas­sic black, but tra­di­tion­al­ly, brides choose a white peignoir, which, as it were, con­tin­ues the line of the main wed­ding dress of the day.

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In gen­er­al, we can say that col­or, fab­ric and style are a vol­un­tary deci­sion of every girl, how­ev­er, the more exquis­ite lace and com­plex com­bi­na­tions there are on an inti­mate out­fit, the more effec­tive the image will be. There­fore, it is not so impor­tant whether it will be a night erot­ic peignoir in the form of a short silk dress­ing gown or a white peignoir with many dec­o­ra­tive ele­ments, the main thing is that on this day it should be espe­cial­ly ele­gant and by no means every­day.