Wedding photo session

Interesting ideas for wedding photo shoots in different seasons

A wed­ding pho­to shoot is very impor­tant because it can help you cap­ture the mem­o­ries of this amaz­ing and beau­ti­ful day for­ev­er. Of course, it can be car­ried out in var­i­ous places. In many ways, the choice depends on the wish­es of the bride and groom, but the pro­fes­sion­al­ism of the pho­tog­ra­ph­er should also be tak­en into account. Every sea­son is unique and dif­fer­ent, so no mat­ter when you decide to get mar­ried, you can be sure that your pho­tos will be bright, spec­tac­u­lar and styl­ish. It is worth fol­low­ing the rec­om­men­da­tions of pro­fes­sion­als, as well as con­sid­er­ing inter­est­ing ideas for wed­ding pho­to shoots.

Successful poses

A mod­ern pho­to ses­sion should be orig­i­nal, unlike oth­ers, so almost all pho­tog­ra­phers have long since moved away from stan­dard pos­es. Con­sid­er the most suc­cess­ful solu­tions for cre­at­ing spec­tac­u­lar and inter­est­ing pho­tographs.

  • Bounce. Of course, this is a pret­ty attrac­tive idea, but it can turn out to be ugly pho­tos where the faces of the spous­es are skewed or uneven. It all depends on the pro­fes­sion­al­ism of the pho­tog­ra­ph­er. He must cap­ture this amaz­ing moment when the new­ly­weds “flut­ter” in the air. It is worth choos­ing a riv­er, an embank­ment, a lake or a flow­er­ing gar­den as a back­ground.
  • Two plans. It looks very impres­sive when the bride is stand­ing close, and the groom is in the dis­tance in the back­ground. The girl can turn a lit­tle towards her beloved, while plac­ing her hand on her waist, and he can put both hands in his trousers; at the same time, the groom should fix his eyes on the bride, for­get­ting about the cam­era lens.
  • Towards each oth­er. To cre­ate such a roman­tic pho­to, part­ners should stand oppo­site each oth­er at a dis­tance of about one meter, while it is bet­ter to hide their hands behind, lean over each oth­er and try to kiss. The per­fect com­ple­ment would be a flower bou­quet in the hands of the bride.
  • Kiss. A cou­ple sit­ting in soli­tude and kiss­ing looks quite attrac­tive. The new­ly­weds can be put in the front seats of the car. A kiss on the seashore looks very roman­tic, while the bride can be in the hands of the groom. It is bet­ter to take pic­tures in this case on the right.
  • Dance. Although it is not very con­ve­nient to pose dur­ing the dance, the pho­tos are charm­ing. It looks great when the bride lifts her leg a lit­tle and leans back, and her lover leans over her, while one of his hands is on his shoul­der, and the oth­er squeezes her palm.
  • The groom is in the fore­ground. This option per­fect­ly shows that the house is the own­er and sup­port. He should stand in front and fold his arms at the elbows, and the bride can look out from the side, putting a pen with a wed­ding ring on his shoul­der.

Choosing accessories and props

Acces­sories and props will be a great addi­tion to wed­ding pho­tos. Usu­al­ly they are cho­sen depend­ing on the sea­son to empha­size its beau­ty. Nat­ur­al scenery acts as a back­drop, but addi­tion­al props will make the pho­to shoot unique and unusu­al. When choos­ing acces­sories for a wed­ding pho­to shoot, you should pay atten­tion to sev­er­al pop­u­lar options.

  • Bal­loons. Many peo­ple like this decor, because it gives solem­ni­ty to such an impor­tant day. Heart shaped bal­loons look great. Bright options will add spec­tac­u­lar­i­ty to pho­tographs.
  • Umbrel­la. This attribute will add vari­ety to the pho­to shoot. You can use sev­er­al umbrel­las at once. They can be large and small, plain and bright. Umbrel­las are great for both autumn and spring pho­to shoots. A group pho­to looks beau­ti­ful, in which every­one has their own umbrel­la.
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  • Frame­work. Today, beau­ti­ful frames are often used in pho­to zones, as they can be styl­ish­ly beat­en. Exquis­ite, rich frame will give the pho­to a spe­cial mag­ic.
  • Tablets. A rather rel­e­vant trend is the use of tablets with var­i­ous words, such as “wife”, “hus­band”, “love”, “wed­ding”, “joy” and so on. On the plates can be depict­ed sim­ply let­ters, from which var­i­ous words can be added. Fun­ny inscrip­tions in “clouds” look very inter­est­ing.
  • Fruit. Such decor will also help to add vari­ety to the design of the pho­to zone. Oranges and apples are often used. They can be beau­ti­ful­ly arranged in a wick­er bas­ket. Usu­al­ly such props are used for a sum­mer wed­ding.
  • Pil­lows and rug. This decor can be used for a sum­mer pho­to shoot against the back­drop of nature. Bright options per­fect­ly com­ple­ment the pho­to shoot out­side the city.
  • Hang­ing swing. Such an acces­so­ry will cre­ate a roman­tic atmos­phere, so they are often used to cre­ate great out­door pho­tos in the sum­mer.
  • Rub­ber boots. This prop, of course, is only suit­able for an autumn wed­ding. It allows not only to beat this sea­son, but also to bring new bright col­ors. Today, rub­ber boots are worn not only dur­ing the slush, they have become very fash­ion­able, as even the famous design­er Vera Wang uses rub­ber boots in the lat­est col­lec­tion of wed­ding dress­es.
  • Rain­coat. If the wed­ding is sched­uled for spring or autumn, then it is quite pos­si­ble that nature will not be favor­able on this mem­o­rable day, no one is pro­tect­ed from rain. Bright capes will liv­en up the atmos­phere, they can be red, orange, crim­son and so on.

Beautiful choices for spring

In spring, nature wakes up, and at this time I espe­cial­ly want to empha­size its beau­ty dur­ing a pho­to ses­sion. It will be a great back­drop for cre­at­ing beau­ti­ful pho­tos.

  • Green field. Young grass will be an excel­lent back­drop for a pho­to shoot. You can orga­nize a pic­nic or take your pets to the shoot­ing. Pho­tos on a flower mead­ow look beau­ti­ful and roman­tic.
  • Bloom­ing gar­den. This place is char­ac­ter­ized by ten­der­ness and romance. The birth of a new fam­i­ly against the back­drop of a bloom­ing gar­den is quite sym­bol­ic and unfor­get­table. The blue sky, snow-white clouds, the sun’s rays will help to give a pho­to shoot sen­su­al­i­ty and ten­der­ness. As props, you can use a steplad­der attached to a tree, a swing, a bench with a com­pact table under a flow­er­ing tree.
  • Water. In the spring you can go to the water. An excel­lent choice would be a small lake, riv­er or sea. To con­duct such a pho­to shoot, you should do orga­ni­za­tion­al work in advance. Find out if you need per­mis­sion to shoot, think about how best to dec­o­rate this area. Brides should choose a sep­a­rate out­fit for this action, because it can get dirty.
  • A beau­ti­ful park. In the spring­time, the parks just bloom, so why not take advan­tage of this oppor­tu­ni­ty! White flow­ers on the trees, the rays of the sun pen­e­trat­ing through the green foliage, will add mys­tery and unique­ness to the pic­tures. On this day, the new­ly­weds can do some­thing spe­cial, for exam­ple, plant a tree.

Not the last role in the spring pho­to shoot is played by props, for exam­ple, such as rub­ber boots or an umbrel­la. The bright col­ors look amaz­ing in the frame, and also give a touch of child­ish­ness and perky­ness. Col­or­ful boots in tan­dem with a snow-white dress will look just amaz­ing. A wreath of wild flow­ers can be woven for the bride on her own, and in the process of mak­ing it, you can already start a pho­to ses­sion. A wor­thy dec­o­ra­tion will be a bou­quet of wild flow­ers as a sym­bol of beau­ty, nat­u­ral­ness. You can use bright acces­sories — a bicy­cle, three-dimen­sion­al let­ters, gar­den fur­ni­ture, swings, etc.

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Examples of places for summer

Usu­al­ly, many wed­dings take place in the sum­mer, because at this time you can apply var­i­ous ideas for a wed­ding pho­to shoot. Usu­al­ly the main back­ground is nature. It is worth pay­ing atten­tion to the fol­low­ing places.

  • On a field with wheat. This option is ide­al for a June wed­ding, when a yel­low field of wheat per­fect­ly empha­sizes the beau­ty of a young cou­ple. It is worth pho­tograph­ing the bride and groom from the back as they walk along a dirt road, while hold­ing hands and hav­ing a nice con­ver­sa­tion.
  • Water. A good choice would be a lake, you can use a wood­en boat, as well as a bou­quet of daisies. The girl can tear off the petals, and the guy can sail to her in a boat. This sto­ry can be per­fect­ly beat­en and fixed in pho­tographs.
  • Sta­ble. It would seem that a wed­ding and a sta­ble are almost incom­pa­ra­ble con­cepts, but this is not at all the case. “Young” will look amaz­ing on horse­back. The bride on horse­back can be pho­tographed against the back­drop of a flow­er­ing tree, while the groom will hold the reins. The new­ly­weds can sit on hors­es and stretch out their hands to each oth­er.
  • Sun­flower field. This is the per­fect loca­tion for a July wed­ding pho­to shoot. You can take a rather inter­est­ing pho­to if the “young” hide behind a sun­flower dur­ing the kiss.
  • In the for­est or park. Nature in sum­mer is an excel­lent back­drop. You can cap­ture var­i­ous beau­ti­ful cor­ners, pho­tos look beau­ti­ful against the back­ground of reser­voirs, lanterns, bench­es, swings. Romance for two is when the groom swings his beloved on a swing. To make the pic­tures more ele­gant, some peo­ple dec­o­rate the ropes of the swing with flow­ers. If you wish, you can have a pic­nic by plac­ing a fruit bas­ket in the cen­ter. You can open a bot­tle of cham­pagne and take a pic­ture at that very moment.
  • On the street. You can for­ev­er cap­ture your favorite street where you grew up in your wed­ding pho­tos. It should be fur­ther dec­o­rat­ed to cre­ate a more solemn look. This place is endowed with a spe­cial ener­gy, because quite a lot of mem­o­ries are asso­ci­at­ed with it, and now also a wed­ding.

Original ideas for autumn

When plan­ning a fall wed­ding, spe­cial atten­tion should be paid to the weath­er, as it is quite unpre­dictable at this time of the year. If the weath­er is dry on the wed­ding day, then you can go for a pho­to ses­sion in a park or for­est, because in Octo­ber, and some­times even in Novem­ber, nature sur­pris­es with a vari­ety of col­ors. Gold­en and bur­gundy foliage will be a great back­drop for won­der­ful shots. It is worth con­sid­er­ing sev­er­al inter­est­ing options.

  • Out­doors. The begin­ning of autumn is ide­al for shoot­ing in the for­est, gar­den or park. The for­est lake or pond in the back­ground looks very beau­ti­ful. The blue sky, col­or­ful leaves will add romance to the shots.
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  • In the town. If the weath­er is still change­able, then you can go for a pho­to ses­sion in the city, since there you can find both open places and var­i­ous closed areas. For exam­ple, those who are mar­ried look amaz­ing against the back­drop of sights. Lux­u­ri­ous archi­tec­ture, cozy court­yards of the old city, ancient build­ings will add beau­ty and unusu­al­ness to the pic­tures.
  • In the botan­i­cal gar­den. If the weath­er is rainy, then you should pay atten­tion to the botan­i­cal gar­den, as it usu­al­ly has many closed pavil­ions. Against the back­drop of pic­turesque paint­ings, you can take many inter­est­ing pho­tos. Unusu­al flow­ers from green­hous­es will for­ev­er remain in the mem­o­ry of lovers.
  • In a muse­um, town hall or ancient build­ings. The cul­tur­al and his­tor­i­cal her­itage of each city attracts atten­tion with sophis­ti­ca­tion and antiq­ui­ty. Ancient archi­tec­ture will be a great pho­to for a wed­ding autumn pho­to shoot.

  • In a rent­ed stu­dio. You should also not for­get about this option, because in bad weath­er con­di­tions in the stu­dio you can cre­ate an amaz­ing back­ground. The choice is up to the bride and groom. You can also invite guests there to take group pho­tos. The mas­ter will cor­rect­ly set the light, pro­vide the nec­es­sary decor, and the weath­er will not be able to influ­ence this in any way.

Where to take pictures in winter?

A win­ter wed­ding pho­to shoot is not as com­mon as a sum­mer one, but it has many advan­tages. Nature in win­ter looks very beau­ti­ful, even mag­i­cal, so you should def­i­nite­ly take advan­tage of this when choos­ing a place for a pho­to shoot. So, it is worth pay­ing atten­tion to sev­er­al places.

  • In the snow. If it snows on that big day, then you are very lucky as you can just go out­side to take amaz­ing pho­tos. If the bride is afraid to ruin her hair or clothes, then you should take an umbrel­la with you, which can be used as a prop.
  • In sun­ny weath­er. The bright sun, good mood and var­i­ous attrib­ut­es will cre­ate an amaz­ing pho­to shoot.
  • Into the fog This nat­ur­al phe­nom­e­non also has quite a few fans. Fog gives the pho­tos a mys­tery, cre­ates a spe­cial atmos­phere.
  • On hors­es. These ani­mals will help to add romance. The bride and groom can go horse­back rid­ing or just walk with a horse across a snow-white field.
  • In the sleigh. Large, paint­ed sledges will be a great attribute for a pho­to shoot. You can take pho­tos both in motion and sta­t­ic against the back­drop of snow-white nature.

Some Tips

In order for the wed­ding pho­to shoot to be suc­cess­ful, bring a lot of pos­i­tive emo­tions and remain for­ev­er in the mem­o­ry of lovers, you need to choose the right place for the pho­to shoot. Pho­tog­ra­phers rec­om­mend not to rush with a choice, but first weigh the pros and cons.

Do not for­get that when choos­ing a place in the open air, you should take into account the weath­er con­di­tions, since the weath­er is unpre­dictable at any time of the year.

It’s always a good idea to have a fall­back if some­thing goes wrong. In order for the pho­tos to be bright and spec­tac­u­lar, you need to choose the appro­pri­ate props. Each sea­son is unusu­al, and with the right attrib­ut­es, you can per­fect­ly beat a par­tic­u­lar sea­son.

See the video below for inter­est­ing ideas for a wed­ding pho­to shoot.