Fashionable wedding dresses

Fash­ion design­ers showed us a vari­ety of wed­ding looks this sea­son. Let’s look at what they are, the trends of fash­ion­able wed­ding dress­es in 2013.

  1. Col­ored wed­ding dress­es. Out­fits of bright scar­let and red, bur­gundy and even brown and black col­ors look very out­ra­geous. The Vera Wang wed­ding dress pre­sent­ed at the show in New York is strik­ing in lux­u­ry and the com­bi­na­tion of red col­or and lay­ered frills, which makes the bride look like a beau­ti­ful rose. In the most fash­ion­able wed­ding dress of bright col­or, the girl will seem espe­cial­ly expres­sive.
  2. Fash­ion­able short wed­ding dress­es. The most fash­ion­able wed­ding dress­es of 2013 will suit the own­ers of beau­ti­ful legs very well — with light or puffy short skirts. Short dress­es are an inter­est­ing and very flir­ty alter­na­tive to tra­di­tion­al floor length dress­es.
  3. The col­lar is a col­lar. Col­lar-col­lar becomes the fash­ion­able trend of wed­ding dress­es of this sea­son. This is a very sexy alter­na­tive to the cleav­age. This type of col­lar is suit­able for a bride with any fig­ure.
  4. Retro style. The peplum at the waist of beau­ti­ful and fash­ion­able wed­ding dress­es of this sea­son becomes an ele­ment of retro style. This spe­cial frill accen­tu­ates the waist, makes it more expres­sive and fem­i­nine.
  5. Com­bi­na­tion of white and black col­ors. Fash­ion hous­es of wed­ding dress­es offer brides very orig­i­nal black and white wed­ding dress­es. Black orna­ments, con­trast­ing against the back­ground of a snow-white dress, make an indeli­ble impres­sion. A bright accent can be a black belt at the waist, as in some dress­es from the Vera Wang 2013 col­lec­tion.
  6. A bodice with straps. Fash­ion­able wed­ding dress­es in 2013 have straps that empha­size the har­mo­ny of its own­er. Dress­es with shoul­der straps on one shoul­der look incred­i­bly styl­ish.
  7. Rich dec­o­ra­tion of dress­es. Fash­ion ate­liers dec­o­rate wed­ding dress­es with beau­ti­ful hand­made details, embroi­dery, Swarovs­ki crys­tals and sequins. Dress­es with lace are pre­sent­ed this year in all col­lec­tions.
  8. Puffy wed­ding dress­es. Lush wed­ding dress­es — clas­sic ball gowns — remain fash­ion­able. Such out­fits are always dec­o­rat­ed with lay­ered draperies and intri­cate frills.
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So, we fig­ured out which wed­ding dress­es are the most fash­ion­able and rel­e­vant this year. And let the bride, no mat­ter what out­fit she choos­es, become the hap­pi­est and most beau­ti­ful on her wed­ding day!