It is dif­fi­cult for us to con­trol our­selves when it comes to a wed­ding in the Greek style! An ele­gant image of the bride, and insane­ly beau­ti­ful decor! Tell me, is that what attract­ed your inter­est? Today Chan­fash­ion will tell you how to choose the right wed­ding dec­o­ra­tion in the Greek style. We will reveal the secrets of cre­at­ing an unearth­ly image of the bride: a dress, hair­style, jew­el­ry and make­up in the Greek style trans­form the girl into a noble god­dess. A Greek-style wed­ding is a tru­ly beau­ti­ful solu­tion, read and judge for your­self!

wedding in greek style
wedding in greek style wedding decor in greek style

Greece is a coun­try of myths, green olives and beau­ti­ful white tem­ples. The Greek bride, like a young god­dess, cap­ti­vates with her ten­der­ness and mag­nif­i­cence.

The most suit­able time of the year for such a wed­ding is sum­mer. The Greeks loved to cel­e­brate it on the banks of rivers or oth­er bod­ies of water. You can do the same. And for an autumn or win­ter wed­ding, a restau­rant with columns in the inte­ri­or is suit­able.

Color spectrum

Be sure to take note of the del­i­cate palette of whites and olive col­ors. Suit­able shades are also con­sid­ered azure, blue and bright ultra­ma­rine blue. The col­or scheme of blue and gold in the design looks very rich and majes­tic. If you are plan­ning a wed­ding in pas­tel col­ors, bright brides­maid dress­es can be an inter­est­ing col­or accent.


For­get about bal­loons and mul­ti-col­ored rib­bons — such decor is out of place here. Fresh flow­ers and gar­lands made from nat­ur­al mate­ri­als are more suit­able for a Greek-style wed­ding. Olive and lau­rel branch­es will become a beau­ti­ful dec­o­ra­tion. In the con­di­tions of our nature, they can be replaced with wil­low branch­es — they have a sim­i­lar point­ed shape.

Accord­ing to ancient Greek cus­toms, the bride and groom must pass under an arch of fresh flow­ers, which was cre­at­ed espe­cial­ly for them. It sym­bol­izes a hap­py fam­i­ly life and suc­cess in new endeav­ors.

Anoth­er option is to design a Greek wed­ding in a marine style. Just imag­ine how the atmos­phere of a sun­ny beach will look at your hol­i­day: mon­u­men­tal tables in snow-white table­cloths, sea shells and can­dles in trans­par­ent can­dle­sticks. In the dark, this decor is espe­cial­ly mag­i­cal!

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The image of the bride

The bride in the Greek style should look as sim­ple as pos­si­ble, but at the same time ele­gant and grace­ful. Chan­fash­ion tried to under­stand all the intri­ca­cies of ancient cul­ture so that you can cre­ate an impec­ca­ble, mod­ern image of the bride.


The clas­sic dress in the Greek style is a high waist, open shoul­ders and a long flow­ing skirt to the floor. Such an out­fit is made of airy and light mate­ri­als that flow in air cur­rents. By tra­di­tion, the dress should be white. If you want, dilute it with gold accents or antique beige orna­ments.


Here you have a wide range for imag­i­na­tion. The hair­style of the bride in the Greek style has many vari­a­tions, for every taste. It can be nat­ur­al curls gath­ered up, our favorite braids or a clas­sic Greek bun. Slight­ly disheveled weaves look very gen­tle along the con­tour of the head in the form of a rim.

You can cre­ate such beau­ty your­self or by con­tact­ing a styl­ist. Use rib­bons, pearls, fresh flow­ers or a dis­creet dia­dem as dec­o­ra­tions for a Greek hair­style.


Let’s agree right away: for­get about bright red lips! Light shine, nat­ur­al col­ors and an empha­sis on the eyes — this is how Greek-style make­up should be. To get a clear line of eye­brows, like the ancient Greek god­dess­es, use a spe­cial shad­ow or pen­cil, brown and cop­per shades. For evening make­up, you can make light arrows. This will empha­size the expres­sive­ness of the eyes and add bright­ness to the image.

wedding in greek style bridal makeup in greek style
wedding in greek style bridal makeup in greek style


Most styl­ists believe that the image of the Greek bride is unthink­able with­out soft, fem­i­nine san­dals. You can choose a mod­el of any col­or from suede or gen­uine leather. If you still pre­fer oth­er shoes, such as san­dals, pay atten­tion to com­fort. Noth­ing should hin­der your grace­ful move­ments.

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Refuse too bright details in favor of neat and col­or­ful prod­ucts. Jew­el­ry in the Greek style should empha­size the sta­tus and nobil­i­ty of the bride. Large ear­rings and bracelets with a tra­di­tion­al orna­ment will look very cool. And with the lat­ter you can dec­o­rate not only the hands, but also the legs.

When it comes to col­ors, choose shades of cop­per and gold. And remem­ber, the main thing is to main­tain light­ness and solemn ease.

Image of the groom

We don’t know what to say about the toga and men’s san­dals, but snow-white trousers and a shirt against the back­ground of a tanned body look very cool! For a vari­ety of col­ors, use a bright tie that match­es the bride’s out­fit and a bou­ton­niere of the same col­ors as the bou­quet. An equal­ly suit­able option for a Greek wed­ding would be a clas­sic men’s suit in white or blue.

Florist and bouquet bride

For decor and dec­o­ra­tion, any flow­ers of white, yel­low, cream and blue shades are suit­able. Don’t for­get about the abun­dance of green­ery. And for the bride’s bou­quet, use anemones, del­phini­um or wild flow­ers. With this acces­so­ry you will feel like a real Greek nymph.

The wedding cake

The main dessert of the hol­i­day can be light — fruity or more intense, choco­late. In Greek cui­sine, mint and cin­na­mon are often added to sweets. Be sure to take note of these ingre­di­ents. But the dec­o­ra­tions of the wed­ding cake should match the atmos­phere. Columns, beau­ti­ful drap­ery dec­o­rat­ed with flow­ers, a mean­der — a tra­di­tion­al Greek orna­ment, or sweet branch­es of olive and lau­rel are per­fect.

Compliments for guests

You can empha­size the Greek style of your wed­ding with themed com­pli­ments to your guests. Chan­fash­ion rec­om­mends that you con­sid­er the fol­low­ing options:

  • Bon­bon­nieres with sweets — small bags or box­es with sweets and can­died almonds.
  • Deli­cious olives – can there be any­thing more rel­e­vant at such a hol­i­day?
  • shells — a sym­bol­ic gift that will empha­size the atmos­phere.
  • float­ing flower with can­dle will remind you of your pleas­ant event for a long time.
  • Per­son­al wish bot­tle — a minia­ture gift, dec­o­rat­ed in a marine style.
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3 ideas for a Greek wedding

Scroll invitations

Guests will undoubt­ed­ly be intrigued by the invi­ta­tion in the ancient Greek style. Pre­pare small man­u­scripts with ancient seals that show your ini­tials or the mono­gram of the fam­i­ly. Such a wed­ding invi­ta­tion will become a mem­o­rable sou­venir for guests.

wedding in greek style wedding invitation in greek style
wedding in greek style wedding invitation in greek style

Mountain flowers of Macedonia

Many cen­turies ago, in beau­ti­ful Mace­do­nia, there was a cus­tom: the bride attached a small dried flower to the clothes of each guest who came to the wed­ding. She col­lect­ed unique spec­i­mens of moun­tain flow­ers for sev­er­al years and kept them in her room until the long-await­ed moment comes. No, we do not sug­gest you go to the moun­tains, and even more so we do not advise you to post­pone the wed­ding until the flow­ers with­er! But this tra­di­tion deserves atten­tion, as a touch­ing and excit­ing rit­u­al that can be played up in a more mod­ern style to encour­age those invit­ed.

wedding in greek style wedding decor in greek style
wedding in greek style wedding decor in greek style

Theme bar

At a sum­mer wed­ding there is a lemon­ade bar, at an autumn one there is a zone with cider and mulled wine. And what can treat sun­ny Greece? Of course, deli­cious wines, cheeses and brandy. The real high­light of such a mini-bar will be kumquat liqueur — small orange cit­rus fruits grown on the island of Cor­fu.

Ideas for a photo shoot

Nat­ur­al and flo­ral motifs deserve spe­cial atten­tion — arch­es dec­o­rat­ed with veg­e­ta­tion, pic­turesque glades, sea beach­es and shores of reser­voirs. Frames near the foun­tain or ancient majes­tic columns will look great.

Dec­o­rat­ing a wed­ding in the Greek style will make the hol­i­day col­or­ful and unusu­al. If you are impressed by such a col­or scheme and the image of a Greek bride won your heart with ten­der­ness and nobil­i­ty, do not hes­i­tate — start prepar­ing. In our Cat­a­log you will find all the nec­es­sary spe­cial­ists: from florists and dec­o­ra­tors to styl­ists and orga­niz­ers of an out­door cer­e­mo­ny. Chan­fash­ion cre­at­ed for brides who bold­ly make their dreams come true!