Wedding hairstyles

Beautiful wedding hairstyles for medium hair with bangs

A wed­ding, among oth­er things, gives the girl the oppor­tu­ni­ty to show off her beau­ty. How bright the impres­sion the bride will make depends not only on her dress, but also on the cho­sen hair­style. The own­er of medi­um length hair with bangs has every chance to come to her hol­i­day with a styling that will make her a true queen of the hol­i­day, and not just from a for­mal point of view.

Hairstyle Features

To medi­um length, hair­dressers include hair at least to the shoul­ders and max­i­mum to the mid­dle of the shoul­der blades. More­over, an elon­gat­ed square and a cas­cade can be attrib­uted to this cat­e­go­ry. The aver­age length of hair with bangs allows you to cre­ate a wide vari­ety of wed­ding hair­styles, while cor­rect­ing facial imper­fec­tions, with­out spend­ing too much effort on cre­at­ing an image. The styled hair does not inter­fere with move­ment, and there is no risk that it will fall apart dur­ing the hol­i­day. It is advis­able to choose hair­styles tak­ing into account the fea­tures of the fig­ure and face.

For girls who are inclined to full­ness, volu­mi­nous ones are suit­able, and for slen­der girls it is bet­ter to choose styling in the form of curls or smooth. Tall styling is con­traindi­cat­ed, tend­ing upwards, and for short girls, on the con­trary, they will add a few cen­time­ters of height. For a square and rec­tan­gu­lar face, it is desir­able to choose an image with curls on the sides of the face, as well as a low-lying bun. For a round face, you need to choose asym­met­ri­cal bangs and hair, beau­ti­ful­ly gath­ered at the crown. For a tri­an­gu­lar one, you need to lay the curls in such a way that a side part­ing is vis­i­ble on the head, and the curls go down below the chin.

Bangs are best oblique and long, mask­ing a wide fore­head. For girls with soft facial fea­tures, an image with straight bangs is suit­able, which will empha­size the beau­ty of the eyes and make its own­er look younger. Although, if the hair is not thick enough, such bangs may not be suit­able. Those who are lucky enough to be born with an oval face can afford almost any hair­style and any bangs. Oblique — this is the best option for those in whose fea­tures a tri­an­gle or square is vis­i­ble. Elon­gat­ed — will divert atten­tion from the unsuc­cess­ful fea­tures of the face.

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Even if the bride want­ed to change her appear­ance before the wed­ding by adjust­ing the shape of the bangs, this must be done a few weeks before the big day. No one can guar­an­tee that the hair above the fore­head, after being short­ened, will not become too short. If the exper­i­ment is put before the wed­ding itself, it can pret­ty spoil the mood. If the task is to start styling the bangs in a new way, then all the more time is need­ed for the hair to learn to lie dif­fer­ent­ly. You should also take care of cre­at­ing a wed­ding image in advance. You can try to make dif­fer­ent styling options to under­stand which one you like the most. Then, at the most cru­cial moment, you will not have to wor­ry and spend too much effort to cre­ate the desired result.

Styling depending on the length of the bangs

For many girls, bangs are a great addi­tion to a hair­cut. Although with her appear­ance depends on the con­di­tion of the strands at the lev­el of the fore­head. If the hair does not split at the ends, has a healthy shine and splen­dor, a clear geom­e­try, then every­thing is in order. Such an ele­ment of the hair­style does not require refine­ment before start­ing to cre­ate a styling for the wed­ding. At the same time, part of the hair cut above the fore­head looks great with loose curls, and with gath­ered at the top, and with open­work braids.

Straight bangs open up great oppor­tu­ni­ties for var­i­ous exper­i­ments. when design­ing the bride’s hair­style. The require­ment for the bang itself is that it be even­ly trimmed and smooth­ly laid on the wed­ding day. Straight bangs will give an inter­est­ing effect in com­bi­na­tion with curls. Although the time-test­ed shell can look no less impres­sive with it. You need to com­bine such a bang with braids very thought­ful­ly. You should avoid “bells and whis­tles” in this sense. It is bet­ter to lim­it your­self to a dis­creet dec­o­ra­tion of braid­ed hair.

Long bangs allow you to dis­pose of it in a vari­ety of ways. With medi­um-length hair, this part of the hair can gen­er­al­ly be lift­ed and includ­ed in the total mass, or you can focus on it by lay­ing it, for exam­ple, in a wave. A good option is to comb it to the side or stab it so that it does not inter­fere with the eyes. And also when cre­at­ing hair­styles for brides, an elon­gat­ed bang is divid­ed into two equal parts with a part­ing in the mid­dle and a beau­ti­ful frame is made from it. Most of all, this option is suit­able for own­ers of an oval face type.

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Slant­i­ng bangs can dec­o­rate almost any hair­style. A high bouf­fant is com­bined with it, when the curls are mag­nif­i­cent­ly removed back and fall freely on the shoul­ders. This hair­style for medi­um length hair allows you to make the image light and bright. An oblique bang, unlike a straight one, makes it pos­si­ble to cre­ate dec­o­ra­tions on the head from the most intri­cate braids. It is inter­est­ing to make a pony­tail-like hair­style with this hair option. Short bangs also sug­gest a pony­tail or bun hair­style. What­ev­er option the bride choos­es, with such a bang, the hair­style will def­i­nite­ly not inter­fere.

What is suitable for a diadem and a veil?

A part of the bride’s hair­style is tra­di­tion­al­ly a veil or dia­dem. With a dia­dem, a girl walk­ing down the aisle becomes a real princess. Beads and rhine­stones turn this dec­o­ra­tion into a real crown. Usu­al­ly the tiara is worn so that it is on the bor­der between the bangs and the bulk of the hair. And you can also make a pile in the upper part of the head and dec­o­rate this part of the curls with a dia­dem. With the hair col­lect­ed in this way, it remains to dilute the sever­i­ty with a few thin curls on the sides of the face. At its core, such an orna­ment as a dia­dem is uni­ver­sal. It makes a chic image of a girl with any bangs.

The veil is still the main dec­o­ra­tion of the bride’s hair­style. And it is unlike­ly to ever cease to be fash­ion­able. When styling with straight bangs, an ordi­nary veil in one lay­er will look good. But, for exam­ple, a hair­style with oblique bangs sug­gests the pres­ence of a veil in any ver­sion. Here you need to focus on the fact that this dec­o­ra­tion goes well with the girl’s out­fit. Under the veil can hide a smooth hair­style, and cheer­ful curls, and hair braid­ed, as well as a vari­ety of knots and bun­dles.


The style of wed­ding hair­styles with bangs has no lim­its. For such an occa­sion, you can choose, for exam­ple, the pop­u­lar Greek style, thanks to which you can appear before the guests in the form of a real god­dess from ancient myths. This style involves orig­i­nal braid­ing options. Medi­um length hair is quite pos­si­ble to imple­ment such hair­styles. Rib­bons or flow­ers often become an addi­tion to such styling. A dia­dem or an ele­gant head­band will fit into the image.

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Retro style sug­gests ele­gance in the bride’s hair­style. Waves near the face can be made both from the main strands and from the elon­gat­ed bangs. A veil of any length is suit­able for a retro look. A babette made on the back of the head and com­ple­ment­ed by a rib­bon or beads will also be com­bined with a bang. Girls who are inter­est­ed in the fash­ion of the eight­ies can style their hair like a pony­tail.

Boho hair­styles are dis­tin­guished by airi­ness and delib­er­ate disheveled­ness, although behind a slight neg­li­gence, the spe­cial­ist will def­i­nite­ly see the hand of the mas­ter who cre­at­ed the hair­style. Bangs in such styling meth­ods play an impor­tant role. This style will match the fore­head hair, part­ed in two and styled on either side of the face. In this case, the bangs need to be fixed with invis­i­bil­i­ty so that they do not inter­fere.

beautiful options

Wed­ding hair­style can be very restrained. An elon­gat­ed bang, laid to one side, fits per­fect­ly into it. Inter­est­ing­ly twist­ed strands above it diver­si­fy the image. Hair­style of medi­um length hair can be done very sim­ply. Twist the ends of the curls, grab them with a thin pig­tail from your own strands and dec­o­rate with flow­ers. A veil and straight thick bangs com­plete the look, mak­ing it gen­tle and sophis­ti­cat­ed.

A delib­er­ate­ly care­less hair­style of hair gath­ered in a low bun, com­bined with a straight bang below the eye­brows, makes the girl’s image emphat­i­cal­ly young and ten­der. It looks espe­cial­ly bright on black hair, which has a healthy sheen and a shim­mer of oth­er shades.

A win-win option for a blonde will be styling with a fleece. With such a hair­style, the hair seems heav­ier and more volu­mi­nous. In this case, it is more prof­itable to remove the elon­gat­ed bangs into the total mass of the hair. The bun can be dec­o­rat­ed in dif­fer­ent ways, but in com­bi­na­tion with a straight bang, it will make the bride’s look charm­ing. It looks great on dark and light hair.

How to make a beau­ti­ful wed­ding hair­style for medi­um hair, see the fol­low­ing video.