Wedding hairstyles

Wedding hairstyles for short hair: styling options and accessories for them

Short hair­cuts attract girls with their prac­ti­cal­i­ty, con­ve­nience and bold char­ac­ter. How­ev­er, this does not mean that the wed­ding will have to grow hair to make a spec­tac­u­lar hair­style. Styl­ists offer many options for styl­ish and orig­i­nal wed­ding styling for short hair.

Haircut Overview

Wed­ding hair­styles for short hair very sim­ply embody any style from clas­sic to min­i­mal­ism.

  • Clas­sic options for the wed­ding involve the use of addi­tion­al arti­fi­cial strands, which are sim­i­lar in shade to the nat­ur­al hair col­or.
  • Romance. This direc­tion uses var­i­ous curls. You can cre­ate large Hol­ly­wood waves, or you can cre­ate a cas­cade of small curls.
  • Retro. Recent­ly, this style has become wild­ly pop­u­lar. It is per­fect for short hair. One exam­ple is the so-called “cold wave”, when all the hair, along with the bangs, is laid on one side. How­ev­er, there are styling options on both sides. It goes well with futur­is­tic acces­sories and large ear­rings.
  • Min­i­mal­ism. Very short hair­cuts look spec­tac­u­lar if only one bright acces­so­ry is cho­sen for dec­o­ra­tion. Styl­ists do not advise using more, so as not to make the image heav­ier.

Hair­cuts for short hair should take into account indi­vid­ual char­ac­ter­is­tics.

  • If the bride has a high fore­head, then it can be hid­den under a spec­tac­u­lar bang.
  • Grad­u­at­ed hair­cuts will dis­guise the ears if their own­er is unhap­py with their shape.
  • An over­ly sharp, shal­low chin will help hide lush curls if curled away from the face.
  • Thin hair will look more solemn when cre­at­ing a volu­mi­nous hair­style. This can be achieved with hair­cuts with torn or asym­met­ri­cal ends, a cas­cade or spec­tac­u­lar col­or­ing.
  • Thick hair is beau­ti­ful in itself, any options are pos­si­ble with it, except for very short ones.

For blondes, styl­ists rec­om­mend using thin things as acces­sories: head­bands, combs, tiaras. But when cre­at­ing a cer­tain image, lace ban­dages, large sin­gle flow­ers made of fab­ric with beads or nat­ur­al wreaths are also used. Light large hair­pins for dark hair will cre­ate orig­i­nal exquis­ite images, indi­vid­ual in each case. Veils and tiaras look incom­pa­ra­bly on brunettes.

One of the main fac­tors when choos­ing a wed­ding hair­style is the shape of the face.

  • per­fect oval does not require any dec­o­ra­tions. A min­i­mal­ist option is suit­able for him: any styling and a min­i­mum of volu­mi­nous dec­o­ra­tions.
  • “Square” shape. Any rec­tan­gle needs to be soft­ened; for this, styling near the mid­dle of the face is giv­en more vol­ume. The ends of the hair should be above the chin or below it — to the shoul­ders. Experts rec­om­mend using side part­ing, curls, high hair­styles with long strands in front.
  • Round face requires that the form be slight­ly extend­ed, for which they use volu­mi­nous bouf­fants from above. Long front strands also help to length­en the oval.
  • tri­an­gu­lar shape pro­hibits the use of vol­ume from above. Splen­dor is per­mis­si­ble only from below near the chin.
  • dia­mond shape has the great­est width in the cen­ter area, so styl­ists advise mak­ing volu­mi­nous crowns and cre­at­ing vol­ume in the chin area. To do this, use loose curls with a fleece on top in styling.

Pop­u­lar wed­ding wom­en’s hair­cuts for short hair.

  • Grad­u­at­ed caret. If the back of the head is made short­er, and the col­or is sat­u­rat­ed, for exam­ple, bur­gundy or choco­late, then the out­ra­geous image is pro­vid­ed. The main thing is to choose the right out­fit.
  • The sim­plest hair­cuts with pret­ty fea­tures, they look great with­out jew­el­ry. For exam­ple, “elf” with­out a curl and acces­sories looks cute and gen­tle. If you dec­o­rate this hair­cut with a feath­er or a veil, we will get more fem­i­nine images. Ban­dages and hoops will be appro­pri­ate here.
  • Shoul­der length clas­sic - the choice of an ele­gant woman. In addi­tion, with the help of addi­tion­al strands, it can be length­ened or made more mag­nif­i­cent.
  • Dynam­ic pix­ie hair­cut able to reju­ve­nate any face. It fea­tures a very short rear view, open ears, long lat­er­al front strands, and an elon­gat­ed crown. Bold and coura­geous, con­fi­dent and dar­ing decide on such a trendy hair­style. But it is not suit­able for every­one, but only for own­ers of an oval face shape, clear expres­sive lines. This hair­cut is not suit­able for those who have a short neck, round face or curly hair. Before decid­ing on a pix­ie, you should con­sult with a spe­cial­ist so as not to be dis­ap­point­ed on the eve of the hol­i­day.
  • Styl­ish “bob” has many vari­eties. It is ide­al for curly-haired brides, because it is not only spec­tac­u­lar, but also prac­ti­cal. In shape, this is a more elon­gat­ed ver­sion of the pix­ie. “Bob” has a reju­ve­nat­ing effect, so it is pop­u­lar for all ages. It opens up scope for imag­i­na­tion and cre­ativ­i­ty. By chang­ing the length of the strands, you can cre­ate var­i­ous dis­pro­por­tions, adjust­ing the face if nec­es­sary. Bob-car com­bines cas­cades and grad­u­a­tion, which caus­es splen­dor. The hair­style can be dec­o­rat­ed with any acces­sories: head­bands, hair­pins, flow­ers. It looks beau­ti­ful with a short or long veil, as well as small pill­box hats.
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Fashion trends

Mod­ern brides styl­ists rec­om­mend many options for hair­styles that cre­ate unique, spec­tac­u­lar images.

For the bride

Recent­ly, the fol­low­ing trends are most pop­u­lar.

  • straight elon­gat­ed front strands are very effec­tive on hair­cuts such as pix­ie, bob or bob. Since the last hair­style has elon­gat­ed options, the hair in front can be styled with curls, which should be twist­ed either out­ward or inward. Styl­ists rec­om­mend such styling to lovers of min­i­mal­ism, for exam­ple, for the urban chic style. This direc­tion com­bines clas­sic and busi­ness styles, sea­soned with mod­ern accents. The style involves clear lines and col­or con­trasts. It is char­ac­ter­ized by cold nat­ur­al shades found in the urban land­scape: white, gray, blue, green. How­ev­er, they should not be flashy, but slight­ly muf­fled. As dec­o­ra­tions, acces­sories with met­al ele­ments are appro­pri­ate. The whole appear­ance of the bride must cor­re­spond to the cho­sen direc­tion.
  • Wavy curls on loose hair they give out a roman­tic nature. They look soft, gen­tle and fem­i­nine.
  • Retro wave. It is laid on one side or with a straight part­ing on both sides.
  • Imi­ta­tion “shells” — ele­gant and grace­ful styling that suits tall, slen­der brides. She will empha­size the long neck, mak­ing the image some­what unpro­tect­ed and touch­ing.

Brides should pay atten­tion to the style of the dress when choos­ing a hair­style.

  • Dress with strict lines implies ele­gance and sophis­ti­ca­tion, there­fore, styling should be the same, with­out frills, for exam­ple, a “shell” or a square with elon­gat­ed front strands.
  • Roman­tic out­fit can be sup­ple­ment­ed with curls and waves. Boho hair­styles will look great.
  • Vin­tage styling appro­pri­ate for retro out­fits. For exam­ple, Hol­ly­wood waves or “Chica­go”.

As for such an impor­tant acces­so­ry as a veil, you should not be upset that it does not belong on short hair. This is a wrong belief. Wed­ding hair­styles with a veil are indi­vid­ual and orig­i­nal in each case.

  • This acces­so­ry can be long to the floor, but then less lush, fixed at one point on the head.
  • If the choice fell on a veil made of expen­sive open­work, then it is bet­ter to refuse oth­er dec­o­ra­tions. Oth­er­wise, the image will be over­sat­u­rat­ed.
  • Veils are the most pop­u­lar among brides with short hair­cuts. There are an infi­nite num­ber of them and they look very styl­ish.
  • Pill caps are also orig­i­nal on short hair.
  • You can tie the orig­i­nal lace ban­dage. Or, in the case of a car­di­nal length of hair, use it to attach a veil.

Most styl­ists agree that the opti­mal length of a veil for short-haired brides is in the shoul­der area, just below.

For a girlfriend

Brides­maids should choose such styling and dec­o­ra­tions so as not to out­shine the hero of the occa­sion. If there is an agree­ment on the style of the whole event, then it is nec­es­sary to com­ply with it. As a rule, any hair­style with­out bulky designs looks nat­ur­al, fem­i­nine and ele­gant. The main require­ment for lay­ing is its sta­bil­i­ty over time and under the influ­ence of var­i­ous fac­tors. In oth­er words, its own­er should move freely at any pace and under any sur­round­ing cir­cum­stances, with­out fear for the shape of the hair­style.

A short hair­cut, styled in an artis­tic mess, looks very direct. She reju­ve­nates the face, mak­ing it perky and sweet. A lace ban­dage or head­band with a flo­ral dec­o­ra­tion pass­ing through the cen­ter of the fore­head is sym­bol­ic of the Empire style. Large curls are attached to it. Such dec­o­ra­tions cre­ate the image of a gen­tle nymph.

On short hair, you can cre­ate a hair­style in the Greek style. To do this, the hair is wound on a curl­ing iron with a cone-shaped noz­zle, then the result­ing curls are fold­ed back and fixed either with hair­pins, if the length allows, or with var­nish. If there is a long bang, it is laid in a wave on one side. From above, the hair­style is dec­o­rat­ed with a tiara, dia­dem or rib­bon, cre­at­ing the image of a god­dess.

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Retro style or “Chica­go” style is very effec­tive on women with short hair. There­fore, if pos­si­ble, feel free to make it a real­i­ty. Small nat­ur­al curls are per­fect for this. Hol­ly­wood waves are not the pre­rog­a­tive of long hair and look great on short hair. Will have to make an effort. But the result is worth it.

If you want to rad­i­cal­ly change your image at a friend’s wed­ding, but for a short time, you can use var­i­ous acces­sories that change not only the col­or, but also the length, vol­ume and struc­ture of the hair. These are all kinds of hair­pieces, over­lays, arti­fi­cial strands of dif­fer­ent col­ors and weaves.

Recent­ly, the boho style has become pop­u­lar. It is aimed at rap­proche­ment with nature, strives for nat­u­ral­ness and nat­u­ral­ness of images. The main thing is not to over­do it, oth­er­wise the imme­di­ate disheveled­ness will turn into sloven­li­ness. And also remem­ber that the whole appear­ance should sup­port this con­cept.


The main prob­lem when cre­at­ing styling on short hair, espe­cial­ly on ultra-short hair, is the fas­ten­ing of jew­el­ry. It may be dif­fi­cult to do so. There­fore, styl­ists use var­i­ous head­bands, head­bands and rib­bons. With their help, you can dec­o­rate your hair with a large flower or feath­er.

Ban­dages vary in width from nar­row leather rib­bons to wide soft lace. They are very pop­u­lar in eth­nic style or retro direc­tion. Var­i­ous dec­o­ra­tive ele­ments can be attached to them: feath­ers, flow­ers, rhine­stones, pearls, monists.

Even a short-haired bride can be turned into a real princess. To do this, it is enough to use a dia­dem. At the same time, it should be under­stood that the high­er it is, the more hair will be required, since for its styling it will be nec­es­sary to comb the hair up, cre­at­ing a cer­tain vol­ume, a throne for the dia­dem.

Flow­ers are able to bring sophis­ti­ca­tion, nat­u­ral­ness and fresh­ness to the image. More­over, they can be used one at a time, or in the form of a wreath. It looks orig­i­nal if the flower in the hair is com­bined with the bride’s bou­quet and the bou­ton­niere on the lapel of the groom’s jack­et. Unusu­al are the inclu­sions of leaves and berries in the hair­styles of autumn brides or twigs of spruce and mistle­toe in win­ter.

Combs dec­o­rat­ed with rhine­stones or beads are orig­i­nal and var­ied. They can be picked up in the store, or you can order specif­i­cal­ly for the cel­e­bra­tion from the mas­ter. This hand­made acces­so­ry will undoubt­ed­ly attract the atten­tion of guests and trans­form the look of a girl.

We analyze the styling options step by step

A few days before the planned event, you should try out the hair­style. To cre­ate a styling on your own, you should not get hung up on com­plex designs, it is bet­ter to stop at a sim­pler option.

With diadem

The tiara is loved by many brides as it turns them into beau­ti­ful princess­es. If you have short, straight hair, pull it towards your face with a flat iron. At the same time, the bangs are slight­ly raised and laid in a large wave on one side. The dia­dem is attached between the bangs and the rest of the hair. Styl­ists advise you to choose the appro­pri­ate ear­rings and neck­lace. They should not be bulky so as not to over­load the image.

Anoth­er styling option refers to nat­u­ral­ly wavy stripes. In this case, they can be combed back, lift­ing to the crown and cre­at­ing vol­ume. If the length is suf­fi­cient, then you can imi­tate a “shell”. Long bangs are laid to one side, short ones are pulled for­ward on the fore­head. The dia­dem is fixed clos­er to the lush crown.

If the bride has a bob cut, then a roman­tic or shab­by chic hair­style is appro­pri­ate. In this case, the hair is wound on a curl­ing iron of medi­um diam­e­ter, obtain­ing uni­form curls. The front strands should be curled away from the face. Comb the hair light­ly at the crown and wind inward with a styler with a coarse noz­zle, cre­at­ing fluffi­ness. The bangs should be curled on a thick curl­ing iron and laid on its side. A tiara or dia­dem is fixed behind a bang. In this case, there should be a min­i­mum of jew­el­ry, it is bet­ter to refuse a neck­lace alto­geth­er, it is enough to use only ear­rings.

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With flowers

Before you attach flow­ers to your hair, you should decide on the meth­ods, since this must be done care­ful­ly and, most impor­tant­ly, reli­ably. Styl­ists do not advise using large clips, it is bet­ter to give pref­er­ence to invis­i­ble ones. If there is no con­fi­dence in the strength of the fas­ten­ing, then it is bet­ter to stop at the option with a rim or ban­dage. Of course, nat­ur­al flow­ers look more inter­est­ing, but you need to eval­u­ate their abil­i­ty to “sur­vive” until the end of the cel­e­bra­tion. Or you can not wor­ry and choose arti­fi­cial ana­logues, espe­cial­ly since they have recent­ly been no worse than nat­ur­al ones.

The sim­plest option is to add vol­ume to the hair by any means, then pick up the front strand from one side and stab it with an invis­i­bil­i­ty with a flower. If the hair­cut is very short, the hair is washed and dried with a hairdry­er, while dis­trib­ut­ing the hair from the crown even­ly over the entire head. The bangs and front strands are pulled for­ward. To make your hair even smoother, you should walk through it with an “iron”. We accent indi­vid­ual strands with wax. The final stage is fix­ing with var­nish and fix­ing a hair­pin with a flower dec­o­rat­ed with feath­ers and rhine­stones on one side.

With a wreath

Using curlers or oth­er devices, give the hair a volu­mi­nous shape. It is bet­ter if the diam­e­ter of the curls is large, then the splen­dor will turn out more nat­ur­al. The styling will be dec­o­rat­ed with a rim in the form of a wreath of small inflo­res­cences and flow­ers.

Simple but effective

When choos­ing a wed­ding hair­style for short hair, you should remem­ber that the most suit­able length for mak­ing a unique hair­style is bob and bob hair­cuts. How­ev­er, this does not mean that oth­er species are deprived. Light short “swift”, “pix­ie” or “gar­con” under the hands of skilled styl­ists also turn into a mas­ter­piece. Asym­me­try makes their styling spec­tac­u­lar and irre­sistible. In addi­tion, they give the face youth and fresh­ness.

Even short hair can be curled. “Small chips” of them with the effect of wet hair look bold, cocky and fresh. To do this, it is enough to apply a fix­ing agent to clean hair and wind it on small curlers. After remov­ing them, fluff the hair with your hands and give the desired shape.

Greek style hair­style is pop­u­lar at all times. For short hair, it is quite easy to per­form, even with­out styling prod­ucts. To do this, the hair is curled on a curl­ing iron of medi­um thick­ness, and then we begin to fan­ta­size. It is bet­ter to lay the bangs in a wave on one side, and fix the rest of the curls at the back. Fur­ther, the hair is inter­cept­ed in the mid­dle of the fore­head with a nar­row ban­dage or dia­dem, while the front strands can be released to frame the face. If the length allows, then you can add braid­ing to the hair­style or use false hair for this pur­pose.

On pix­ie or bob hair­cuts, you can exper­i­ment with bangs. It is laid on its side, which cre­ates a cer­tain vol­ume at the crown, or part­ed, oblique or straight. Equal, asym­met­ri­cal ends and spec­tac­u­lar col­or­ing can enhance the vol­ume effect, espe­cial­ly on thin hair. Depend­ing on the desired result, the bangs are curled or straight­ened, laid in the form of a wave or combed back. Dec­o­rate it with small details: pearls, beads, rhine­stones, mini-hair­pins and scal­lops.

beautiful images

Below are the options for pop­u­lar wed­ding hair­styles for short hair. Spec­tac­u­lar and orig­i­nal images in retro style will nev­er go out of style.

Wed­ding head­dress­es will help to cre­ate any look from a coquette to an ele­gant lady.

Tiaras and tiaras turn brides into princess­es.

Unique hair­pins will trans­form the look.

Flow­ers are always asso­ci­at­ed with ten­der­ness and youth.

Head­bands and head­bands are used to cre­ate a unique and inim­itable wed­ding look.

You can look orig­i­nal and spec­tac­u­lar even with­out dec­o­ra­tions.

How to make a wed­ding hair­style for short hair with your own hands, see the fol­low­ing video.