High waisted wedding dresses

If you want to appear before the groom in the image of a Greek muse, then you should stop at a dress with a high waist­line. And although the style of a high-waist­ed dress is some­what prim­i­tive, this is its mer­it. It does not over­shad­ow the bride with its beau­ty, and at the same time gen­tly empha­sizes her fig­ure and the beau­ty of her face.

High-waist­ed wed­ding dress­es were also appre­ci­at­ed by famous design­ers, includ­ing them in their col­lec­tions. This style is rep­re­sent­ed by the brands Bad­g­ley Mish­ka, Valenti­no, Vera Wang and Alber­ta Fer­etti. Design­ers have relied on beau­ti­ful draperies and loose-fit­ting fab­rics, aban­don­ing lav­ish decor, corsets, and numer­ous pet­ti­coats.

Varieties of dresses with a high waist

Do not think that all out­fits are the same. Fash­ion design­ers have cre­at­ed many vari­a­tions on the high waist theme and invit­ed brides to try on the fol­low­ing looks:

  1. Natasha Ros­tov. Dif­fers in an unpre­ten­tious design. The details of the bodice and skirt are con­nect­ed, the empha­sis is on the neck­line. The dress may have tight sleeves or none at all. The only detail that does not change is the high waist.
  2. Femme fatale. A white busti­er dress with a high waist is per­fect for this look. It has no straps and is sup­port­ed by a rigid bodice. The dress reveals part of the back and shoul­ders, empha­siz­ing the ide­al fig­ure of its own­er.
  3. Hero­ine of Greek mythol­o­gy. For this occa­sion, asym­met­ric wed­ding dress­es with a high waist are suit­able. Asym­me­try can man­i­fest itself in dif­fer­ent details: one-shoul­der strap, asym­me­try of the top and bot­tom of the out­fit. This out­fit looks quite orig­i­nal and focus­es on an unusu­al style.
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Choos­ing beau­ti­ful dress­es with a high waist, you simul­ta­ne­ous­ly hide small flaws in the fig­ure and make your image gen­tle and sophis­ti­cat­ed.