How to choose a wedding dress

As the wed­ding day approach­es, every bride is puz­zled by the ques­tion: how to choose the right wed­ding dress? After all, every­one wants to be the most beau­ti­ful bride, so every­thing must be per­fect — col­or, sil­hou­ette, style … Where to start?

How to choose the style of a wedding dress?

Before head­ing to the bridal salon, look through the cat­a­logs and decide which wed­ding dress to choose — sim­ple, ele­gant, con­cise, with a min­i­mum of dec­o­ra­tion, or chic and ornate. The style will depend on this — after all, mag­nif­i­cent out­fits, for exam­ple, are usu­al­ly lux­u­ri­ous and rich­ly dec­o­rat­ed.

Now let’s decide which style of wed­ding dress to choose accord­ing to your fig­ure. To date, the most com­mon are:

  1. “Princess” — an out­fit with a very fluffy skirt. It will suit thin girls of aver­age height, as well as ladies of aver­age build. It is worn on a spe­cial pet­ti­coat with rings, which is pur­chased sep­a­rate­ly. At the same time, a fluffy skirt can either start from the waist­line or be some­what under­stat­ed. The lat­ter option is only suit­able for slen­der tall girls, as the low waist short­ens the legs and empha­sizes the hips.
  2. Mer­maid wed­ding dress. The dress of this style fits the fig­ure and expands at the very bot­tom, in the area of ​​​​the knees. In addi­tion, it is these dress­es that are most often dec­o­rat­ed with long lux­u­ri­ous trains. They are designed for brides of high growth, slen­der and state­ly. In addi­tion, they are an excel­lent choice for brides over thir­ty, as they give them an ele­gant, “lady” look.
  3. Empire style wed­ding dress. This out­fit is ide­al for puffy brides, includ­ing preg­nant women. Dress of a sim­ple style, tight­ened under the bust. It will empha­size the beau­ti­ful lush breasts and hide the tum­my and lush hips with soft­ly flow­ing fab­ric, more often chif­fon. But when choos­ing this style, it should be borne in mind that a veil does not fit it — you will have to focus on the hair­style and use a wreath or dia­dem.
  4. A‑line wed­ding dress. The skirt in this out­fit grad­u­al­ly expands down­wards. It will suit absolute­ly all girls — thin and full, tall and short. In addi­tion, here you do not have to wear an uncom­fort­able pet­ti­coat with rings — tulle pet­ti­coats are more suit­able for this dress, which look more nat­ur­al and do not inter­fere with danc­ing and walk­ing.
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How to choose a wedding dress depending on the length?

As you know, both long and short out­fits are in fash­ion today.

  1. It is bet­ter to choose a long wed­ding dress so that it is a cou­ple of cen­time­ters short­er than the floor lev­el. Then it will be com­fort­able to walk and dance in it. Excep­tions are dress­es with a long train drag­ging along the floor, but even in such dress­es the front is usu­al­ly made short­er.
  2. When choos­ing a short out­fit, you must be sure of the impec­ca­bil­i­ty of your fig­ure, in par­tic­u­lar, the shape of your legs, as it will def­i­nite­ly give it away. Can-can style dress­es look very orig­i­nal — short in front and long in the back. At the same time, their train is often unfas­tened, so that it is con­ve­nient to dance.

How to choose the color of a wedding dress?

Today in wed­ding salons you can find both clas­sic snow-white out­fits or ivory or cham­pagne dress­es that have become so pop­u­lar, as well as the most unusu­al col­ors. The most trendy this sea­son are the out­fits of these col­ors:

  • black, as well as black and white;
  • red and its shades;
  • pink;
  • blue, aqua­ma­rine, blue.

If you don’t dare to choose an uncon­ven­tion­al hue, or can’t decide what col­or to choose for your wed­ding dress, opt for white or ivory. At the same time, keep in mind that a snow-white out­fit is ide­al for the “win­ter” col­or type or close to it, and ivory for every­one else.