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Ideas for an original wedding gift

A tru­ly orig­i­nal wed­ding gift is rare. Of course, it is stu­pid to deny the pres­ence of pleas­ant sur­pris­es, but most often it either looks out of place and awk­ward, or it is dis­tin­guished by poor prepa­ra­tion, even if the gift is expen­sive. In this arti­cle, we will describe some ideas for sim­ple and orig­i­nal wed­ding gifts and ways to present them in an inter­est­ing way, which will pleas­ant­ly sur­prise not only the new­ly­weds, but also the guests at the event.

How to donate money?

Despite the fact that the above men­tioned orig­i­nal gifts, and mon­ey as a wed­ding sur­prise is not such, you can always give it in count­less unusu­al ways.

  • Balls with mon­ey. You can exper­i­ment with both large and small balls. Recent­ly, balls with a diam­e­ter of 1 meter have gained pop­u­lar­i­ty, which look very impres­sive. For con­ve­nience, you can twist bills into tubes. You can add con­fet­ti or glit­ter to them. Such a bal­loon can burst over the new­ly­weds. For safe­ty rea­sons and to pre­vent the bal­loons from fly­ing away, it is bet­ter to make them trans­par­ent and non-heli­um.
  • Gift box. You can put sweets, flow­ers, and small plush toys in a gift box. Between them you can put mon­ey rolled up in a tube. By anal­o­gy, the same craft can be made from mon­ey in the form of a bou­quet inter­spersed with flow­ers or small plush toys.
  • Mon­ey fig­urines. The most com­mon option is the mon­ey tree. This craft looks very unusu­al and will attract the atten­tion of all guests. To do this, it is enough to pur­chase a small bar and, twist­ing the bills, make impro­vised leaves out of them. You can present such a “gift” even in a flower pot with real earth.
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  • Umbrel­la. In order to give this gift, you will need to pur­chase a clum­sy long umbrel­la in advance. Small clothes­pins will need to be fixed on the knit­ting nee­dles from the inside, and mon­ey on them. It is impor­tant to give an unopened umbrel­la so that the new­ly­weds them­selves open it over their heads. Then the “rain of mon­ey” will pour down on them from above. Such a gift requires great care both in exe­cu­tion and in stor­age and deliv­ery.
  • Anoth­er option for a com­ic pre­sen­ta­tion is the “car­pet of mon­ey”. To do this, it is enough to insert bills into ordi­nary file fold­ers, fix them so that each bill is vis­i­ble and does not move. After that, you need to fas­ten all the files togeth­er with adhe­sive tape and paste over the result­ing “car­pet” with a gar­land or oth­er bright braid, there­by imi­tat­ing a car­pet. The car­pet can be instruct­ed to solemn­ly hand over to dancers or wait­ers.
  • You can beau­ti­ful­ly beat mon­ey as a gift and using a sou­venir frame with a ham­mer. To do this, you need to pur­chase a reg­u­lar frame and put mon­ey under it. You can, like any com­ic inscrip­tion, attach the ham­mer your­self.

Practical jokes

Such “actions” will require time for prepa­ra­tion, dili­gence and patience.

The most pop­u­lar option for hand­ing over mon­ey is an imi­ta­tion of break­ing an expen­sive thing, in which among the “frag­ments” there may be mon­ey or even keys to an apart­ment.

Anoth­er pop­u­lar option is the “dam­age” to the prop­er­ty of the bride or groom, after which a “police­man” who alleged­ly came to sort out the sit­u­a­tion can give a gift and con­grat­u­late.

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A prank that will make one of the new­ly­weds ner­vous is the “for­mer half” who sud­den­ly arrived at the wed­ding. The main thing is for the actor to try not to over­act, to stop in time and effec­tive­ly present the gift.

In gen­er­al, pranks are an exten­sive plat­form for the real­iza­tion of fan­tasies, tak­ing into account the pecu­liar­i­ties of the char­ac­ters and habits of the bride and groom.


Such pro­grams at the wed­ding are always noisy and inter­est­ing. The prize for the win­ner of such a quest can be either a bas­ket of fruits, or even a wash­ing machine with a huge bow. Of course, such a quest should not be car­ried out for guests, but only for the bride and groom, or for teams under their lead­er­ship.

The bride and groom are each giv­en an enve­lope with a list of tasks that they must com­plete. Most often, to com­plete them, you will need to go to sev­er­al places. It is best to lim­it your­self to 4 points — a large num­ber of tasks is inap­pro­pri­ate at an event such as a wed­ding. The first one to fin­ish can get a gift, and the los­er can get a fine in the form of a dance or some kind of com­ic action. The gift can be hid­den at the fin­ish line, which, by the way, the new­ly­weds can come togeth­er.

Some more original ideas

Any gift can be “well and tight­ly” packed. For exam­ple, mon­ey or keys to an apart­ment / car can be put in an enve­lope, which, in turn, will be packed in sev­er­al more box­es. The new­ly­weds will open such a gift for a very long time, which, of course, will remain in their mem­o­ry.

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Unusu­al­ly, you can also give a fruit bas­ket: On fruits, you can order spe­cial stick­ers-pho­tos of the new­ly­weds and stick them. The same can be done with a bas­ket of sweets, the pack­ag­ing of which will depict the bride and groom.

Imme­di­ate­ly it should be not­ed that any nom­i­nal things will be per­fect­ly remem­bered and will be warm­ly received. It can be both socks and cups, or even ther­moses with car­pets.

An unusu­al idea is to order a dum­my brick and put a more valu­able prize in it. Pre­sent­ing a gift can begin with words about what a nec­es­sary thing for new­ly­weds is a brick. Imag­ine the sur­prise of the young when they real­ize that there is some­thing much more expen­sive inside the “brick”.

    Not only an unusu­al gift, but also a good omen is hon­ey. You can give both real hon­ey in a large com­ic pack­age, or just a huge jar with a “hon­ey” label filled with ban­knotes, tubes or coins.

    A pig­gy bank filled with met­al mon­ey is also a good gift.

    A wed­ding is a rare and won­der­ful event, and if, as they say, mar­riages are made in heav­en, then the cel­e­bra­tion should give a lot of pos­i­tive emo­tions and be remem­bered for a long time. And not to spend time and effort on prepar­ing an orig­i­nal gift is sim­ply crim­i­nal. The main thing is that it should be appro­pri­ate and made tak­ing into account the pref­er­ences of the new­ly­weds.

It is enough to watch the video to learn about anoth­er prac­ti­cal and con­ve­nient way to present a gift to young peo­ple.