There is not always time to start prepar­ing for the wed­ding a year before the desired date, to choose the details mea­sured­ly and think about every­thing. Some­times you need to act fast! How not to go crazy and orga­nize a wed­ding in a month, where to run and what to grab on to in the first place? Chan­fash­ion knows the answer. We have pre­pared a list of the bride’s to-do list for you: a week­ly wed­ding prepa­ra­tion plan and use­ful tips on how to pre­pare for the wed­ding quick­ly.

One month before the wedding

Apply to the registry office

For the wed­ding to take place for real, this should be done first, espe­cial­ly if you only have a month to get mar­ried 🙂

Tip: if urban reg­istry office you are not sat­is­fied, choose an express cer­e­mo­ny in doc­u­ment ser­vice Done.

Make a guest list and alert them

preparation for the wedding in a month
how to get married fast

Don’t waste time print­ing. Those close to you need to plan their time, so warn them as ear­ly as pos­si­ble. Beau­ti­ful invi­ta­tions will come to them lat­er.

Tip: for such an express mode of prepa­ra­tion for a wed­ding, you can not order a month in advance print­ed invi­ta­tions. Make your wed­ding web­site on a free web­site builder, fill in all the impor­tant infor­ma­tion (date, place, time, dress code) and send the link to the invi­tees.

Book your wedding venue

If you decide to arrange an accel­er­at­ed prepa­ra­tion for the wed­ding in the sum­mer, then there is a good chance that most of the venues are already occu­pied and you will have to choose from the left­overs. Get­ting mar­ried from Novem­ber to March increas­es your chances. In any case, our advice is to choose an already pre­pared place: a restau­rant, coun­try com­plex, pri­vate house for a small wed­ding. You won’t have time to plan com­mu­ni­ca­tion and con­ve­nience in a for­est or an aban­doned fac­to­ry in less than a month.

Assemble a team of wedding specialists

Tip: To save wed­ding prepa­ra­tion time, use Ten­ders. You need to choose a ser­vice, spec­i­fy the date, bud­get and approx­i­mate wish­es (it will take no more than 5 min­utes). After that, just wait: the experts them­selves will offer you their ser­vices. The most con­ve­nient thing is that these pros are already free for your date and agree on the bud­get, and this is very impor­tant in expe­dit­ed wed­ding prepa­ra­tions.

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We sug­gest book­ing spe­cial­ists in order of impor­tance, approx­i­mate­ly accord­ing to the fol­low­ing list:

Take care of the design

how to get married fast
how to get married fast

If you’ve hired a dec­o­ra­tor, they’ll need time to sketch, pre­pare props, and com­pose compositions—so start as ear­ly as pos­si­ble. If you decide to do the wed­ding dec­o­ra­tion your­self, then all the more time will be need­ed to order the nec­es­sary details or find them in stores.

Coun­cil: ask your friends for help in order to orga­nize a wed­ding in time for a month.

Choose date for bachelorette and bachelor parties

A quick wed­ding prepa­ra­tion in a month is no rea­son to aban­don tra­di­tions, espe­cial­ly such fun ones!

Tip: hen-par­ty and the bach­e­lor par­ty must take place no lat­er than a week before the wed­ding. So you can relax there, real­iz­ing that there is still time to pre­pare. And there will still be a week to recov­er from the con­se­quences of the par­ty 🙂

Sign up for beauty treatments

Man­i­cures and pedi­cures, eye­brow shap­ing, hair removal — don’t for­get to include every­thing impor­tant in your wed­ding prepa­ra­tion plan! But we advise you not to suc­cumb to the temp­ta­tion and not to exper­i­ment with new pro­ce­dures dur­ing the wed­ding prepa­ra­tion for a month: a solar­i­um, new peels or hair col­or­ing can be a real dis­as­ter (in the eyes of the bride, of course) if they fail.

wedding in a month
preparation for the wedding in a month

Three weeks before the wedding

order a cake

Be sure to use our Cat­a­log to choose the best con­fec­tion­er for your wed­ding cake. When you order it, cal­cu­late the weight accord­ing to the num­ber of guests at the wed­ding: approx­i­mate­ly 150–200 grams per per­son.

Go for a make-up and hair trial

Don’t leave your image on your wed­ding day to chance: it’s bet­ter to spend a few hours of wed­ding prepa­ra­tion, but be sure that on X day you will look irre­sistible.

Buy the wedding dress and the groom’s suit

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, you will not have enough time for indi­vid­ual tai­lor­ing — there is less than a month left. So choose the right one wed­ding dress salon and men’s suits. By the way, have you thought about tak­ing wed­ding dress for rent? This will save your bud­get and put on a cool design­er dress at an afford­able price.

wedding preparation plan
wedding how to prepare

Select music

The DJ will put togeth­er the per­fect wed­ding playlist, but you need to choose the music for the most impor­tant moments: the bride and groom walk­ing down the aisle, first dance, dance of the bride with dad. If you get lost in the vari­ety of options, our wed­ding playlist 🙂

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Buy wedding accessories

It is easy to for­get some lit­tle thing in such a tur­moil of prepa­ra­tions for the wed­ding a month in advance, and then be left with­out beau­ti­ful glass­es or a cake spat­u­la. There­fore, we have writ­ten a detailed arti­cle for you about Wed­ding acces­sories: what and where to buy, what to look for when choos­ing and how to save. Don’t thank, but rather read!

wedding to-do list
what you need for a wedding

Two weeks before the wedding

Make a detailed wedding day plan

Our advice — do not neglect this point: it will help to col­lect every sin­gle moment into the over­all pic­ture of an ide­al wed­ding. Write down all the stages of the wed­ding day — the bride’s prepa­ra­tions, pho­to ses­sion, cer­e­mo­ny, cut­ting the cake, and so on — put them in the plan and cal­cu­late how long they will take. Be sure to turn to your team of spe­cial­ists for help: pho­tog­ra­phers and pre­sen­ters will be hap­py to help you plan your wed­ding day cor­rect­ly.

bride's to-do list
what to do for a wedding

Buy wedding rings

In choise wed­ding rings There are many nuances, read them in our arti­cle.

Approve menu

It’s impor­tant that no one goes hun­gry 🙂 In your wed­ding prepa­ra­tion plan, set aside time to meet with the restau­rant or cater­ing staff to approve the final menu. But before that, do not for­get to read our tips on how to make a wed­ding menu and avoid com­mon mis­takes.

Collect your image

This quest does not end with the pur­chase of a wed­ding dress. Here is a short list of what does a bride need for a wed­ding: shoes (maybe two pairs), a garter, a set of under­wear, hair acces­sories, a hand­bag.

Bouquet and boutonniere

It is impor­tant not only to approve their appear­ance and the flow­ers used, but also to try them on with your out­fits.

Tip: pay atten­tion that the bou­quet does not spoil your sil­hou­ette in the dress, and the bou­ton­niere does not merge with the groom’s suit.

One week before the wedding

Create a seating plan for guests at a banquet

Con­tact the invi­tees in advance and clar­i­fy whether they can come and in what com­po­si­tion. Then you’ll find a grand­mas­ter lev­el puz­zle in chess: how to seat every­one in such a way as to cre­ate the right atmos­phere and not upset any­one 🙂 To help you, we have pre­pared a list of tips, how to seat guests at a wed­ding.

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Confirm agreements with specialists

A week before the wed­ding, we strong­ly advise you to call each of the team again and con­firm that every­thing is in place. If sud­den­ly some­one does not get in touch, you will have time to solve this hitch in the plan. Yes, a lit­tle, but it’s bet­ter than being left with­out a pho­tog­ra­ph­er on the morn­ing of the wed­ding day.

Finish with handmade

If you love needle­work and have tak­en do it your­self dur­ing prepa­ra­tion for the wed­ding, a month before, some dec­o­ra­tive ele­ments, dec­o­rate glass­es or seat­ing cards — this should be ready at least 5 days before the wed­ding.

The day before the wedding

Check everything on the list

Acces­sories, print­ing, dec­o­ra­tive ele­ments and oth­er impor­tant lit­tle things. Take the list you made up in advance and check each item.

do your own wedding
make a wedding in a month

Assemble a rescue kit

You will need a small bag with very impor­tant lit­tle things. Here’s the list: plas­ters, pins, thread and nee­dle, hygiene items, painkillers, anti­his­t­a­mines, hang­over pills, spare tights. Give it to the brides­maid, and then minor trou­bles will not take you by sur­prise.

Get things in order

Check the dress again (and admire a lit­tle, of course), iron the shirt and trousers and oth­er things that need it. Make sure that the shoes are clean and that there are no price tags or tags hang­ing any­where.

Exhale 🙂

wedding preparation plan

how to prepare a wedding

That’s it, you’ve com­plet­ed the marathon “Prepar­ing for a wed­ding in a month.” It remains only to calm down: lie down in a foamy bath, drink herbal tea and switch off from the bus­tle of wed­ding prepa­ra­tions. Your last task on the bride’s to-do list is to enjoy the first day of your new rela­tion­ship togeth­er.

Don’t for­get to check out our Online plan­ner. We have cre­at­ed the most con­ve­nient free ser­vice so that your prepa­ra­tion for the wed­ding of your dreams is easy and enjoy­able 🙂 There you can also plan your bud­get and con­trol all wed­ding expens­es.