Wedding hairstyles

Wedding hairstyles with flowers: an overview of the best styling options and how to perform them

To cre­ate a roman­tic image of the bride, styl­ists use floristry in hair­dress­ing. How to cre­ate a beau­ti­ful and rel­e­vant styling for a wed­ding with flow­ers, what acces­sories to use to dec­o­rate hair of dif­fer­ent lengths, you will learn from this arti­cle.

Floristics in hairdressing

The tra­di­tion of dec­o­rat­ing hair with flow­ers was born a very long time ago. Instead of gold­en tiaras and combs with pre­cious stones, the girls adorned their hair with fresh flow­ers, which empha­sized their beau­ty and inno­cence. Long curls flow­ing over the shoul­ders, tight, intri­cate­ly braid­ed braids with del­i­cate buds have always excit­ed the hearts of men.

A styl­ist who knows the art of cre­at­ing flo­ral dec­o­ra­tions can empha­size the beau­ty and indi­vid­u­al­i­ty of the bride with a hair­style with flow­ers.

Mas­ters offer dif­fer­ent acces­sories:

  • head­bands and hair­pins with buds;
  • hair­pins and clips with flow­ers;
  • rib­bons and combs with small inflo­res­cences;
  • wreaths and minia­ture hats.

When choos­ing a wed­ding hair­style with flow­ers, it is worth con­sid­er­ing a few points.

  • For dec­o­ra­tion, it is bet­ter to choose orchids, rose­buds, spray ros­es, del­phini­ums, hydrangeas, eustoma, gyp­sophi­la twigs.
  • Opt for unscent­ed flow­ers. By the end of the cel­e­bra­tion, a strong aro­ma can make you dizzy.
  • In flow­ers with bright pollen, the sta­mens must be removed: they can stain the dress.
  • Think about how the wed­ding attire will be com­bined with the intend­ed styling. Flow­ers in curls are the main focus of the image, so puffy pompous dress­es and mas­sive jew­el­ry will not work. Lacon­ic sun­dress­es in a rus­tic style, boho-style clothes along with mod­est beads and ele­gant ear­rings will har­mo­nize with flo­ral arrange­ments.
  • The hair orna­ment should be com­bined with the groom’s wed­ding bou­quet and bou­ton­niere.
  • Del­i­cate spray ros­es and lilies of the val­ley will dec­o­rate a frag­ile girl of small stature.
  • Large flow­ers — ros­es, eustoma, hydrangeas, ranu­cu­lus­es, will suit a tall state­ly bride.

Decor from flow­ers can be ordered in a floris­tic salon, or you can make it your­self.

You will need:

  • a small piece of cot­ton;
  • knife;
  • tape;
  • food film;
  • hair­pin or hair­pin for attach­ing a flower;
  • water.

Step by step exe­cu­tion.

  • Choose your favorite flower. It is advis­able to take half-opened buds.
  • With a sharp knife at a 45-degree angle, cut the stem at a dis­tance equal to the length of the bud.
  • Make a small ball out of cot­ton wool, soak it in water.
  • Close the sec­tion of the stem with a damp swab. Wrap tight­ly with cling film to keep mois­ture out.
  • Take a hair­pin or hair­pin, tight­ly fas­ten it to the stem with a tape tape.

The flower for the wed­ding hair­style is ready.

Beau­ti­ful hair orna­ments can be made not only from fresh flow­ers. The wed­ding decor made of foami­ran looks very advan­ta­geous. In the hands of a skilled crafts­man, flow­ers from this mate­r­i­al are obtained as if they were alive. Such beau­ty will nev­er fade and will remind you of this hap­py day. Ideas for com­po­si­tions from foami­ran:

  • wreaths of del­i­cate lilies of the val­ley, for­get-me-nots, vio­lets;
  • head­bands made of field daisies, corn­flow­ers and pop­pies;
  • hair­pins, elas­tic bands with lush peony ros­es;
  • dec­o­ra­tions with a cas­cade of wis­te­ria or aca­cia for asym­met­ri­cal styling.
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You can cre­ate fan­ta­sy flow­ers and open­work green­ery. A set con­sist­ing of hair jew­el­ry, ear­rings and a bracelet looks amaz­ing. In the same style, they cre­ate a bou­quet for the bride and a bou­ton­niere for the groom. The main thing is not to over­play with an abun­dance of shades and col­ors.

Overview of current styling

A wed­ding hair­style is always an indi­vid­ual approach to each bride. Regard­less of fash­ion trends, styling should go to the girl and empha­size her beau­ty. In the com­ing year, every­thing nat­ur­al and nat­ur­al is in trend. Well-groomed flow­ing hair remains rel­e­vant, smooth and shiny, or curled into roman­tic curls. Struc­tured strands are pop­u­lar, giv­ing a spe­cial grace and solem­ni­ty to the female image. Curls, gen­tly fram­ing the face, will go for hair of any length.

You can make a low pony­tail or a bun, weav­ing — French braids, fish­tail, turn­ing into loose curls. At the peak of pop­u­lar­i­ty — the effect of wet hair. When styling, it is impor­tant not to over­do it with styling prod­ucts, oth­er­wise the hair will look untidy. In short hair­cuts, asym­me­try and long bangs are wel­come, slight­ly cov­er­ing the fore­head. You can style your hair with a hairdry­er using foam, cre­at­ing a large wave with brush­ing.

For long curls

The own­er of lux­u­ri­ous long hair can afford any styling. For fluffy curls, the ide­al dec­o­ra­tion option is a wreath of fresh or arti­fi­cial flow­ers. For a wed­ding in boho, rus­tic or eth­nic style, a wreath is the main dec­o­ra­tion of the bride. He makes the girl look like a charm­ing for­est fairy. In spring and sum­mer, pref­er­ence can be giv­en to fresh flow­ers: spray ros­es, orchids, chrysan­the­mums. In autumn, berries look beau­ti­ful in a wreath. If this is a themed wed­ding, bright autumn leaves can be added to the dress.

In win­ter, wreaths of arti­fi­cial flow­ers are used, but if the bride wants to empha­size her beau­ty with quiv­er­ing liv­ing buds, it is bet­ter to take small red ros­es, cot­ton flow­ers, hyper­icum berries, young twigs of nobilis. Among the snow-white bed­spread, live scar­let ros­es are sim­ply stun­ning with their bold beau­ty. This option is suit­able for mature and deter­mined women.

To fix a wreath of liv­ing red buds on long hair, you need:

  • wind curls, make a basal bouf­fant at the crown;
  • try on a dress and deter­mine how it will look;
  • along the lines where the wreath lies, sep­a­rate the hair, gath­er it up and pin it with a clip;
  • put on a wreath and see that it does not pinch the strands, but lies tight­ly and beau­ti­ful­ly;
  • mak­ing sure that the wreath is in the right place, strength­en it with invis­i­ble pins, pin­ning them over­lap­ping each oth­er in the occip­i­tal area;
  • the col­lect­ed hair can be low­ered and laid in flow­ing curls, or weav­ing can be done, a volu­mi­nous Greek braid will also look very har­mo­nious with a wreath.
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A win-win option for a wed­ding hair­style for long hair is a lush braid to the side with small plain flow­ers or a French shell dec­o­rat­ed with a large flower. These mod­els make a wom­an’s face open and look great at pho­to shoots.

For medium hair

Medi­um length hair is now the major­i­ty of women. It is prac­ti­cal and con­ve­nient in every­day life, but at the same time does not deprive the image of a mod­ern girl of grace and attrac­tive­ness. Pos­si­ble solu­tions for fes­tive styling.

  • Loose curls with a wreath or rim of flow­ers.
  • Hair­styles with struc­tured strands of dif­fer­ent lengths, laid in half rings and fixed with ros­es or orchids.
  • Smooth hair col­lect­ed in bun­dles or knots, dec­o­rat­ed with small del­i­cate inflo­res­cences or one large vol­u­met­ric flower: rose, lily, chrysan­the­mum. Looks great with this hair­style option veil.
  • Weave in Greek, Scan­di­na­vian or French style. You can make a tra­di­tion­al Russ­ian fluffy braid and weave small branch­es of spray ros­es into it.
  • Don’t for­get about the tail. From the high “horse” tail at the crown, you can make rope weav­ing from hair twist­ed into bun­dles. The hair at the fore­head and on the crown is raised, on the side you can make an accent from a large bud, and dec­o­rate the braid with small flow­ers.

A hair­style made on the basis of the Malv­ina styling is suit­able for long hair and medi­um length. As a styling dec­o­ra­tion, you can com­bine ros­es, lilies and small white gyp­sophi­la flow­ers.

Step-by-step instruc­tions for imple­men­ta­tion

  • Sep­a­rate the side strands with part­ings.
  • Select a wide area in the front of the head, start­ing from the fore­head line to the back of the head. Make a pile on the roots of the strands near the fore­head, apply a lit­tle var­nish, gen­tly comb the ends.
  • Hav­ing cap­tured all the hair of this zone, col­lect it in a pony­tail — “Malv­ina” and tie it at the back of the head with a trans­par­ent elas­tic band.
  • Find the mid­dle at the base of the tail. Gen­tly part the strands and pass the tail between them.
  • Form the formed rollers with your hands and sprin­kle with var­nish. We insert a large flower on a hair­pin between them. Addi­tion­al­ly, we fix the dec­o­ra­tion with invis­i­bil­i­ty cross­wise.
  • We braid lush fluffy braids from the side strands and fas­ten them on the back of the head, lead­ing one after the oth­er with the help of hair­pins.
  • Gyp­sophi­la flow­ers are placed in braids sym­met­ri­cal­ly on the sides of a large bud. We pin up with hair­pins inside the weave. Fill with var­nish.
  • We form the strands near the face into grace­ful curls with the help of a curl­ing iron and fix it with a styling tool. The hair­style is ready.
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For a short haircut

Girls with a short hair­cut are advised by styl­ists to style their hair in large curls. A hair­style with soft curls laid strand by strand will look nat­ur­al and roman­tic. First you need to give your hair vol­ume with a pile, and then lay the top strands and give them a nat­ur­al look. You can arrange a bang on your fore­head in the form of a spec­tac­u­lar curl, or you can make an extrav­a­gant “licked” styling by comb­ing your hair back. As a dec­o­ra­tion, many girls pre­fer a veil, but this is not the only way to make a wed­ding hair­style for short hair spec­tac­u­lar.

Styling can be made irre­sistible with the help of bright acces­sories with flow­ers:

  • diadems;
  • wreath;
  • hair­pins;
  • comb;
  • hair strips.

Fresh flow­ers express our deep­est and strongest emo­tions. This is their mis­sion in this world. Where there are flow­ers, noth­ing arti­fi­cial and con­trived is need­ed. Do your usu­al styling, which suits you 100 per­cent. Use make­up to focus on the eyes. Com­plete the look with flow­ers fixed in the hair. The ide­al image is ready.

Extrav­a­gant brides choose bright wed­ding dress­es. For out­fits of rich blue and turquoise shades, blue eustoma, vio­lets, for­get-me-nots are suit­able for hair­styles. Under a bright red dress — a hair­pin with red spray ros­es. Light grace­ful inflo­res­cences are weight­less and are not felt in the hair. With such dec­o­ra­tion, the bride will feel con­fi­dent and relaxed.

Spectacular images

A wed­ding cel­e­bra­tion is a per­for­mance where the bride plays the main role that she has dreamed of since child­hood. Every girl wants to embody the image of the hero­ine she want­ed to be like — the mys­te­ri­ous Ophe­lia with a wreath of bizarre herbs and flow­ers in her hair, the pas­sion­ate Car­men with fra­grant jas­mine in resin curls, the hero­ines of famous films played by their favorite actress­es, and just beau­ti­ful cov­er girls mod­ern mag­a­zines. What­ev­er image you choose, remem­ber that you are the best in the world for your cho­sen one. He loves you just the way you are. Be your­self, and you will be the most attrac­tive and hap­pi­est on your wed­ding day.

How to make a wed­ding hair­style with flow­ers with your own hands, see the next video.