Wedding hairstyles with a veil

Wedding hairstyles with a veil for medium hair: what are they and how to make them?

Hair­style is an impor­tant part of the image of the bride. How to style and dec­o­rate your hair before one of the main events in life should be tak­en with all respon­si­bil­i­ty. There are a huge num­ber of options for dif­fer­ent lengths of strands and face shapes.

What to consider when choosing a bridal hairstyle?

One of the main require­ments for styling is that it suits its own­er. In the case of a wed­ding, the final result will be affect­ed by:

  • a hair­cut;
  • hair qual­i­ty;
  • the pres­ence of a veil or oth­er dec­o­ra­tion in the hair;
  • wed­ding dress style.

It is obvi­ous that for a girl with a short hair­cut “under the boy” it will not be pos­si­ble to make a puffy hair­style from curls, and a typ­i­cal wed­ding dress with a puffy skirt will not har­mo­nize with pony­tail styling.

You need to care­ful­ly choose the ver­sion of the veil, which should match the type of face. Thanks to the com­pe­tent choice of this jew­el­ry, you can empha­size the beau­ty of the styled hair and the dig­ni­ty of the girl’s face, hid­ing the exist­ing flaws in her appear­ance.

  • For a round-faced bride, a veil that reach­es the shoul­ders is suit­able. In this case, it is bet­ter if the hair is picked up. With loose hair and a lush veil, the face may seem larg­er than it is.
  • With a square type face, a veil to the elbow or to the shoul­ders should be pre­ferred. Hair­style should be lush.
  • With an oval, any veil will be good. It is only impor­tant to care­ful­ly con­sid­er the hair­style, ensur­ing that it does not make the face “heav­ier”.
  • In a face that has the shape of an elon­gat­ed oval, an exces­sive elon­ga­tion will help to com­pen­sate for a short or medi­um length veil that has a mag­nif­i­cent shape, for exam­ple, con­sist­ing of sev­er­al tiers.
  • With a tri­an­gu­lar type of face, a wed­ding dec­o­ra­tion that reach­es shoul­der lev­el or lush and short will make it pos­si­ble to hide a wide fore­head.
  • A rec­tan­gu­lar face needs to be made visu­al­ly wider. This will help to achieve a cur­va­ceous veil. There is no need to opt for a high hair­style. It is bet­ter to give pref­er­ence to loose hair in curls.
  • For a cheeky face, you can choose a long veil in one or more lay­ers.

Of great impor­tance for the impres­sion of styling on the head is the shape of the girl’s bangs (if any). Here you also need to take into account the type of face.

If the bride has bangs, this moment can be beat­en in cre­at­ing a wed­ding look. It has been noticed that in the pres­ence of such an ele­ment in a hair­cut, when form­ing a wed­ding hair­style, var­i­ous devices for fix­ing and dec­o­rat­ing hair fit per­fect­ly into it — combs, wreaths, tiaras.

Hair­cut with bangs can go well with a veil. If the bangs are quite long, it can be laid in one way or anoth­er. For exam­ple, curl with a curl­ing iron, weave into the total mass of hair or place it on its side. Such a bang allows the main part of it to be lift­ed up, leav­ing a few curled strands on the fore­head.

If you focus on the type of face, you need to keep in mind that a round face does not imply a short bang. In this case, it is bet­ter that it be of an elon­gat­ed type and combed to the side. The same prin­ci­ple must be fol­lowed by those girls whose face is tri­an­gu­lar or has the shape of a heart (a kind of high cheek­bones).

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Suitable styling for shoulder length

Shoul­der-length hair is very com­mon among girls today. There are a lot of inter­est­ing wed­ding hair­styles for medi­um hair with and with­out a veil, with and with­out bangs.

Shoul­der-length hair allows you to make beau­ti­ful curls that go very well with a veil. The image is ten­der and roman­tic. The veil should be fixed on the top of the head with invis­i­bil­i­ty (although a dia­dem is also suit­able).

Hair­style can be sup­ple­ment­ed with inter­est­ing weav­ing. It har­mo­nizes with loose curls.

If, when form­ing a hair­style in com­bi­na­tion with a veil, curls are picked up, the image of the bride will be espe­cial­ly grace­ful.

It should be not­ed that this option is only suit­able for slen­der girls with a beau­ti­ful neck.

A beam in one ver­sion or anoth­er will help to achieve the desired effect. Dec­o­ra­tion is car­ried out in the Greek style or babet­to. The veil should be placed behind the crown, clos­er to the crown of the head, where the dec­o­ra­tion is dec­o­rat­ed with weav­ing. Own­ers of a beau­ti­ful fore­head can empha­size the dig­ni­ty of the face with a hair­style with­out bangs. Atten­tion will focus on the expres­sive eyes of the bride. So that the image of the bride does not seem bor­ing, it is bet­ter not to make her hair smooth. Orig­i­nal options for weav­ing over the fore­head, bouf­fants or oth­er options for rais­ing hair will help here.

Strict-type styling can be soft­ened by strands released from it, falling on the sides of the face.

Anoth­er idea for a wed­ding is a pony­tail. If you dec­o­rate it with pearl beads or an open­work rib­bon, you get an inter­est­ing “hair struc­ture” in the spir­it of car­toon princess­es. It is easy to make a hair­style for medi­um hair, giv­ing it splen­dor and dec­o­rat­ing it with a head­band or dec­o­ra­tive ban­dage, secur­ing it with a hair­pin.

Medi­um hair is easy to work with. It is eas­i­er to make a wed­ding hair­style on them than on long curls. The result will be just as lux­u­ri­ous.

Hairstyle ideas for different styles

To cre­ate an appear­ance in a roman­tic spir­it, it makes sense to choose a hair­style with braids. There are a lot of weav­ing options, the braids will be able to hold well and the hair will not be disheveled in a day. The aver­age length allows you to cre­ate a hair­dress­ing mas­ter­piece from a large num­ber of braids and buns, spikelets, “scat­tered” all over the head.

When cre­at­ing a vol­ume effect, tight braids are often not used. Options with a weak weave allow you to slight­ly pull the hair out of the braids so that the hair­style acquires more vol­ume and com­ple­ments the over­all shape. Braids make it pos­si­ble to dec­o­rate var­i­ous curly ele­ments, for exam­ple, flower buds. In the hair­style, such accents look impres­sive.

When using weav­ing, part of the hair can be left free by twist­ing it with a curl­ing iron. This will add vol­ume and increase the shape.

You can also take into ser­vice the achieve­ments of the ancient Greeks in the design of hair for a par­tic­u­lar occa­sion. If you make a wreath or a crown on your head out of a braid, com­plete the styling, then in com­bi­na­tion with a dress made of flow­ing fab­ric, you can get the look of a bride in the spir­it of Greek myths.

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To cre­ate an image in the Greek style, you need to select the design option for the knot in the Greek man­ner. It can be placed high or low­ered clos­er to the neck. The hair is part­ed with a straight part­ing, and the bun­dle is wrapped around with a thin rib­bon or a pig­tail from its strands. The image cre­at­ed in this way looks noble.

To cre­ate a retro styling, long bangs can be styled with a wave at the tem­ple, and the main part of the hair can be removed in an ele­gant shell. If you add it with an open­work wed­ding hair orna­ment, the bride will look gen­tle, frag­ile and mys­te­ri­ous.

Medi­um length hair allows you to cre­ate an image with fresh flow­ers. They can be insert­ed into the hair, dec­o­rat­ed with a wreath, com­bined with knots and braids. Depend­ing on the desired effect, the cre­ation of, for exam­ple, a coun­try style or a clas­sic hair style is achieved.

For the clas­sics, it is good to style the strands in the form of a babette hair­style, which is unlike­ly to ever come out of a wed­ding styling set. Even own­ers of thin hair will look lux­u­ri­ous when using this option. The volu­mi­nous bump-bun can be placed high or low, giv­ing ele­gance to the bride.

We select accessories

Acces­sories expand the pos­si­bil­i­ties of hair styling for a wed­ding, allow­ing you to give them a spe­cial grace and shine. In addi­tion, using such things, you can com­pen­sate for fig­ure flaws and achieve a har­mo­nious com­bi­na­tion of styling with a wed­ding dress.

In addi­tion to flow­ers, rib­bons, tiaras and veils, a wreath can be used to dec­o­rate feath­ers and hoops, rhine­stones and combs, veils and mini-hats of var­i­ous kinds.

  • In the case of using a dia­dem, experts advise not to choose hair­styles with curls. In them, this ele­ment of decor will be lost. On smooth­ly combed hair, she will shine with a princess crown.
  • When using flow­ers in the hair­style, they should echo the bou­quet in the hands of the bride.
  • The veil itself is a great addi­tion to the look, so try­ing to use frilly addi­tion­al dec­o­ra­tions in styling can make a girl look fun­ny. The issue of addi­tion­al dec­o­ra­tions in this case must be treat­ed extreme­ly respon­si­bly.
  • For a lush hair­style, no acces­sories are required if the hair styling is solved in an unusu­al way.
  • When the bride’s dress is shiny, with a lot of bright dec­o­ra­tive ele­ments, equal­ly bright dec­o­ra­tions are out of place in the hair. This will add excess to the image and make it taste­less.
  • For medi­um hair with bangs, it is suit­able to use hoops with pearl or flo­ral dec­o­ra­tions in the hair. They go espe­cial­ly well with Greek braids.

Fashion trends

Fem­i­nine and com­fort­able hair­styles are trendy these days when it comes to cre­at­ing a bridal look.

A girl who uses a knot of hair in styling will not look like a girl who is behind the fash­ion trends, releas­ing grace­ful strands on the sides.

Open­work braids of var­i­ous weav­ing options will also be in theme, as well as time-test­ed curls. It is rel­e­vant to make hair styling in large waves, in the man­ner of those that could be seen in actress­es of silent black-and-white films.

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Rib­bons, bows, hoops and oth­er ele­ments that empha­size the over­all style also remain in fash­ion.

As for hair col­or, it is prefer­able that it be nat­ur­al shades. Cop­per, light brown, chest­nut, with hon­ey and caramel hues — all this is rel­e­vant today.

Col­or­ing, or a smooth tran­si­tion of hair col­or to anoth­er (ombre) — should not be evi­dent. It is nec­es­sary to ensure that the hair seems nat­ur­al, as if their own­er had been under the sun for a long time. The blond, which until recent­ly a huge num­ber of girls so aspired to, requires more nat­u­ral­ness — a linen shade or the col­or of white hon­ey.

No yel­low­ness or blue­ness in the shade, but a nat­ur­al pearly sheen.

The process of col­or­ing with sten­cils is still in fash­ion. Great inter­est in “pix­e­lat­ed” hair and col­or­ing across the strands, where the col­or tran­si­tions are sharp.

It is advis­able to take care of hair col­or long before the wed­ding date. It will be a shame to do the col­or­ing the day before and be dis­ap­point­ed. This can spoil the mood dur­ing the cel­e­bra­tion.

Spectacular images

Large curls, fixed with hair­pins so that the hair is picked up at the back, plus an addi­tion in the form of a beau­ti­ful hair­pin and ear­rings, will make the own­er of blond hair in a brides­maid dress sim­ply charm­ing. A few thin strands that come out of the hair­style on the sides will give a lit­tle “artis­tic mess” to the hair.

The lux­u­ry and rich­ness of the hair will be empha­sized by the styling of curls. To cre­ate it, you can use one or anoth­er ver­sion of weav­ing from braids or sim­ply style your hair with ele­gant rings. Addi­tions in the form of open­work tacks can com­plete a del­i­cate and sophis­ti­cat­ed look.

In a hair­style with select­ed hair, curly ele­ments should be made from curls or flow­ers should be formed from curls. It will look espe­cial­ly bright if indi­vid­ual strands are col­ored. Prop­er use of hair­pins and hair­pins will com­plete the look.

To cre­ate a won­der­ful hair­style from shoul­der-length hair, it is enough to use a few hair­pins and a wide hair­pin with an open­work dec­o­ra­tion. With their help, you can achieve the impres­sion of the rich­ness of the hair.

Small flo­ral dec­o­ra­tions will make medi­um-length hair styling with a bouf­fant or chignon very attrac­tive. In com­bi­na­tion with a rich­ly embroi­dered dress, this styling will look per­fect.

Crown hair and side bangs look great paired with a veil. Jew­el­ry made of translu­cent white flow­ers and strings of small pearls cre­ate an opti­mistic impres­sion with a hint of roman­ti­cism and ten­der­ness.

Hair­style for medi­um hair can be dec­o­rat­ed with fresh flow­ers. The white veil in this case cre­ates a con­trast with red ros­es. Such styling will look ele­gant, ele­gant and gen­tle.

The “shell” option will become very sophis­ti­cat­ed. Clear lines of strands empha­size the rich­ness of the hair and the qual­i­ty of their col­or­ing. Such styling cer­tain­ly should not be hid­den under a veil.

A wreath of nat­ur­al flow­ers in com­bi­na­tion with fluffy, slight­ly disheveled curled hair will add light­ness, naivety, and youth­ful refine­ment to the image of the bride.

Hair gath­ered in a bun­dle with sev­er­al strands released in front goes well with a veil, secured with an expen­sive hair­pin. This hair­style is equal­ly ele­gant and com­fort­able.

A mas­ter class on cre­at­ing a wed­ding hair­style for medi­um hair, see below.