Wedding hairstyles

Wedding Hairstyles for Guests: Beautiful Ideas for Bridesmaids, Moms and Sisters

A wed­ding invi­ta­tion promis­es a lot of pleas­ant trou­bles for women: from search­ing for a gift, to choos­ing an out­fit and a hair­style that match­es it. The lat­ter, by the way, is espe­cial­ly rel­e­vant, because the face and hair will be the first to be noticed. And although the bride is still the main one at the cel­e­bra­tion, the oth­er ladies present want to look espe­cial­ly fes­tive at such a solemn moment.


If you were invit­ed to a wed­ding as a guest, girl­friend or wit­ness, then you will prob­a­bly want to look appro­pri­ate for this beau­ti­ful and excit­ing event.

Recent­ly, theme wed­dings have set the tone. In this case, the choice of hair­style is strict­ly lim­it­ed to the theme of the wed­ding cer­e­mo­ny.

Such a cel­e­bra­tion, on the one hand, reduces the time for choos­ing a hair­style and makes it eas­i­er to decide on one of 3–5 options. On the oth­er hand, hair­styles in the same style may not always suit all guests with­out excep­tion so that all women feel com­fort­able.

There­fore, it is most pleas­ant to choose a styling for your­self based on your own taste pref­er­ences, the most suit­able for the out­fit, the struc­ture and type of hair, the shape of the face and, of course, age. When choos­ing one or anoth­er option, you should remem­ber a few basic rules that must be tak­en into account when prepar­ing for the wed­ding cer­e­mo­ny.

  • Home at the cel­e­bra­tion — the bride. Your hair­style (and out­fit) should not com­pete with hers for splen­dor and pomp. If hair­styles for a wed­ding for guests should be made in the same style, repeat­ing the image of the bride her­self, then they are made more mod­est, with few­er acces­sories.
  • Before a respon­si­ble day, it has recent­ly become pop­u­lar to do a tri­al ver­sion of a hair­style. That way you’ll know for sure if it’s right for you. A wed­ding tri­al hair­style will insure against an unde­sir­able sit­u­a­tion when it is already time to go on a hol­i­day, and the hair­style is dis­ap­point­ing and does not cause any pos­i­tive emo­tions.
  • Nat­u­ral­ness is wel­comed in the hair­style. Rein­forced con­crete bouf­fants and hard curls filled with var­nish are no longer in fash­ion. They look taste­less and untidy. In addi­tion, a large num­ber of styling prod­ucts do not fix the hair suf­fi­cient­ly, on the con­trary, make the curls heav­ier. It is bet­ter to light­ly fix the fin­ished hair­style with var­nish from a dis­tance of 10–15 cen­time­ters. You can take the same styling tool with you (there are com­pact pack­ages) and refresh your hair in the mid­dle of the cel­e­bra­tion.
  • Light neg­li­gence and nat­u­ral­ness in the hair lines is wel­come. It looks much more impres­sive than per­fect­ly cleaned, sleek hair­styles. Pre­cise geom­e­try can also be done if required by the style of the dress and the style of styling. In this case, it is rec­om­mend­ed to com­ple­ment the hair­style with roman­tic acces­sories: mesh, unob­tru­sive bows, ele­gant flow­ers.
  • If you intend to hold the cel­e­bra­tion quite active­ly, then it is bet­ter not to leave your hair loose. The perm will quick­ly lose its shape after a cou­ple of hours, and per­fect­ly smooth hair can get dirty, as there will be a need to con­stant­ly cor­rect it. It is bet­ter to choose soft styling options: loose buns, French or Greek braids.
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Fashion trends

Choos­ing a wed­ding hair­style can take a sig­nif­i­cant amount of time, because the suc­cess of the whole image in the end large­ly depends on it. The trends of recent sea­sons offered by pro­fes­sion­al styl­ists in fes­tive styling will help you decide on the direc­tion.

If there is no way to get your hair done in the salon at the hair­dress­er, then you should not wor­ry about this. Nat­u­ral­ness is in fash­ion, so any woman can per­form light and styl­ish options her­self at home.

The most pop­u­lar hair­styles for medi­um hair, as most of the fair sex wear this par­tic­u­lar length. It opens up a wide field for exper­i­ments with tex­ture, vol­ume and style. Always pop­u­lar and lux­u­ri­ous Greek hair­styles, Hol­ly­wood waves, retro style, ele­gant French styling — every woman at any age can choose what suits her per­fect­ly.

Sim­ple options can be done at home. These are the pop­u­lar Greek pony­tail, French shell, var­i­ous types of braids, low loose buns and Hol­ly­wood clas­sics with loose slight­ly curly hair. For most of them, you only need a brush, curl­ing iron and the usu­al styling prod­uct (var­nish or foam).

Women with short hair­cuts are more lim­it­ed in their choice of hair­styles. But the clas­sic ele­gance in styling and its sim­plic­i­ty with the pos­si­bil­i­ty of self-ful­fill­ment is their advan­tage. In addi­tion, short hair is very young.

When styling hair for the cel­e­bra­tion, del­i­cate acces­sories will play the main role. These can be hair­pins, head­bands, satin and lace rib­bons. The main thing is not to use too many accents. One large detail or a pair of small hair­pins will be enough.

A short hair­cut draws the main atten­tion to the face due to the clar­i­ty of the lines made. Com­plex manip­u­la­tions with such hair are not required. At the same time, the styling will keep well through­out the day, while main­tain­ing vol­ume and fresh­ness.

What does the choice depend on?

The choice of hair­style for a guest of a wed­ding cel­e­bra­tion is deter­mined by many fac­tors, in addi­tion to the length of the hair and your own wish­es. To get the best result, to look like a woman irre­sistible and appro­pri­ate to the sit­u­a­tion, you should con­sid­er:

  • a com­bi­na­tion of all the details of the image from the col­or and length of the dress to acces­sories;
  • wed­ding style and tim­ing;
  • face shape and fea­tures of appear­ance;
  • age and image you want to pro­duce (seri­ous­ness and solid­i­ty or light­ness and play­ful­ness);
  • the sea­son of the wed­ding, the fea­tures of the sit­u­a­tion, as well as your activ­i­ty at the event.


The time of the year in which the wed­ding is played has one of the deci­sive val­ues ​​when choos­ing. In the spring-sum­mer sea­son, guests usu­al­ly choose more reveal­ing out­fits. There­fore, the hair­style most often involves loose hair. As styling prod­ucts, light sprays or mouss­es are usu­al­ly used to give nat­ur­al vol­ume.

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Sum­mer hair­styles are done in the Greek style. The Greek cas­cade, braid, lam­pi­on or bunch are suit­able for any age and type of appear­ance, adding fem­i­nin­i­ty and grace.

Often the cel­e­bra­tion or most of the day takes place out­doors, so you should take care to fix the strands near the face so that the hair­style does not dete­ri­o­rate from the wind. Loose hair is good to grab on the back of the head with small strands.

In autumn and win­ter, the specifics of hold­ing a wed­ding dic­tates spe­cial con­di­tions for choos­ing a hair­style. The vagaries of the weath­er, mov­ing from a cool street with humid air to a warm and dry room can lead to the rapid destruc­tion of the instal­la­tion. You should care­ful­ly approach the choice of styling prod­ucts, giv­ing pref­er­ence to pro­fes­sion­al ones. Dress­es in this sea­son are worn more closed. And the hair is pulled up in ele­gant hair­styles: shells, French braids.

celebration style

The time of day in the wed­ding cer­e­mo­ny also deter­mines the moments when choos­ing a hair­style. So, if the mar­riage is held main­ly in the day­time, the styling should be more mod­est, and the hair col­lect­ed. It is bet­ter to refuse bright acces­sories and hair­pins in the hair.

Evening hair­styles give more room for imag­i­na­tion. You can choose from free-falling curls with glit­tery accents, orig­i­nal hair orna­ments and extrav­a­gant styling options.

If you are par­tic­i­pat­ing in a themed wed­ding, you will have to match the declared style as close­ly as pos­si­ble. It can be fem­i­nine and bewitch­ing retro hair­styles, nat­ur­al light styling, lux­u­ri­ous baroque hair­styles with strong curls and many com­plex ele­ments, aes­thet­ics of the 1920s and much more, for which only the imag­i­na­tion of the orga­niz­ers of the hol­i­day is enough.

What setup to do?

Every woman and girl invit­ed to a wed­ding wants to look espe­cial­ly irre­sistible at such a solemn and mem­o­rable moment. The most ten­der images are often cho­sen by women close to the bride: moth­er, sis­ter, brides­maids. Their hair­style can, in a sim­pler vari­a­tion, repeat the hair­style of the bride, har­mo­nize or echo with her, and also reflect the fea­tures of a unique style.


The hair­style for the sis­ter is select­ed main­ly depend­ing on her age.

An adult young lady, of course, will be able to make her own choice. Although it is bet­ter to con­sult with your new­ly­wed sis­ter in order to avoid mis­un­der­stand­ings and mis­un­der­stand­ings. The old­er women in the fam­i­ly will help the young sis­ter make her choice.

For very young girls or young girls, the Malvin­ka styling is opti­mal. To cre­ate it, the hair curls in curls. With the help of a small amount of styling prod­ucts, brush­ing and a hair dry­er, a basal vol­ume is cre­at­ed. Curls can be left tight with a lit­tle sis­ter. Girls will pre­fer nat­u­ral­ness, there­fore, the curls will need to be care­ful­ly dis­as­sem­bled with your hands and light­ly combed. After that, thin strands at the tem­ples are tucked back and stabbed.

Recent­ly, hair bows have been very rel­e­vant. It is easy to make such a hair­style your­self.

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It is worth remem­ber­ing that the hair in it is beau­ti­ful in itself, so addi­tion­al hair­pins are not required.

As a wed­ding hair­style for a sis­ter, you can choose one of the many options for braids. Beau­ti­ful open­work or free weav­ing will dec­o­rate the head of a girl of any age.


At the wed­ding, the brides­maid, if the oppor­tu­ni­ty and the length of the hair allows, usu­al­ly choos­es a hair­style sim­i­lar to the new­ly­wed’s. If this is not required, then the girl­friend has the widest choice — from an ele­gant bun to retro hair­styles.

If you’re wear­ing a sim­ple dress, you can opt for an asym­met­ri­cal side-do or an ancient Greek-inspired bouf­fant. For a dress rich in decor, more con­cise options with one or two accents are suit­able. It can be a high pony­tail or a styl­ish bun, a French water­fall of slight­ly curled hair or weav­ing in the form of a del­i­cate flower.

Hair acces­sories also look good, which should be select­ed accord­ing to the style of hair­style and out­fit.

Leave the veils and tiaras to the host­ess of the cel­e­bra­tion. Flow­ers should be cho­sen very care­ful­ly, not over­shad­ow­ing the bride, if her image also con­tains flow­ers.

A win­ning option would be roman­tic hair­pins, jew­el­ry with rhine­stones, head­bands and rib­bons.

You will learn how to make a beau­ti­ful hair­style for a brides­maid with your own hands in the fol­low­ing video.


One of the main women at the wed­ding is the moth­er of the bride. She should pay spe­cial atten­tion to her hair­style, because the eyes of all guests will often be turned in her direc­tion as well. To empha­size the sta­tus and nobil­i­ty will help sim­ple styling, which remain pop­u­lar at all times.

A low loose knot or bun looks very ele­gant. Refresh it with a few straight­ened air strands near the face. A French shell or a volu­mi­nous bob with accen­tu­at­ed shades of indi­vid­ual strands looks good (for this you can use a spe­cial wash­able mas­cara or tint paint).

Retro hair­styles, as well as clas­sics in the style of the gold­en age of Hol­ly­wood, look advan­ta­geous and appro­pri­ate in any set­ting and with any out­fit from a pantsuit to a chic evening dress. Ten­der­ness and fresh­ness will be giv­en by slight­ly curled hair gath­ered at the back of the head.

beautiful images

A low loose bun in the Greek style will empha­size the inter­est­ing col­or and live­ly shine of the hair.

Loose, flow­ing strands enliv­en the hair­style and reju­ve­nate the face.

A high solemn hair­style looks cute in a nat­ur­al and slight­ly care­less per­for­mance.

The braid does not go out of fash­ion and becomes a lux­u­ri­ous evening option with free com­plex weav­ing with curls.

A strict and ele­gant hair­style is accent­ed in the form of hair acces­sories.

Lux­u­ri­ous fem­i­nine waves will dec­o­rate any type of face, empha­siz­ing the beau­ty of the own­er.

Chic Greek hair­styles are good not only for the bride: grace, grandeur and fem­i­nin­i­ty in the “lam­pa­dion” styling.

    A sim­ple and del­i­cate styling will be trans­formed by an accent detail — the final touch to the image in the form of a beau­ti­ful hair­pin.