Styles of wedding dresses

Wedding dress with train

If a dress, espe­cial­ly a wed­ding dress, has a train, then it auto­mat­i­cal­ly becomes the main can­di­date for the title of the most beau­ti­ful, charm­ing and charm­ing out­fit in every respect. Design­ers are doing their best to make such a wed­ding dress with a train that no one has yet been able to cre­ate. Let’s see what options for dress­es that have a train, they offer us at the moment.

Mermaid wedding dress


The roy­al attire is a wed­ding lace dress with a train. Well, it’s not for noth­ing that such out­fits are present on the Eng­lish queens on their wed­ding day.

Lush wedding dress with lace

You are no excep­tion and you can also be a queen for at least one day in your life. In the image of the bride, youth should be felt and fresh­ness should be empha­sized.

The fab­ric to cre­ate the train must be of high qual­i­ty. This is nec­es­sary so that the train does not lose its shape dur­ing move­ment.

A wed­ding dress with a train does not always have to be long. If the bride has a good fig­ure, then why hide it under the fab­ric. You can choose a short dress in the front and an elon­gat­ed one due to the train in the back.

Dar­ing, allur­ing, attrac­tive and very pop­u­lar this sea­son is a mod­el con­sist­ing of a lace corset at the top and a skirt in sev­er­al lay­ers at the bot­tom. Here you can use a deep neck­line, lace inserts, a scat­ter­ing of beads, rhine­stones or pearls.

Every­thing is in this image: a chis­eled fig­ure due to the corset, and slen­der legs, which are beau­ti­ful­ly empha­sized by an open­work train and a fluffy short skirt. Gen­er­al admi­ra­tion will be felt by you through­out the wed­ding day.

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Satin and train are very com­pat­i­ble con­cepts that com­ple­ment each oth­er and cre­ate the per­fect har­mo­ny of the image. Such an out­fit will always look rich and expen­sive, espe­cial­ly if the design­er has added sparkling, iri­des­cent and shiny ele­ments to it.

Satin wedding dress with train

Lace can also be present in the form of translu­cent inserts or a con­trast­ing ele­ment.

A new word in the world of wed­ding dress­es is a detach­able train, which is attached to the dress with a but­ton or a hook. In church and at the offi­cial part you have a long dress, and at a ban­quet you have a short one that does not restrict move­ment.


For an A‑line wed­ding dress or a princess cut, there are no ugly fig­ures endowed with flaws. A fluffy skirt that smooth­ly descends and takes the form of a “glass” is the ulti­mate dream of medieval young ladies, who at one time could not achieve such an effect.

And even hard corsets did not help them in this mat­ter. That’s how lucky mod­ern brides are, for whom design­ers are con­stant­ly cre­at­ing new mod­els with an A‑silhouette.

A-line wedding dress with train

The secret of such out­fits is hid­den in the fea­tures of the cut, which, due to the nar­row top, visu­al­ly stretch­es the fig­ure, bring­ing it clos­er to the ide­al hour­glass shape. Any flaw in the design of your body will be secure­ly hid­den and con­cealed.


A real find for roman­tic and sophis­ti­cat­ed brides is a straight dress, com­ple­ment­ed by a train. In this way, every­thing should be con­cise, restrained and even a lit­tle mod­est. If you do not over­load the sil­hou­ette with decor and addi­tion­al ele­ments, you can achieve an ele­gant and pret­ty image.

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Straight wedding dress with train

Greek and Empire

Well, Greek dress­es will not go away in any way. They are always at the top of the list of beau­ti­ful wed­ding dress­es. Every year they change a lit­tle, they add new ele­ments that make wed­ding dress­es even more beau­ti­ful.

Empire style wedding dress with train

This sea­son, mod­els with one wide strap, asym­met­ri­cal bot­tom and max­i­mum high waist are in the first place. Bare shoul­ders high­light the chest, focus­ing on this par­tic­u­lar part of the female body. Since light fab­rics are the main ones that are cho­sen for Greek dress­es, the image of the bride turns out to be del­i­cate, sophis­ti­cat­ed and very fem­i­nine.

Fash­ion design­ers man­aged to skill­ful­ly com­bine the Greek style and the Empire style with a train. In addi­tion to all the advan­tages described above that are inher­ent in these styles, dress­es are ele­gant and even some­what divine.

Train and open back

Excit­ing and sexy are wed­ding dress­es in which there is both a train and a cutout on the back. If your back can be called per­fect, then why not show off in such an out­fit at your cel­e­bra­tion.

Wedding dress with train and open back, straight

The choice of dress­es with a bare back and a majes­tic train is huge. There are many vari­a­tions of the neck­line, which can be deep, translu­cent or mod­est.

As for its design, a wide vari­ety of out­fits opens up here, in which rib­bons, stones, beads, lace and many oth­er dec­o­ra­tive ele­ments can be present.

Train and rhinestones

Noth­ing dec­o­rates a wed­ding dress like the sparkle of stones and pat­terns laid out from sparkling ele­ments. A bodice or a skirt can be dec­o­rat­ed in a sim­i­lar way. It is bet­ter to choose one thing, oth­er­wise you risk turn­ing into a sparkling chan­de­lier.

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If there is a train in the dress, then you should seri­ous­ly con­sid­er mod­els with a decor that is con­cen­trat­ed on this par­tic­u­lar part of the out­fit. Mas­ter­piece, but at the same time, such dress­es look unob­tru­sive­ly on well-built brides.

Train and sleeves

Your shoul­ders are not per­fect enough to choose open dress­es? Wed­ding dress­es with sleeves can look very sexy if there is a deep neck­line or the fab­ric for the sleeves is made in the form of lace.

Wedding dress with train and sleeves

The final touch can be a train, the exe­cu­tion of which will echo the upper part of the dress regard­ing the choice of fab­ric or dec­o­ra­tion.