Bridal bouquet

Bouquet for the bride in marsala color

The wed­ding is one of the main events in the life of the bride and groom, because it is on this day that they become a fam­i­ly. Every girl wants the cel­e­bra­tion to be per­fect, so you need to think through every­thing to the small­est detail. Of course, the main points are the pur­chase of a dream dress, order­ing a restau­rant, choos­ing a pho­tog­ra­ph­er and pre­sen­ter. How­ev­er, great atten­tion should be paid to the lit­tle things. The appear­ance of the new­ly­weds should be har­mo­nious. Beau­ti­ful jew­el­ry, make­up, hair­style, shoes and, of course, a bou­quet are impor­tant. This arti­cle dis­cuss­es the options for marsala-col­ored wed­ding bou­quets.

Meaning and symbolism

Marsala col­or has become pop­u­lar rel­a­tive­ly recent­ly, but has already man­aged to take pride of place in the wardrobe of many fash­ion­istas. Grad­u­al­ly, the fash­ion for shade began to move from clothes and shoes to oth­er items, includ­ing flow­ers. A bur­gundy bou­quet can rarely be seen as a wed­ding bou­quet, but if the bride still decides to car­ry it in her hands, admir­ing glances are guar­an­teed to her. As a rule, flow­ers con­vey the inner state of the cou­ple. This shade of wed­ding flow­ers will tell about sen­su­al pas­sion and love.

The Ital­ian word marsala comes from Sici­ly. They were called one of the vari­eties of strong wine, which is made in these parts. This col­or is a com­bi­na­tion of bur­gundy and ter­ra­cot­ta shades, embody­ing a storm of emo­tions, lux­u­ry and roy­al­ty. The tone is per­fect­ly com­bined with oth­er col­ors, the main thing is that they do not com­pete with it for atten­tion. White, pink, beige are per­fect for a pair. For a rich baroque wed­ding, a com­bi­na­tion of marsala with black and gold tones would be appro­pri­ate.

Florists con­sid­er flow­ers of this shade to be an excel­lent option for a wed­ding held in autumn or win­ter. It is also suit­able for a sum­mer event, but only at the very end of this time of year. If the bride wants a spring wed­ding, then the shade will have to be dilut­ed with lighter and lighter col­ors. By the way, not every rep­re­sen­ta­tive of the fair sex will suit a bou­quet of this col­or scheme. As a rule, it looks organ­ic in the hands of bright brides with dark hair and fair skin. It is also suit­able for red ladies, but only for own­ers of a cold shade of hair.

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Marsala is usu­al­ly cho­sen by brides with a strong char­ac­ter and a pas­sion­ate nature. Such a girl clear­ly knows what she wants from the future with her cho­sen one, she is a self-con­fi­dent per­son. The inter­nal state in the mood of such girls plays an impor­tant role.

Composition options

As a rule, a bou­quet is col­lect­ed from fresh flow­ers. Girls who pre­fer the col­or of Marsala should pay atten­tion to the pres­ence of a wide vari­ety of its shades. Each of them is good in its own way and is found in a cer­tain type of plant.

The list of options is very wide:

  • tulip;
  • orchid;
  • rose flower;
  • callas;
  • peony;
  • hydrangea;
  • car­na­tion;
  • ranun­cu­lus.

If the bur­gundy col­or is not enough, you can add berries, leaves or arti­fi­cial decor to the bou­quet. By the way, florists, at the request of the bride, can col­or any arti­fi­cial flower in the desired shade. Let’s talk about some fresh flow­ers in more detail.


A bou­quet of peonies is one of the most com­mon options. A big plus in this case is the gen­tle appear­ance of even large buds. Bur­gundy peonies are also a sym­bol of emo­tions, pas­sion and love, but this is not a storm and a hur­ri­cane, but calm­ness, com­fort and warmth. Such flow­ers are self-suf­fi­cient, while they blend well with oth­er species. Demo­c­ra­t­ic cost, espe­cial­ly in spring and sum­mer, encour­ages many brides to give pref­er­ence to peonies. To cre­ate a Chanel-style look, you can take white peonies and add bur­gundy callas or hydrangeas to them.

The dis­ad­van­tage of the col­or com­po­si­tion can only be fragili­ty. Peonies quick­ly wrin­kle and fade, so when using them for a wed­ding bou­quet, you should be very care­ful. More­over, you should not throw it to your girl­friends. There will sim­ply be noth­ing left of the bou­quet after the “bat­tle”. As an alter­na­tive, you can pur­chase two bou­quets at once, one of which will be designed specif­i­cal­ly for throw­ing girls who want to get mar­ried into the crowd. Anoth­er con­ve­nient option is a bou­quet of arti­fi­cial buds.


Since ancient times, the orchid has been con­sid­ered a sym­bol of fer­til­i­ty, lux­u­ry, pros­per­i­ty and pas­sion­ate love. Marsala is the per­fect shade for this look. A beau­ti­ful­ly dec­o­rat­ed bou­quet with bur­gundy orchids is a real work of art. The exter­nal fragili­ty of the plant is decep­tive. The orchid is a fair­ly durable flower, it will look flaw­less from morn­ing to evening.

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Florists rec­om­mend plac­ing the low­er part of the com­po­si­tion in a spe­cial cap­sule and, for aes­thet­ics, cov­er it with lace fab­ric or a bow. This will help the bou­quet stay fresh even longer. Orchids go well with oth­er flow­ers, such as lilies or ros­es. A great option would be a com­bi­na­tion of bur­gundy and white orchids.


When buy­ing a wed­ding bou­quet, most often the choice of brides stops at ros­es, which is quite nat­ur­al, because this clas­sic flower is a sym­bol of love. In mod­ern flower shops you can find a huge vari­ety of vari­eties of this species. A bou­quet of bur­gundy ros­es sym­bol­izes deep pas­sion, dig­ni­ty and rev­er­ent atti­tude of part­ners towards each oth­er. For a small wed­ding, small and medi­um buds are suit­able, which will empha­size the sophis­ti­ca­tion of the bride. In the case of a crowd­ed cel­e­bra­tion and the choice of a mag­nif­i­cent dress, it is rec­om­mend­ed to take larg­er vari­eties so that the bou­quet is not lost against the back­ground of oth­er details.

As an addi­tion, you can pick up white ros­es, which sym­bol­ize ten­der­ness and fideli­ty. Such flow­ers will be easy to com­bine and look har­mo­nious with any oth­er options. That is why many florists con­sid­er the rose to be a uni­ver­sal and win-win choice if it is dif­fi­cult for the bride to decide.


As addi­tion­al acces­sories, you can use a vari­ety of flo­ral decor items. It is bet­ter to wrap the low­er part of the bou­quet with a beau­ti­ful rib­bon and tie a bow. Some brides leave long rib­bons to blow in the wind. Shiny rhine­stones will be a great addi­tion, they can be glued to the bou­quet wrap­per.

For orig­i­nal­i­ty, you can add some­thing more inter­est­ing, for exam­ple, feath­ers, foam fig­ures. You can plant an arti­fi­cial but­ter­fly on one of the flow­ers. The dec­o­ra­tive rib­bon can be replaced with a string of pearls, it will add ten­der­ness to the image of the bride.

A bou­quet for a win­ter wed­ding will be per­fect­ly com­ple­ment­ed by spruce branch­es and berries. The col­or of acces­sories can be either bur­gundy or any oth­er. The best is white, which can slight­ly dilute the rich marsala.

Shade combination

Some brides are afraid to buy a wed­ding bou­quet with marsala dom­i­nance, although they real­ly like the col­or. In such a sit­u­a­tion, a com­bi­na­tion of a juicy shade with oth­ers will help. How­ev­er, it is impor­tant to choose the right com­bi­na­tion of tones so that the image is har­mo­nious.

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Marsala is a self-suf­fi­cient shade, there­fore, insert­ing oth­er bright col­ors into the bou­quet, such as yel­low or bright red, is not rec­om­mend­ed. Soft and gen­tle tones are suit­able here, which will only empha­size the rich­ness of bur­gundy. Among light shades, beige, ivory and cham­pagne will be the best addi­tions. They will give the bou­quet a lighter look and more organ­ic.

Anoth­er tone that per­fect­ly com­ple­ments wine is pink. No less good in such a com­pa­ny and peach. Flow­ers of these shades will give the bou­quet a roman­tic look, it will com­bine warmth and sen­su­al­i­ty. Some brides choose sev­er­al shades at once, smooth­ly tran­si­tion­ing from rich marsala to pale pink or white. Such an acces­so­ry looks not only styl­ish, but also very fem­i­nine.

For a lux­u­ri­ous event, a marsala-col­ored bou­quet with a gold frame is suit­able. These two shades per­fect­ly com­ple­ment each oth­er and give the image a spe­cial chic.

The bou­quet looks very beau­ti­ful, from under the buds of which dark green leaves peek out. They give the com­po­si­tion a spe­cial appeal. In win­ter, the leaves can be replaced by conif­er­ous branch­es.

Florist recommendations

When mak­ing a wed­ding bou­quet, florists advise focus­ing on the scope of the cel­e­bra­tion and the style of the dress. It is advis­able to cre­ate an image of the future spouse in the most dis­creet style with­out unnec­es­sary details, so that the bou­quet visu­al­ly has no com­peti­tors. If the bride wants to look ele­gant, calla lilies and marsala orchids are ide­al. A pas­sion­ate image is suit­able for peonies and ros­es, prefer­ably bush ones. You should first study the prop­er­ties of plants and, just in case, have a spare bou­quet if the buds with­er.

A lit­tle shade of marsala is rec­om­mend­ed to be applied to the face and hair of the bride. Light shad­ows or wine-col­ored lip­stick and a pair of invis­i­ble flow­ers with bur­gundy flow­ers will per­fect­ly com­ple­ment the wed­ding look and make it whole.

What­ev­er bou­quet the bride choos­es, the main attrib­ut­es of any wed­ding cel­e­bra­tion are still hap­py smiles and sparkle in the eyes of the new­ly­weds. After all, a dress, jew­el­ry, a restau­rant and oth­er things are sec­ondary. Only the love of the bride and groom is impor­tant, which prompt­ed them to cre­ate a new unit of soci­ety.

See the video below for a mas­ter class on cre­at­ing a bou­quet for a bride in Marsala col­or.