How to choose a min­i­mal­ist­dress with­out look­ing too sim­ple? We know a few life hacks that will help you choose a chic style. See our selec­tion to make sure: min­i­mal­ist­dress­es are not about bore­dom.

noble silhouette

Have you noticed how sim­ple things can look ele­gant and noble? It’s all about the style and mate­ri­als: high-qual­i­ty fab­ric will look much rich­er than cheap rhine­stones and slop­py lace.

A closed dress with a sim­ple cut can make you a real queen. Choose stiff, heavy fab­rics that hold their shape well, and make sure that the dress fits you per­fect­ly. Yes, you will have to get con­fused with the fit, but the effect is worth it!

Fol­low the link and read our guide if you dream ofin the style of Min­i­mal­ism 🙂


Unusu­al sleeves have been on the list of hot­trends for years in a row. Bulky puffs, gig­ot sleeves, asym­me­try — such details will def­i­nite­ly draw atten­tion to your image and diver­si­fy min­i­mal­ism. At the same time, dif­fer­ent fab­rics can cre­ate dif­fer­ent moods: for exam­ple, rigid sleeves will add rig­or, while light trans­par­ent ones are suit­able for giv­ing romance and light­ness.

Open back

With a min­i­mal­ist style­dress, you can afford a lit­tle more 🙂 An open back will add zest to the image, but it will not look vul­gar due to a sim­ple cut and the absence of oth­er bright decor ele­ments.

Extra deep waist­line, tri­an­gle, lac­ing or a small scoop neck­line — choose the option with which you feel com­fort­able. But you will have to fol­low the ide­al pos­ture, because even a slight stoop will be clear­ly vis­i­ble both in life and in the pho­to.

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The choice for brave brides who are not afraid of prej­u­dice! In gen­er­al, we believe that infash­ion, the length of the mini is very under­es­ti­mat­ed. It will be a chic choice for an infor­mal mur­al, par­ty­or sec­ond dress at a ban­quet. So if you are ready to show the world your deter­mi­na­tion and beau­ti­ful legs — why not take a clos­er look at the mini? 🙂


Very ele­gant length. With a midi dress, you can cre­ate a wide vari­ety of looks: from strict and majes­tic to play­ful allu­sion to retro. And to add an inter­est­ing detail, use bright and unusu­al shoes with a min­i­mal­ist dress. How about crim­son pumps, san­dals with down or the famous blue shoes a la Car­rie Brad­shaw?


It is unlike­ly that a trouser suit and over­alls will be able to remove the clas­sic long­dress from the pedestal, but they have already won their audi­ence! Con­trary to stereo­types, not every girl dreams of a princess dress from child­hood. Such an unusu­al choice will def­i­nite­ly attract the atten­tion of not only guests, but also ran­dom spec­ta­tors of your:)

bold neckline

A plung­ing neck­line and high neck­line may look out of place, but not on a min­i­mal­ist­dress. A sim­ple ele­gant cut is your defense against bust and vul­gar­i­ty 🙂 There­fore, if you like clothes not to hide your trump cards, choose a min­i­mal­ist dress: with it, even the most dar­ing neck­line will look appro­pri­ate and not vul­gar.

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