Styles of wedding dresses

Fashionable wedding dresses in 2022

This is how women are arranged, that they are always inter­est­ed in fash­ion, beck­on fash­ion trends and do not let them sleep in peace with trends from for­eign fash­ion design­ers. What can we say about brides who are puz­zled by the choice of dress. We have select­ed the most fash­ion­able wed­ding dress­es and ana­lyzed pop­u­lar styles.

fashionable wedding dress

Bouffant skirts

It can­not be said that such styles are at the peak of pop­u­lar­i­ty and lead all fash­ion shows, but still, design­ers are in no hur­ry to com­plete­ly aban­don them.

On the con­trary, they even intro­duced a new trend to com­bine a mag­nif­i­cent bot­tom with a shin­ing corset, rich­ly dec­o­rat­ed with all kinds of shin­ing things, to which the beau­ti­ful half of the plan­et is not indif­fer­ent.

Vast dress­es with a mul­ti-lay­ered tulle skirt remain in fash­ion. Flo­ral applique will add sen­si­tiv­i­ty and roman­ti­cism to the image, and col­or edg­ing — charm.

Mermaid silhouette

Tight mod­els with a “tail” are very con­fi­dent­ly gain­ing pop­u­lar­i­ty among brides in all coun­tries of the world.

Design­ers wel­come the use of lace, which only enhances the effect of a seduc­tive­ly envelop­ing dress. Lace can be dense or weight­less and trans­par­ent like a gos­samer. There are no restric­tions on its quan­ti­ty — sev­er­al appli­ca­tions on the corset or the basis for cre­at­ing a dress.

Mermaid wedding dress with rhinestones

This year’s fash­ion is gen­er­ous with frills:

  • asym­met­ri­cal,
  • chaot­ic,
  • hor­i­zon­tal or ver­ti­cal.

They car­ry enthu­si­asm, give the skirt mobil­i­ty and vol­ume, but retain the grace that was orig­i­nal­ly con­ceived by the design­er. There may also be lace, for exam­ple, in the form of pip­ing.

Neck­line options have not changed much, but the rules for choos­ing them have def­i­nite­ly remained unchanged:

  1. The com­bi­na­tion of a high neck­line with trans­par­ent shoul­ders serves as a sal­va­tion for petite brides who would do well to appear a lit­tle taller.
  2. The heart in the neck­line can be cho­sen by brides with ample breasts, which could be made even more seduc­tive.
  3. Well-point­ed V‑neckline will help bal­ance the nar­row top and wide bot­tom.
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If a mer­maid dress has an unusu­al com­bi­na­tion of fab­rics, stands out for its grace or has a unique cut fea­ture, then it is not nec­es­sary to add bright dec­o­ra­tions to the image.

Mermaid wedding dress with fringes

A‑line dress

There will prob­a­bly nev­er come a time when A‑line wed­ding dress­es go out of fash­ion and will not appear in col­lec­tions.

Design­ers con­tin­ue to present their fash­ion vari­a­tions on this theme, and brides do not miss the oppor­tu­ni­ty to trans­form into a princess:

  • the atlas embod­ies the clas­sics of the genre and allows you to cre­ate any ele­ment nec­es­sary for the design­er;
  • col­or inserts will help to make the princess dress inter­est­ing. A belt that echoes the col­or of the bou­quet, the groom’s tie or bou­ton­niere, lace in a vibrant col­or that is repeat­ed in the jew­el­ry. There are actu­al­ly many options, you just have to make a choice;
  • a large bow on the belt or a small bow on the shoul­der strap is often found in cute looks that are over­flow­ing with fem­i­nin­i­ty;
  • a long sleeve can be con­sid­ered as a mod­est com­po­nent, but can be used from a prac­ti­cal point of view in the cool sea­son;
  • the func­tions assigned to the straps are clear to every­one, but you can also dec­o­rate them, change the shape and add unusu­al ele­ments.

All the well-known ele­ments — heart or wave neck­line, fit and a sim­ple pleat­ed skirt — remain rel­e­vant, as before.

A-line wedding dress by Angie Atelier

Straight wedding dresses

The com­bi­na­tion of a sim­ple cut, obe­di­ent styles and unpre­ten­tious lines is the main fea­ture of straight wed­ding dress­es. If you are plan­ning an out­door wed­ding, then you should seri­ous­ly think about choos­ing just such a dress.

A new ele­ment that is wide­ly used by design­ers is a slit in the front of the skirt. It usu­al­ly starts from the low­er thigh line, which not only adds a touch of sex­u­al­i­ty, but also pro­vides free­dom of move­ment for the bride.

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Straight wedding dress with a slit

A bold step was tak­en by the Solom­er­av brand, pre­sent­ing a straight wed­ding dress with a deep slit at the back of the skirt.

Wedding dress with a cutout at the back of the skirt

gypsy style

Odd­ly enough, the pub­lic eas­i­ly accept­ed dress­es that con­tain ele­ments more char­ac­ter­is­tic of gyp­sy dress­es — a corset that is catchy in its lux­u­ry, the pres­ence of an abun­dant amount of flounces, fringes and ruf­fles in the skirt.

Loose waist dresses

These out­fits are eas­i­ly guessed by the straight cut, airy fab­rics and the absence of restric­tive ele­ments in the waist area. With the help of a free top, you can hide the flaws in the fig­ure and add a rid­dle to your image.

Loose top wedding dress

Focus on the back

The design­ers found it bor­ing to work on the neck­line and they switched to the back. There are sev­er­al main options for a cutout on the back:

  • V‑shape;
  • semi-naked back due to lace back;
  • bare back with lace trim;
  • criss-cross straps in var­i­ous widths.

Dresses with detachable trains

In pur­suit of beau­ti­ful images, one should not for­get about com­fort, with­out which a wed­ding can turn for the bride not into the hap­pi­est day, but into a true night­mare. Choos­ing a dress with a detach­able train, you can change your look through­out the day from ele­gant to light and free.

Wedding dress with detachable train

Transformer dresses

If you choose the most com­fort­able and prac­ti­cal out­fit, then the palm will be giv­en to trans­form­ing dress­es, which with a flick of the wrist turn into:

  • from short to long;
  • from mer­maid to straight;
  • from lush and flow­ing to straight and sim­ple;
  • from com­plex to ordi­nary mul­ti-lay­ered.

Closed models of wedding dresses

Mod­esty this sea­son is more fash­ion­able than ever. These dress­es are closed and have long sleeves. They could be com­pared to what ori­en­tal girls are used to wear­ing, but lace ele­ments and bold jew­el­ry do not allow this.

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Closed wedding dress

Short dresses

This sea­son, short dress­es with com­plex cuts or intri­cate pat­terns scat­tered around the out­fit were often seen on mod­els. Puffy short skirts are also back in fash­ion, which make this dress an ide­al option for a themed cel­e­bra­tion.

Short clas­sic dress­es with a strict sil­hou­ette are often cho­sen by brides over 30 years old. A dress of this style made of satin or with lace trim can be used after the wed­ding for going out and attend­ing impor­tant events.

Strict short wedding dress

Design­ers did not lim­it them­selves in col­ors, and, accord­ing­ly, many options open up for brides. Even a white dress becomes more inter­est­ing in vanil­la, ivory or pearl. Well, for the most cre­ative bride, design­ers have pre­pared many options for blue dress­es, vio­lets and corals.

Colored short wedding dress

Open shoulders

Dress­es with an Angel­i­ca neck­line or an even deep­er corset ver­sion out­shine all oth­er out­fits with their mag­nif­i­cence. Still, after all, naked female shoul­ders car­ry a secret and hid­den sex­u­al­i­ty.

The pres­ence of draperies or the skill­ful use of lace is even more intrigu­ing and excit­ing.

As you can see for your­self, the choice of fash­ion­able dress­es is not just large, it is huge. The fem­i­nin­i­ty of images and the romance of out­fits are return­ing to wed­ding fash­ion. More and more col­lec­tions appear with charm­ing mod­els, in which light touch­ing­ness and uncon­di­tion­al ten­der­ness pre­vail. In some mod­els, there is even a retro style, embod­ied in long sleeves, closed styles, the pres­ence of lace, veils and the com­plete absence of even the slight­est hint of pre­ten­tious­ness.

For any fig­ure, you can choose an actu­al dress that will look good and not go against fash­ion trends.