Neck decoration for the bride

Jew­el­ry is the last note in the image of the bride, and it must cer­tain­ly be orig­i­nal and inter­est­ing. Today, not only clas­sic met­al wed­ding jew­el­ry around the neck is in fash­ion, but also hand­made ones — from beads or rib­bons.

Beaded neck decoration

Beads look very touch­ing and inno­cent — just like the image of the bride. The dec­o­ra­tion can look airy if translu­cent beads are used on a fish­ing line in sev­er­al tiers, or like a col­lar-col­lar if the beads are woven into a wide pat­tern. A neck­lace made of beads on a base also looks orig­i­nal — in this case, the beads are glued to the frame, and they can be com­bined with large stones and pearls.

Ribbon decoration around the neck

Rib­bon jew­el­ry can be real works of art. Most often they play a flo­ral motif. For exam­ple, a neck­lace called “Vin­tage Roman­tic”: you can buy it at the crafts fair for 40 euros. It is hand­made, con­sist­ing not only of rib­bons, but also of lace, crys­tals, organ­za and a brooch. The tex­tile neck­lace is tied with pink satin rib­bons.

Anoth­er inter­est­ing neck­lace is called “Peonies”. It is made of pink and white silk and satin rib­bons that form three beau­ti­ful peonies-like flow­ers. These spring flow­ers sym­bol­ize free­dom, fresh­ness and rebirth. For this man­u­al work at the crafts fair, they ask for 30 euros.

gold jewelry around the neck

The gold neck jew­el­ry is a time­less clas­sic. Eter­nal not only because of tra­di­tion, but also because gold is one of the most durable met­als, retain­ing its appear­ance for a long time. There­fore, a gold neck­lace is suit­able for those who want to keep their wed­ding sym­bol for a long time.

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Most often, sev­er­al themes are used in gold jew­el­ry for a wed­ding:

  1. Flower. The most pop­u­lar are sprigs of flow­ers or ornate pat­terns with petal stones.
  2. Ani­mal. A cou­ple of pigeons, or cats hug­ging each oth­er, are increas­ing­ly seen on wed­ding items.
  3. Sym­bol­ic. The sym­bol of the heart and whether the horse­shoe is one of the most ver­sa­tile because they can be worn after the wed­ding. The pen­dant is placed either on a chain or on rib­bons, as can be seen on one hand­made prod­uct “First Love”. This teardrop shaped neck piece fea­tures a small white pearl.